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8 Free Among Us Valentines Day Cards

8 Among Us Valentines Day Cards – our kids’ favorite game needed to be celebrated this v-day. Download these printable Among Us Valentines Day cards for you or your kids to share!

Each year, at the beginning of February the quest to find the perfect kids’ Valentine’s day cards for school and friends is on. The last several years I’ve made printables featuring my kids favorite game at the moment.

Among Us Valentine Printables

I don’t know about your kids, but all 4 of mine are total gamers. This year’s favorite has been Among Us. Not familiar with the game? No worries – here is a deep dive into how to play Among Us.

among us valentines cards printable free
Download our Free Among Us Valentines printables.

All 4 will play, and 3 of our 4 kids wanted to share cards this year, so Among Us Valentines cards were the obvious choice.

We’ve made these printable Among Us cards as easy as possible. All you need to do is download, print, cut and sign! Keep reading for simple tips for making these look the best as possible.

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Free Among Us Valentines Day Cards

If you are looking for free Among Us Valentines day cards, these are free for you to download and print. If you want or if you want to donate a buck or few – that’s an option as well.

printable among us valentines day cards

We have 8 different designs featuring Among Us crewmates (and even an impostor) for you to download and share. Don’t miss out Among Us memes!

8 Different Among Us Valentines to Choose From

Here are the 8 different Among Us Valentines printable designs.

Did you see the Among Us costume my husband made? Learn how to make the DIY!

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We do ask that if you choose the free Among Us Valentines option, that you just share by posting on Pinterest, Facebook or any other social platform, TIA! Now, let’s download those cards!

Download the Cards

Download the Among Us Valentines cards is easy.

crewmate valentines cards among us

Will You Be My Crewmate?

There are 2 different Will You Be My Crewmate? designs. One featuring the red crew and another featuring a entire cast of crewmates.

Happy Valentine’s Day Crewmate

There are also 2 different Happy Valentine’s Day Crewmate designs. I figured this was a good generic, applicable to all school classmates and friends. This message is applicable to whoever, making a good generic Valentines cards to pass out to whoever at the school Valentine’s day party.

Don’t Be Sus – Be My Crewmate

Another perfect design for general Valentines usage is our Don’t Be Sus, Be My Crewmate card design.

You Are Out of This World

Featuring a crewmate in space, the You Are Out of This World Among Us Valentines is fun and reminiscent of a scene from the Among Us game.

among us happy valentines
free among us valentines printables

V-Day is Among Us

Another generic Among Us vday printable design is the V-Day is Among Us. Featuring aqua crewmate with heart eyes, this is another great generic vday card for whoever.

Love is Among Us

Featuring orange crewmate and teal crewmate – the Love is Among Us design is perfect for that special crewmate on Valentine’s Day.

If you have a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, partner, lover or significant other that plays Among Us – this is the Among Us vday card you will want to give them!

Don’t Be an Impostor – Happy Valentine’s Day

The perfect vday card for the person who always seems like they are picked as the Among Us Impostor.

Vday Among Us Printable Tips

Us parents are BUSY! The last thing we need to stress between juggling kids, work, life and what have you is making complicated Valentines cards for the classroom.

Here are a few tips to help make these vday printables perfect:

Paper Type

For premium quality, we suggest printing on cardstock. If you just have printer paper, no worries – that works as well!


For optimal printing, check your printer’s settings to make sure that you are printing at high quality.

printing among us cards

Card Size

The printable vday cards are 3×5 in size and come 4 to a sheet. Since there are 8 designs, there are 2 sheets.

Envelope Size

Want to include your Among Us Vday printables in an envelope? No problem! You can purchase these 3 5/8 x 5 1/8 inches peel and stick envelopes on Amazon.

Cutting the Printables

If you are super picky about your cards being straight, use a paper cutter or ruler and exacto knife to cut out the cards. Watch those fingers when using either of these cutting options!

cut among us valentines

Or if you are like me and just want to get things done – scissors works just fine!

Signing the Back of the Cards

Use the back of the Among Us valentines to have your child personalize by writing a message. Or if you are doing class Valentine’s party – just have your kid sign their name and be done with it! (This makes is super easy for teachers rather than finding a specific card for each student.)

We hope that you enjoy these Among Us Valentines. Here are some other free printable Valentines that we have to choose from!

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These downloads are very helpful. Thank you.

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