Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List!

You need them, we have got them. We have GIFT IDEAS for everyone on your list. 

As a mom to 4 kids, and an aunt and friend to many, our gift giving list doesn’t seem to stop. Each year we compile a number of gift guides featuring the best gifts to give and they are featured here!

So whether you are looking for a great tech gift for a teen girl, a STEM gift idea or maybe stocking stuffers for your favorite geek – you will find the gift ideas here. Happy shopping!

Non-Traditional LEGO Gifts for LEGO Lovers

Are you looking for LEGO Gifts but really don't want to buy your LEGO love anymore LEGOs? Look no further, we have got the perfect non-traditional LEGO gift idea list! Best LEGO Gifts for LEGO Lovers (that aren't actually LEGOs!) If you are sick of buying LEGOs but...

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Pley Disney Princess Subscription Box Unboxing and Review

Our friends at Pley recently sent us the latest Pley Disney Princess subscription box. If you have a Disney Princess fan in your house, this would make an awesome gift.  Disney Princess Subscription Box Delivered To Your Door! I found this photo of my daughter and...

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Tween Tech Gift Ideas – 2017 Tech Gift Guide

Tween Tech Gift Ideas - Need to buy a gift for a tween? Look no further! We've rounded up the best tech gift ideas for tweens in this handy guide. Tween Tech Gift Ideas Buying for a tween can be daunting. Kids now a days have all kinds of gadgets and gizmos, but what...

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What to Buy a Teen Girl – Best Tech Gifts for Teen Girls

 2017 Teen Girl Tech Gift Guide - Best Tech Gifts for Teen Girls Looking for a gift for a teen girl? We've got you covered! Introducing our gift guides to help you with tech gift ideas and make your gift shopping easy peasy!  Best Gifts for Teen Girls If you have a...

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Best Funny Coffee Mugs for Moms Who Have a Sense of Humor

Mom coffee mugs and moms and coffee. They just go together, right? Kind of like peanut butter and jelly or yin and yang or yeah anyways...  Inside those mom coffee mugs lurk coffee, sugar and sometimes alcohol. No judgement here. Moms gotta do, what moms gotta do....

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Gift Idea: Selfie Toaster

What do you get the person who has everything? Well, I have the answer for that: a SELFIE TOASTER. That's right people, this toaster will take your selfie and put it on a piece of toast. Pair this lovely gift with a loaf of bread and maybe some honey butter, BOOM -...

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Essential Oils December Deal

So along with technology and chasing down kids, I am also a user of Young Living Essential Oils.  I promise to not make Digital Mom Blog into an oil site - no seriously, I created another site just for that -> But I did want to share with...

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The Ultimate Gift for the Music Lover

This Holiday #GiftingAudio post is by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone. It's Christmas season y'all. We are all MERRY CHRISTMAS! around these parts (yes, I know there is Thanksgiving - I am a thankful person, especially thankful...

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Tech Gift Ideas: STEM Toys for Kids

STEM Toys are a hot item this year for Christmas - but let's talk about STEM (actually, I should say S.T.E.M.). STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  STEM Toys encourage learning, playing, thinking in each of those elements. STEM Gift...

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Tech Gift Ideas: Awesome Tech Fitness Gifts

There's that someone in your life that loves to workout, but you aren't sure just what to buy them. No worries, we've got you covered with some awesome tech fitness gift ideas. Forgo the dorky personalized water bottle idea and splurge on something cool that they will...

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25 Beauty DIY Gifts – Perfect for Christmas!

Looking to make beauty DIY gifts this year? Here's the post you've been looking for! Rather than buying all your family members and friends Christmas gifts this year, why not make them? Don't look at me like I am CRAZY, I am for real! And I have a whole list of things...

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Fire HD Kids Edition – Break It? No Problem!

I am one of those moms who doesn't mind her kids having tablets... as long as they are protected (see: Best Kids iPad Cases). That being said, what if your tablet came with a warranty that stated if your kid breaks the tablet, it will be replaced. This isn't one of...

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