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5 Travel Tips for Working Moms

Being a working mom that travels is crazy. Today I am sharing 5 travel tips to help working moms deal with the crazy that being on the road brings at home.

Life has been a whirlwind — and Denver, CO –  I am sure you are a fabulous city, and I will see your face TOMORROW….  BUT first – I have to do a few things.

working mom travel tips

5 Travel Tips for Working Moms

This whole working mom who travels thing has me thinking. I’ve learned a few things since I travel so much, so why don’t I share some of these tips with you. Even if I can help just one mom settle her nerves, this blog was worth it!. So, I give you 5 travel tips for working moms.

1. Write notes for your kids and husband and place in obvious and in obvious places.

My kids love finding these notes everywhere. It never fails when I talk to them at night… “Mommy, I love your note.” It’s a sweet way to remind each of them that though we are apart, I love them so much. For the husband who is having to handle it all – it’s a gentle reminder that I truly appreciate all he does.

2. Planning is everything.

I am so not a planner, but when traveling I HAVE TO BE. From where I am going to park (Park and Fly? Airport? Valet?) to an itinerary of the trip – it helps so much calm my nerves when I’m not home.

3. Great communication with your spouse is key.

My husband and I have a good relationship. That being said, sometimes communication isn’t always a strength of ours. Being a working mom that travels, I make sure that we are in full communication of what’s going on – from kids to my work trip. I make sure everything is well organized and he has an email from me containing everything he would need to know.

4. Back-up help is essential.

Having family able to help in the event that my husband works late or a kid is sick has been essential for me traveling. Fortunately, our kids’ childcare is near my mom’s house and my brother’s so in those “I NEED HELP!” situations, we have back-up.

5. Try not to stress being away from home.

It’s so hard for me to separate work life from home life when traveling, but you know what? I have to. I have a job to do and since this is what I am getting paid for and I KNOW my husband is wonderful with the kids, I need to let the stress go and try to make the best of the trip.

I hope these help someone, and hopefully that someone is YOU children)

I don’t know what your pre-travel planning includes, but here is a glimpse of what I do before my typical 3-day weekend trips for Women of Faith.

  • 3 days worth of clothes laid out for each of our 3 children.
  • 2 days worth of snacks packed with notes for the kids’ backpacks
  • All bottles sterilized and premade .
  • Baby bag packed with bottles, diapers, spare outfits, wipes, Tylenol and chew toy. Yes, because like a dog our 6 month old likes to chew on things.
  • Notes for the kids. I always leave them behind notes – obvious and hidden.
  • Charge both work & personal iPhones, laptop and iPad.
  • Laundry so I have something to wear, therefore allowing me the ability to (see next bullet)
  • PACK! oh that little detail.
  • Between this trip and the last my air card has gone MIA and I am going MAD, so find that.
  • Review itinerary.
  • Check in for flight.
  • Get cash.
  • Find luggage.
  • PRAY for my husband’s sanity and my energy
  • And SLEEP. Please Lord, I would L-O-V-E this one.

While mom travel means extra work for everyone, I am going to make the best of it.