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20 Funny Walking Memes That’ll Make You Laugh Your Socks Off

We’re sharing our favorite walking memes! Walking is a simple act, but it can be the source of great humor. An everyday thing that some of us think nothing of, others of us wish we could do and yet another group obsesses over.

Walking memes help us to laugh at ourselves and at the absurdity of everyday life.

walking memes

From those of us who count our steps everyday to dog owners who have a dog that needs to go on a walk, we are memein’ the every day and giving it a twist of humor.

city walking meme mind blown when you visit a city and people are walking everywhere instead of driving.

Walking into a New Week Like

Start your week off on a positive note. Chin up as you walk into that new week.

cat walking meme

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

If you are going to walk a mile in my shoes, make sure to pick me up a bottle of wine.

walking meme funny

Walking on Eggshells

If you are walking on eggshells, news flash! The eggs are already broken.

Walking on Eggshells Meme

Walking into Work

Walking into work on Monday like…

Walking Into Work Meme

Definitely a Friday meme, as you basically are doing a very fast walk, near job as you leave the office.

walking out of the office like meme

Walk the Dog

When the dog trains you to take him on a walk.

dog walking meme

Mopped Floor

How many people have kids and husbands that walk on the floor right after you have mopped?

mop walk meme

Walking Thru Hell

If you are going through hell, just keep walking.

just keep walking meme

Walk the Extra Mile

File this under friend meme. I would go an extra mile for you, that’s unless it involves actual walking.

funny walking meme

10000 Steps

Did you know that just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, boost muscle, endurance and reduce excess body fat? Source: Better Health Channel

walk steps meme

A regular walking regimen can also reduce your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers.

10000 steps meme

For those who are step challenge obsessed, don’t miss our fitbit memes. Did you know that 30 minutes of walking, the average person can usually get in around 3000-4000 steps depending on your pace.

walked meme

There are so many benefits from walking. Here is what the Arthritis Foundation says in regards to how walking wards off heart disease. “…brings up the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart. Post-menopausal women who walk just one to two miles a day can lower their blood pressure by nearly 11 points in 24 weeks.

Go For a Walk

Some of you people just need to put down the remote and take a walk.

walk meme

Preaching the value of walking and it’s benefits like…

take a walk meme

Going for a Walk

Send this to your walking friend.

go for a walk meme

How’s this for a perspective quote. Everything is within walking distance, it just depends on how much time you have to get there. Same is applicable for pretty much anything in life.

Im Walking Here Meme

File under funny work meme – for those who procrastinate, this Jojo walking meme may be relatable.

Jojo Walking Meme

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Walking Out the Door Meme

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