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7 Best Memes for Jon Stewart’s Return to The Daily Show

Get the deets and enjoy these Jon Stewart memes about the exciting news that he is returning to The Daily Show.

From 1999 to 2015, actor and comedian Jon Stewart hosted Comedy Central’s nightly news broadcast, The Daily Show. After his departure, Trevor Noah took the hosting reigns – leaving in December 2022. Since his departure, a series of guest hosts have filled the chair.

Is Jon Stewart Returning to The Daily Show?

Good news, yes! Comedy Central has just announced that Jon Stewart will return as The Daily Show host in February 2024.

jon stewart meme daily show
Jon Stewart, moment of zen meme as he returns as part-time host and executive producer of The Daily Show.

Jon Stewart, using satire and wit to skewer the news was a cultural phenomenon.

The Daily Show News You Need to Know

While his return has The Daily Show fans raving, there are somethings you need to know about Stewarts return to broadcast tv.

Stewart’s Host Annoucement

Jon hit up X with a cryptic message yesterday, which we soon learned was an announcement of his return to Comedy Central.

jon stewart daily show return
Jon Stewart’s Daily Show annoucement via X.

Jon Stewart’s Return Date

Looking forward to seeing Jon Stewart back at The Daily Show desk? Stewart returns on Monday, February 12th.

Part Time Daily Show Host, Full Time Producer

While there is much excitement around The Daily Show announcement, something to note is that Jon Stewart will only be back on Monday nights and will be hosting through the 2024 election season.

daily show meme jon stewart
Daily Show meme mocking Jon Stewart hosting only 1 day a week.

Mondays are the most-watched day during the week, so Stewart’s appearance will be able to catch viewers up on all news that occurs between Thursday and Sunday before his show.

While we will take whatever we can get, in regards to Jon Stewart hosting – there is another positive spin. Stewart will be taking over as executive producer of every episode this year and next.

The Problem With Jon Stewart Cancelled

Many Jon Stewart fans will be wondering about his Apple TV show, The Problem with Jon Stewart. The NY Times reported that Stewart and Apple parted ways over creative differences.

What to Expect

Comedy Central’s announcement has sparked excitement among fans and media critics alike, as Stewart’s renowned tenure from 1999 to 2015 was marked by a blend of biting political satire and incisive social commentary, earning the show critical acclaim and multiple Emmy Awards.

With Jon Stewart at the helm, ‘The Daily Show’ is poised to continue its legacy as a cornerstone of political comedy and a platform for thought-provoking discussions on current events.

jon stewart host quote: I want to look back on my career and be proud of the work, and be proud that I tried everything.
I want to look back on my career and be proud of the work, and be proud that I tried everything. Quote from Jon Stewart

Viewers can anticipate a fresh wave of Stewart’s signature wit and wisdom, as he brings his experienced perspective to the evolving landscape of news and entertainment. This development marks a significant moment in television history, promising to rejuvenate ‘The Daily Show’ with the unique Stewart flair that captivated audiences for over a decade.”

Best Jon Stewart Memes and Gifs

Since here at Digital Mom Blog, we love our memes, we gotcha. The lovable Jon Stewart not only makes a great host of The Daily Show, he is also meme worthy.

just a minute meme jon stewart
Just wait a minute.

Here are our favorite Jon Stewart memes and GIFs we have all grown to know and love.

jon stewart gif eating popcorn

Stewart returns to prime time television, just in time to cover election 2024 and Donald Trump campaign news coverage is guaranteed.

jon stewart trump meme 2024
Jon Stewart making sure Trump 2024 doesn’t happen.

Congrats Jon, on your return to The Daily Show. We are glad to have you back providing news coverage that isn’t mainstream media.

jon stewart meme
This jon stewart meme says it all.

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