25+ Family Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Child

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We are sharing over 25 Family Christmas Tradition Ideas for Kids! Find a tradition that your family can do over the holidays. 

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Some find this time of year stressful – not for us. We indulge in the little things, don’t care about the big things and just make this our favorite time of year.

Family Christmas Tradition Ideas

I originally wrote this in 2014. It was a different time than with my kids. My 3-year-old is now an 8-year-old. Our other kids are 9, 14 and 16-years-old. As we move through different ages with the kids, our family Christmas traditions slightly change.

family christmas traditions with kids

Making cookies isn’t so stressful, but getting the kids to smile for a photo is. This year, I decided this post needed an update. We have experienced and added so many new traditions to our family’s holiday season – I wanted to offer you guys Family Christmas Tradition Ideas, GALORE!

Stress-Free Christmas

If you are thinking that you have zero time and that while Christmas traditions for the family sound good in theory – it ain’t gonna happen… Let me say this. These are just ideas. The most important thing is that you have a stress-free Christmas that is FULL of memories. Release the need for perfection and embrace the moment.

Once we let go of idea of Christmas traditions having to be perfect, we found peace with just enjoying time together and not fussing over the etcetera.

I mentioned we spend a lot of time with our kids during this time – what we do is create these little Christmas traditions that we do year after year. It’s about time together, embracing the season and creating memories with our kids that will be grown and out of the house before we know it. When I originally wrote this, I still had several years. Now I have 2 years. Prayers appreciated.

Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Kids

What started as a list of 20 family Christmas tradition ideas is now over 25 and growing. Each year, as our kids grow – we find more things to do as a family to honor the holiday, as well as embrace the spirit and meaning of Christmas.

If you are looking for Christmas traditions to start with your child, check these ideas out. Remember, this isn’t a checklist. Find what works best for your family and make those Christmas memories!

1. Christmas Cards and Family Photos

Family Christmas cards are a big thing around here. It requires an annual family photos – which I then use the photos for Christmas gifts for our extended family and then the group shot on our Christmas card.

family christmas cards and family photos

Our kids help put the cards in envelopes and then are allowed to color and put stickers all over the cards. It’s their way of adding a special touch of personalization.

Here’s a secret – while we may be on top of getting Christmas cards, I am terrible at remembering to get postage or getting all the addresses needed. SO, all that said – sometimes our Christmas cards turn into New Year’s cards. And that’s not even as bad as the one year they went out in like May. Hey – I’m down for celebrating Christ year round. 🙂

2. Gingerbread Houses

We typically buy the $5 pre-made gingerbread house and decorate it.  One year we bought a fancy gingerbread house to decorate, it came out just as bad as a cheap one.

decorating gingerbread house family christmas tradition

Christmas 2018, my daughter and I were invited to participate in a Gingerbread decorating event to raise money for our local schools. It turned out a lot better than I feared it would. The best part? This gingerbread house raised $1000 dollars!

3. Santa Claus

The kids maybe old, but I get as many kids as I can in the Santa Clause photos.

visting santa

Throw back Santa photo from 2013! Izaiah was more amused with the bell that Santa’s helper gave him than looking at the camera.

Photos with Santa Clause

4. Christmas Lights

In order to have a successful Christmas light evening, we stop at 7-11 for hot chocolate. We crank up the Christmas music, then head to a fancy part of town where people spend more on Christmas lights than we spent on our house.

As for Christmas lights on our home, we do those as well – though not fancy. Our lights are just enough to say – HEY LOOK! WE GOT LIGHTS!

BONUS: Since our oldest son is now a teen, we pay him $20 to put up the Christmas lights and $20 to take down the Christmas lights. Not a bad deal!

5. Decorating Christmas Cookies

Another family Christmas tradition to start with your kids is decorating Christmas cookies.

decorating christmas cookies

A few tips: buy a few plastic tablecloths, expect a mess, be prepared for less than perfect cookies and buy pre-made dough. While us moms can sometimes have these thoughts on what this Christmas tradition with our kids should be like – let’s get real. The kids only care about the sprinkles and then eating all the sugar possible. So release the inner type-a and embrace messy Christmas cookies and time well spent with your kids.

6. Birthday Cake for Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jesus! While it’s so easy to get caught up in the glamour of the Christmas season – we truly do try to keep Christ in Christmas.

Jesus' birthday cake

Since Jesus is the reason for the season, we make Jesus a birthday cake each Christmas eve and eat it on Christmas day. There have been years where we were low on time, so we’ve bought simple birthday cakes. Jesus doesn’t care what his cake look like! The few times that we have forgotten this, we have heard about it from the kids. I love that they love this Christmas tradition as much as I do.

7. Angel Tree

Giving back is such an important thing to us. We want our kids to be grateful for what they have and have an understanding of how fortunate we are. While we may not be rolling in the Benjamins, we are blessed beyond measure. The Angel Tree is a great way to teach your children both of those important things in life.

8. Advent Calendar

Give your child an advent calendar, or make your own to count down the days until Christmas.

9. Christmas Caroling

I can’t carry a note for the life of me, but my kids LOVE to belt out Christmas songs. Head to a senior living center (call ahead of time!) – and bring the kids to sing Christmas carols. The residents will adore this and so will your kids.

10. Christmas Family Movie Night

This is a Christmas tradition for kids that can be done thru-out the holiday season. Christmas Family Movie night is always a hit in our house. We pop popcorn, make hot chocolate and it never fails that Elf and The Christmas Story is played at least 5 times thru-out the season.

