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Work Life Balance: Enjoying Each Child

work life balance

Family Work Life Balance

Work life balance – HA!Life gets busy. Juggling 3 kids, 1 thing my husband and I are making an effort to do, is to find time to spend with each child individually. Each child has their own love language. Identifying that love language and showing them the love they need is critical in establishing a good base relationship with each.

Making Time with Each Child

With our 8 year old girl, I make it a point to take her out once a week to do some shopping. Sometimes it’s just an errand or sometimes it’s groceries. We get to talk, catch up and really get to know her as a person. Even though she is only 8, I am baffled at how complex and dynamic of a person she is. Life tends to suck out the realization that your kids are people too. This is something I don’t want to let happen.

Once a month, behavior permitting – I take her to get her toes painted (ps. if you get them painted and not pedicured, you are saving at least $10!). She loves the attention, and gives me an excuse to have cute toes as well. It’s our time and using this as a reward for good behavior gives her another incentive to help around the house.

With our 5 year old son, he loves affection. Sitting and reading with him in my lap means the world to him.

Our baby is 1. While his love language is yet to be identified -being a working mom I want to make sure he isn’t being raised by his sitter. We make it a point to take him to school last. We make sure that eats breakfast at home while we talk and play with him. While we cook dinner, he’s right next to us, playing and laughing. While it’s not a substitute for being with him every minute – we’ve established a bond that means the world to us.

Adding Another Kid

As we add in another child, I know enjoying each child individually will only become more difficult. We’re enjoying the now and preparing our kids for the future. We’ll adapt and do what we need to in order to make sure that each knows they are loved and that the bond is still in tact.

Working and creating this time IS HARD, but is even more reason to make the time. To me, part of finding that family, work life balance is knowing that each child is loved on and their needs as a child is met. The kids were put here by us, and it’s our job to love them and when life and work gets in the way – it’s time to re-establish priorities and make sure the kids are near the top.

Work Life Balance – How Do You Create Time for Each of Your Children?