How to Hide Gifts on Christmas Morning

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Do you have kids that try to peek at the Christmas gifts on Christmas morning? We have a solution. It’s kind of crazy, but you guys – it works. 

You spend the holiday season prepping for a short period of time known as Christmas morning. There is all the shopping, the organizing, the planning, the wrapping and then putting the Christmas gifts around the tree. If you are like us, chances are you also have many unwrapped gifts as well. 

hide christmas gifts

Here is the problem. We have always lived in a 2-story house and the stairs are directly where the Christmas morning activities happen. The kids sneak down the stairs and never fails – they see the Christmas GIFTS! That was until we got smart. This silly process has evolved over the last several years, but it works and is now a Christmas tradition with our kids. 

How to Prevent Peeking at Gifts on Christmas Morning 

Here is how I hide the gifts on Christmas morning. Did I mention the silliness of this? They honestly have come to love it. 

no peeking christmas morning hack

Let’s hide those gifts from the kids on Christmas morning. First, you will need extra wrapping paper. I buy in bulk after Christmas, and since doing this hide the gifts routine – I buy even more. This doesn’t have to be pretty, it’s all about fun and games. 

No Peeking at the Christmas Gifts

Next, I wrap our stairwell in wrapping paper. That’s right, NO PEEKing, mama ain’t playing. I have used everything from tacks to plastic moving tape. Usually at 3 in the morning, I don’t care about the paint – the goal is NO PEEKING. 

How to Sleep In on Christmas Morning

This past year, we added a new dumb element that is actually another smart mom move. I put an alarm clock on the stairs and set an alarm on every Alexa in the house. Since my husband and I are always up all night on Christmas night – might as well try to get SOME sleep.

christmas morning family room

We set our phone alarms about 10 minutes before Alexa alarm and the alarm clock will go off, so that we are ready for the AMBUSH. 

The Christmas Morning Ambush

When the alarm goes off, the kids come racing down the stairs, breaking thru the wrapping paper. This if the official start of our Christmas morning! We typically have breakfast casserole in the fridge that I pop in the oven. Coffee is pre-scheduled so that we can caffeinate. I should add in ear plugs, because the noise. But you know what, it’s all wonderful. 

The kids don’t get a glimpse of the Christmas gifts and the parents get to sleep in on Christmas morning. My husband and I usually are up until 6am – so I pushed it to 10am and won last year!

christmas morning alarm

That’s 4 hours of restless sleep – I don’t want you to think we actually get any real sleep!

Hide Christmas Gifts

There you have it! That is how we hide gifts on Christmas morning. We have done this in both this house and our previous house. The last house, we actually wrapped a large entrance to the formal living room. When the kids looked down the stairs, it looked like the formal living was a wrapped gift! 

In our current home, we have a small stairwell leading to our family room, so the stair well is what we wrap in Christmas wrapping paper. This year, I think I will be adding plastic table cloths to the mix, as they are more durable and don’t rip as easy!

Do your kids peek on Christmas morning?