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25 Funny Recession Memes: Laughs About Financial Woes

Is it here or is it coming, whatever the case – here are the funny recession memes to help you laugh through the tears.

Here at Digital Mom Blog we do a lot of memes about various topics. Some are fun, like our summer memes and then there are some like these memes about recession.

Funny Recession Memes

These are not meant to poke fun at anyone so don’t get your panties in a wad. These funny recession memes are the reality that we are in.

funny recession memes
recession memes 2024

While we know that we are either in one or our economy is on the brink of recession – there are things we can do like saving our money and LAUGHING.

From saving money to layoffs, these recession memes are what to share when the economics downturn of 2024.

Recession is Coming

Here are your recession is coming memes for those who are predicting rough financial times ahead.

recession is coming meme
recession is coming meme

Economists say there is a 50% chance of recession, at least thats what the Citibank economists are theorizing.

economists recession meme
economists recession meme

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Millennials Waiting for Recession

Those millennials waiting for the recession to hit in hopes for home prices to drop or affordable housing to return!

millenial recession meme millennials waiting for the recessions to hit hoping for home prices to drop
millennial recession meme


One of the effects of a recession is company layoffs. When companies start to feel the need to buckle down and save, unfortunately employees can be first to feel the crunch. Don’t miss our unemployment memes.

when your manager casually mentions layoffs meme
recession layoffs meme

These layoff memes are for anyone who has been laid off or fears that they might be. I hope that this laid off meme isn’t relevant to your situation!

layoffs everywhere
layoffs meme

Unfortunately, the mortgage industry with interest rates climbing is taking a hit right now with mortgage layoffs.

being laid off is the hot 2022 vacation
laid off meme recession

Another unfortunate reality is being fired during a recession. Whether you are laid off, fired or quit because hello we still are in the great resignation (see last day of work memes) – chin up.

you are fired meme donald trump
you are fired meme

Whether recession layoffs are your reality or not, work can be stressful. Have you seen our funny work memes to share with your co-workers?


While the internet gives you doom and gloom, we are here to hopefully make you at least crack a smile. Don’t miss our inflation memes, where we talk and laugh about the how we got here.

recession loading 2022 meme
inflation recession meme

So whether you think the numbers from the last 2 quarters show that we are in a recession, or that it will be here soon.

what inflation a package of ground beef costs the same as it did last month funny recession meme
what is inflation meme

This recession is coming meme is highly relatable.

Help Me Im Poor Memes

The help me im poor meme originally came from the hilarious movie, Bridesmaids. While I’m sure Kristen Wiig never thought she would end up on a recession meme, hello 2022.

bridesmaids help me im poor meme recession
help me im poor meme recession

And in case you are a fan of of the movies and want to know what year Bridesmaids released, 2011. If you haven’t watched it, do it and get ready for some belly laughs – which is something we could all use in this economy.

recession? thats what poor people without government connections worry about. recession meme
funny recession meme

Yes, everything is expensive now, you aren’t just poor or broke though you may feel like it!

funny inflation memes 2024
funny inflation recession meme – im poor

Great Depression Meme

If you want to talk about im poor memes, those are what those who lived thru the Great Depression would be sharing. Rather than Great Depression, maybe they mean The Great Recession?

the great recession meme dr evil austin powers
the great recession meme

While the pessimistic like to theorize that we are headed for a great depression, reality is we are headed for a recession.

great depression you mean recession meme
great depression meme recession

The only Great Depression we should have is when you look at your bank account. Yes, the numbers don’t add up due to crazy inflation – but let’s just not even utter the great depression words.

The great depression 2022 is when you check your bank balance  funny recession bank meme
recession bank meme

The Great Depression lasted a decade, 1929-1939 (source wikipedia). Let’s hope our economy recovers faster than that!

Gas Prices

We have an entire post of gas memes because y’all this issue has been hitting us for months.

the reality of recession economy 2022 gas prices rising my bank account falling
recession gas prices meme

Everyone is feeling the inflation and hit to our checking account with the Summer 2022 gas prices. President Biden has and the White House have called for a gas tax holiday that will save us 24 cents per gallon on diesel and 18 cent tax per gallon on gasoline.

high gas prices meme recession 2022
high gas prices meme

Will this help? Sure, but with gas prices at a high and being that it’s summer where everyone is on vacation (see vacation memes) – we are still hurting.

More Memes About The Recession

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Here are more funny recession memes for your entertainment.

funny recession meme  this is me not worrying about the recession
funny recession meme

At large, there is nothing you can personally do about the economy but you can work on your personal finances to make sure you are recession proof. For our saving money friends, enjoy this save money meme.

save money meme recession
save money meme recession

Speaking of saving money. Do you not go out to eat or draw 25?

not go out to eat meme draw 25
not go out to eat meme recession

When money is tight but you mean well. If this is too crass of a recession meme, don’t miss our other birthday memes!

birthday recession meme  happy birthday unfortunately due to the upcoming recession this is your birthday gift. you are welcome have a happy bday!
birthday recession meme

While the official declaration of a recession hasn’t been called by the FED, us normal working class folks are feeling the pain. Fed chairman, Jerome Powell says a recession is a possibility but not likely. (source: NPR

change quote nothing changes if nothing changes
change quote nothing changes if nothing changes

Okay, Mr. Powell – don’t just tell us what we want to hear. Tell us what we need to hear. And if you freak out about change, don’t miss our change quotes for some inspiration when the waters get rough.

Don’t let the recession get you down. Enjoy these 10 happy thoughts for recession.

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