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Happy Summer Solstice Memes for the Longest Day of 2024

Enjoy these Summer Solstice memes for the longest day of sunlight of 2024.

Thursday June 20, 2024 marks the start of the summer solstice. It is the day with the longest period of daylight and shortest night of the year.

summer solstice memes showing hands raised with a meme and sunshine

We are continuing our summer memes series. Today, we embark on a journey into the heart of summer, where the sun shines its brightest and nature radiates with vibrant energy.

Summer Solstice Memes

The summer solstice is a magnificent moment when the Earth reaches its maximum tilt towards the sun.

yoda summer solstice meme: summer solstice it is, longest day of sunlight we have
yoda summer solstice meme

In the Northern Hemisphere, it occurs around June 20, signaling the official start of summer.

woohoo summer solstice has arrived!
summer solstice image

Did you know that with summer solstice – in terms of daylight, June 20st is 3 hours, 17 minutes longer than the December solstice!

summer solstice? aint nobody got time for that
summer solstice meme

In the Northern Hemisphere, the length of day depends on how far you live from the equator.

june 20th is summer solstice 2024 meme
june 21 meme summer solstice

If you live In Washington, the sun is up for 14 hours and 54 minutes on June 20, rising at 5:42 a.m. and setting at 8:36 p.m.

brace yourself summer solstice is coming
funny summer solstice meme

Accurate portrayal of what summer solstice can do after many hours in the sun with kids home for summer. This especially is applicable for our Texas friends – see hot weather memes.

summer solstice meme funny before and after
summer solstice meme funny

Happy Summer Solstice

Welcome to the summer solstice, a remarkable celestial event that marks the longest day of the year. Share these happy summer solstice memes to celebrate this “lit” occasion.

happy summer solstice
happy summer solstice meme


happy summer solstice heathens
heathens meme summer solstice

We are sneak peaking sun memes. Share this with the person who won’t shut up about the sun.

happy summer solstice shut up about the sun
happy summer solstice meme funny

Sun Memes

In honor of the long days of the sun shining and summer solstice, we thought maybe the world and internet needs some funny sun memes.

here comes the sun summer solstice
here comes the sun meme

Turning down the sunshine isn’t an option. Summer nights are short!

sunshine meme: yeah if you could turn down the sunshine that'd be great
sunshine meme

For all of the cat lovers or sun worshipers, this funny sun meme is for you.

praise the sun
praise the sun meme

The sun looking at 2024 and the world like…

the sun looking at 2024 like
sun meme 2024

Long summer days are coming, but how long?

brace yourself long summer days are coming
long summer days meme

More Summer Solstice 2024 Facts

The summer solstice is a magnificent moment when the Earth reaches its maximum tilt towards the sun. In the Northern Hemisphere, it occurs around June 21, signaling the official start of summer.

cheers summer solstice meme
cheers summer solstice meme
  1. Ah, the summer solstice! It’s the special day when we get the most sunlight and the shortest night of the entire year.
  2. The word “solstice” has a fancy origin, coming from Latin words that mean “sun” and “stand still.” It’s like the sun takes a momentary break in its journey across the sky.
  3. Picture this: the Earth tilts towards the sun at its most extreme angle, about 23.5 degrees, creating the summer solstice magic.
  4. In the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the summer solstice around June 20th or 21st. It’s like the official signal that summer has arrived!
  5. Imagine the sun standing right over the Tropic of Cancer, a line at about 23.5 degrees north latitude. That’s where it shines directly overhead during the summer solstice.
  6. Depending on where you are, the summer solstice brings different amounts of daylight. In some places, like near the poles, the sun barely sets, giving us the magical “midnight sun” experience.
  7. Have you heard about Stonehenge in England? It’s an ancient monument that perfectly aligns with the rising sun on the summer solstice. Pretty cool, huh?
  8. Our ancestors knew how to throw a party! Ancient civilizations like the Inca, Mayan, and Egyptian folks celebrated the summer solstice with great excitement, honoring nature’s bountiful gifts.
  9. Now, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll experience the summer solstice around December 21st or 22nd. It’s their time to welcome the sunny season while we cozy up in winter.
  10. Get ready for some festive fun! Communities all around the world come together to celebrate the summer solstice with vibrant festivals, bonfires, dancing, and rituals. It’s all about honoring the sun and embracing the joy of summer.

National Geographic has a great piece to help you learn all the details on the summer solstice and what it means for our days, nights and this season.

Share the Memes for Summer Solstice

Embrace the longer days, we hope you share these summer solstice memes. Don’t miss our collection of vacation memes for when it’s time to leave town. From our Star Wars memes, here’s a little more fun.

funny meme summer solstice
funny meme summer solstice

We have a huge collection of June memes featuring all the funny images you will need for this month. Don’t miss it and share! Please tag us on social media and link back to this post if you do share so more people can enjoy the memes!

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