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Wall Felt Christmas Tree and Felt Snowman

DIY a felt Christmas tree and felt snowman with this easy Christmas craft for kids!

felt christmas tree and snowman

Last year I fell in love with the wall felt Christmas trees for toddlers. This past Thanksgiving, I found a purpose for an entry wall in our house. I am using it to create seasonal fun. For Thanksgiving, it was a Wall Thankful Tree – and now for Christmas, it’s a Wall Felt Christmas Tree and Felt Snowman.

Wall Felt Christmas Tree and Felt Snowman

I am absolutely in love with how it turned out. And while it’s super cute, what I didn’t even think about is how much fun the toddlers would have playing with it. I’ll never forget the “WOAH MOMMY!” my Izaiah gave me when he saw it for the first time. Every day our snowman has a different expression. It’s amazing seeing a toddler’s creativity in motion. One day, Izaiah took the red Christmas ornaments and used those for eyes. Somedays the snowman is happy and somedays, he is sad – and then there have been many when he doesn’t have eyeballs.

Here is a quick overview of how we created our Wall felt Christmas Tree and Felt Snowman scene.

Rule #1 for me – is no perfection. So if you are expecting exacts – sorry I am an on the whim kind of gal. I did use some guides for somethings but overall – my lines aren’t straight (I like to think that gives this project personality!)

I purchased everything at Walmart as it tends to be the cheapest for felt when I need various colors. If you need just 1 color, go to Hobby Lobby and pull up the 40% coupon on your phone and they will accept it – but only good for 1 item per visit.

The overall cost of the project was around $30. More than the Thankful Tree, but again, I LOVE how it turned out and was worth the mula for me.

Here’s the jist of the supplies I used:


  • Green Felt
  • White Felt
  • Black Felt
  • Pack of Felt – Misc. Colors
  • Snow Blanket
  • Scissors
  • Thumbtacks
  • Pencil
  • Circular Objects – (3 sizes to make snowman)


I started with the snow on the bottom. I just unrolled the snow blanket and pinned up. You can easily hide the thumbtacks by folding over the snow.

Felt Wall Christmas Tree

felt wall christmas tree

I just started creating.  On the felt wall Christmas Tree, I could care less about exactness. The fray on the edges gives it a fun look and it took a lot less time than measuring out.

I used brown felt (uncut, it worked perfect) for the tree trunk.

Felt Ornaments

The felt ornaments were super simple and SO not perfect. I just folded over the various colors of felt in half and cut circles. Weird shaped circles – they work!

felt ornaments


Felt Snowman

felt snowman

I found 3 various size circular objects to create the snowman. Traced around on the white felt, cut out and KA-POW! You have yourself a wall felt snowman.

cutting felt


For the eyes, buttons and hat – I used black felt.  For the nose, I cheated and used foam because my felt assortment package didn’t come with orange felt and there was no way I was going back to the store after coming this far!

I enlisted my 8 year old (I have no idea why he is wearing a coat!) to help cut. He loved it, and even made the snowman a mustache.

Finishing the Wall Felt Christmas Scene

felt christmas gifts

I decided to create simple little gift packages to place under the tree. Each gift is labeled one of our names.

Final touch – snowflakes. Like real snowflakes, each of these felt snowflakes are unique in shape. No pattern, they are all funky shaped – just how I like them.

The Happy Holidays banner was bought on clearance last year at Target, can’t take credit for that one!


Christmas Tree for Toddlers

Here’s the view from our staircase.

christmas tree for toddlers made from felt

We moved into our home a year ago. While it’s a pretty home, with 2 toddlers and 2 tweens – I wanted to make this house as kid friendly as possible. I want my kids to remember fun things around the house they grew up in. I hope things like this help accomplish just that.

felt snowman