11. Christmas Eve Church Service (It’s a Candlelight Service!)

Our church does a Christmas eve service. We usually get fancy and celebrate Jesus. Our church is very low-key as far as how to dress on Christmas Eve service. The dressing up fancy part is totally for mom. Jesus doesn’t care what you wear to church (though, I think the church would appreciate if you just wore something.)

candlelight church service family christmas tradition

While this Christmas tradition for kids isn’t something for everyone – it’s something that this warms this mama’s heart. Even though, I do admit the candles and kids give me anxiety.

12. Christmas Eve Books

When the boys were little, we read Christmas in the Manger on Christmas eve. My husband has started reading Luke 2:1-20 out of the bible, aka the Christmas Story in the bible.

13. Nativity Scenes

We found a kid-friendly nativity scene that the kids can play with.

kid friendly nativity

Want something fun to do? HIDE baby Jesus until Christmas day. I mean, Jesus wasn’t birthed until Christmas – so may as well have him show up on Christmas morning.

The first year that we hid baby Jesus, my son Izaiah ran down stairs and was so excited to see that baby Jesus had been born!

14. Ornament Making

Check out this list of ornaments kids can make!  These handmade ornaments make great gifts!

15. Decorating the Tree

We turn up the Christmas music LOUD and we decorate the tree.

decorating christmas tree

Then when they go to bed, pour a glass of wine and I re-do it.

16. Kids Christmas Tree

In recent years, I have kind of become that silly person who has multiple Christmas trees. The advantage to this is that the kids get their own Christmas tree. It’s comically not pretty and well, looks exactly like you would expect a kid decorated Christmas tree to look like.

This has morphed into a comical Christmas tradition for kids to decorate. The older kids not urge the chaotic look. You just gotta laugh (as long as they aren’t doing this to mama’s main tree!)

17. Extreme White Elephant Gift Exchange 

My family, including my mom, dad, brother and sister do a wild white elephant gift exchange. This is always hilarious and we always bring things that are totally inappropriate because why not. We have for the most part stop doing gifts between adults, because let’s face it – we don’t need anything. But these crazy white elephant gifts are pretty amazing.

Here is what I gave last year. Yes, it’s a pink bunny jumpsuit, like the one from The Christmas Story (here it is on Amazon.)

best white elephant gift

She said it looked like an Energizer Bunny costume, so she wore it to the track. I may have also given several little liquor bottles with this.

18. Christmas Breakfast Casserole

On Christmas eve, after baking Jesus’ birthday cake, my husband and I make a breakfast casserole that can be stuck in the fridge and cooked in the morning. This does a few things: we know what we are having for breakfast and keeps the kids full until Christmas dinner.

19. Christmas Photos on Christmas Morning

Check out our list of pictures you must take on Christmas day.

20. Kid Friendly Christmas Decor

Last year we made a wall felt Christmas scene. This was super kid friendly, the kids loved decorating the felt snow man and felt Christmas tree.

21. Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

Yes, we do the family Christmas matching pajama bit. Even with 4 kids.

matching christmas pajamas

Here is a throw back from 2012. The kids in their family matching Christmas pajamas, back when we had little babies and kids. Somehow, we survived (so if you are in the midst of it all – know there is hope!)

Matching Christmas Pajamas

This is a royal pain in the butt – so our family matching Christmas pajamas just include the kids. As the kids have grown, we have made exceptions and make the older 2 match and the younger 2 match. Some years, we have totally scored and found Christmas pajamas in every size.

The kids receive these on Christmas eve. That way they have cute matching pajamas for Christmas morning, and they are clean. I love the idea of letting them wear these before Christmas but let’s be real – they would be lost in the laundry pile.

Some years I find Christmas pajamas that match, other years we find family matching pajamas that aren’t necessarily Christmas – but they wear them while opening gifts. We may keep this tradition because than at least they can wear the pjs after the holidays!

22. Turn Up the Christmas Music

Create a Pandora station or use Alexa to create a playlist of your favorite Christmas music. As soon as November arrives, Alexa is playing Christmas tunes on all of our Echo speakers!

23. No Peeking – How to Hide the Christmas Gifts

Most of the time, the kids are receiving big Christmas gifts that I want out and not wrapped. The problem, the kids are always peeking. One year, I had left Power Wheels and of course, the kids were able to look from the downstairs and see the gifts!

Fear not, I found a solution! This is how to hide Christmas gifts.

24. Local Family Christmas Events

Find local family Christmas events near you. Here in Dallas, there are a plethora of events to take the kids to that celebrate the holidays. Each year, we make it a point to take our kids to some of these.

Here are a few of our favorite Dallas Family Christmas Events:

  • Christmas at the Anatole
  • 12 Days of Christmas at the Dallas Arboretum
  • Tea with Santa at the Fairmont Hotel
  • Ice at the Gaylord Texan
  • Christmas Musicals at the Dallas Summer Musicals

25. Buying Gifts for Othersless 

Another family Christmas tradition that we do is buying gifts for others. We take part of our Christmas gift budget and give it to the kids. They then buy gifts for each other and other people. These gifts are typically silly. We don’t give them a ton of money. Each gift is usually under $5. The act of giving is something I want them to understand the value on.

It really is better to give than receive and if I can teach my kids that… Well, let’s just say we are still working on this practice, but we are getting there!

26. Christmas Morning

You spend months prepping for just a few hours on Christmas morning, make it count. Don’t stress the small stuff. Make memories and find ways to make the morning special.

Creating Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are a wonderful way to create Christmas memories for years to come. Who knows, these new traditions may just become your child’s family traditions with their kids! Remember to focus on LESS STRESS and more on MAKING MEMORIES.

less stress more memories

Here are some things to think about when creating Christmas memories and traditions:

  • What Christmas Traditions do you have for your family?
  • Are these family traditions or new to your family?
  • What Christmas memories do you want your kids to remember when they grow up?

Leave a comment and let us know what family Christmas traditions you do with your kids!

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