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Free Printable Kermit Tea Meme Template: Sip and Share

Stir up fun with this hilarious printable Kermit tea template! We are taking the online fun, offline by creating laughs from the internet and making them happen IRL with memes.

Use this printable Kermit sipping tea meme template to create some fun in the office or around the house. Like the meme, have people sayin’ “but that’s none of my business.”

take the online kermit tea meme fun offline with photo examples of kermit printable meme

Download our Printable Kermit Sipping Tea Meme Template

Simply print our Kermit PDF and cut it out using scissors or an x-acto knife. Strategically place Kermit in a place where he is sure to get laughs.

Tips for Printing Kermit Drinking Tea Meme

When taking the meme fun from online to offline, here are a few tips for using this printable Kermit tea meme.

kermit the frog meme cut out
  • Use cardstock paper to create a studier Kermit cutout.
  • X-acto knife allows for you to easy trace the image from our template.
  • Use a black marker around the edges to cover any white showing. (This also makes the meme pop!)
how to create a printable kermit sipping tea meme to use in real life

Blank Kermit Tea Meme Template

Let’s have some fun with Kermit the Frog! Use this blank Kermit tea meme template to create your own meme.

kermit tea meme template blank for easy download usage

Explaining the Kermit Tea Meme

Let’s explain the Kermit sipping tea meme. It is typically used, when you know some “tea” or gossip” followed by “none of my business.” For example, here is a Kermit meme used in our family meme collection:

a family kermit the frog meme caption your family is crazy but thats none of my business

Kermit Tea Meme IRL

I spy with my little eye our printable Kermit sipping tea meme in real life. Take this funny meme printable and put it somewhere that need humor. Use it above a toilet, looking in an office window, on a trash can that needs to be empty – the ideas are endless!

We want to see where you use our printable Kermit Sipping Tea meme. Share your photos and join in on the meme IRL fun in our new Memes in Real Life community.

Pour the tea and don’t forget to post your printable Kermit meme on social media. Tag us and link back to this post so more people can spill the tea with Kermit!

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