7 Pictures You Must Take on Thanksgiving Day

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Following up on the success of the 7 Pictures You Must Take on Christmas, I thought I’d give you some suggestions for photos to take on Thanksgiving.

 There are only a few times a year where all of the cousins are together and everyone is looking presentable. So why not make the best of it and snap some photos? And hint, hint – these make excellent Christmas gifts.

Thanksgiving Day Photography – What photos to take on Thanksgiving Day

These aren’t my finest work, while quality is great – capturing the moment is just essential. As mentioned – Here’s some not so great images that could have been helped with attention to angles and lighting but alas, I didn’t. Learn from my mistakes and pay attention to the lighting and angles BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY CAPTURE THE MEMORY!

 I look at these and can tell you the exact scenario for every shot. Something I have mentioned before, but will again – I am by no means a photographer. I just like taking photos that capture a part of the story.

Capturing Thanksgiving Memories

You want the Thanksgiving day photo that you take to be something that you look back on and are instantly transformed to that moment. So remember that as you are snapping this turkey day!

Thanksgiving Day Photos

Enough yapping, let’s look at the 7 photos to take on Thanksgiving:

Baking the Thanksgiving Meal

There is so much love that goes into the Thanksgiving meal, capture the baking process. Mom in her apron. The kid helping mix the mashed potatoes. Setting the table. These are fun shots that induce memory.

Photos of the Thanksgiving Dinner

All that hard work in the kitchen deserves recognition. Just think, 20 years from now your kids will be looking at these thinking – “MOM! How do I make that pink stuff?”


Isn’t this turkey cheese ball adorable? Again, crappy photo but great memory and GREAT Thanksgiving idea! 

Thanksgiving day food on the table

This Thanksgiving day photo was from 2016 at my sister-in-law’s. Her feast never disappoints and there are ALWAYS Thanksgiving leftovers. (Read our Thanksgiving leftover recipes!)


My mother-in-law always makes an amazing Thanksgiving feast.


Thankgiving Photos - Meal

Photos of the Kids


Our littlest, I miss them being little. 


Kids are always fun to capture around the kids table at Thanksgiving. 

see food now eat it


I’m sorry, kids doing the “See Food” move is hilarious to me. I love watching the expression of kids as they dive into the macaroni and cheese.

Take Photos of the Family on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Photos family

Grab a family photo while you can. You may want to do this before eating. Kids tend to like to wear their food – but those make fun photos as well.

family photo on thanksgiving

Here is a Thanksgiving pic of me and my siblings with our dad. My sister’s lovely baby bump with Bryce also made the photo!

Elderly with Kids


I can’t think of a tact way to say this, but it’s important to note. Time is a commodity you cannot replace. Make sure to grab the picture of your kids with Aunt Sarah. Stick a few lollipops in your pocket and bribe them. Photos are sometimes all we have left when someone leaves us, so capture them when you can.

Football Game

Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Game

We are in Dallas and there isn’t a Thanksgiving dinner that isn’t complete without the Dallas Cowboys game on. Take a photo of grandpa SCREAMING at Romo.

Photos of the Turkey Coma

pre turkey coma

The recliner shot – relaxed, DONE WITH THE DAY. Okay, so it’s probably all of the carbs that are killing your energy level – not the turkey but still. Start snapping as the naps and laziness happen. It’s inevitable in our house to see a few heads nod off (this is me, during the football game.)


Remember to shoot photos for memories. When you shoot, just think to yourself, “What do I want to remember from today?” Let that be your guide and then start clicking!

It’s also important to note – enjoy this time with your family. Don’t spend all of your time behind the camera, and put down that smartphone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

7 Must Take Photos on Thanksgiving Day


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