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Funny Ozark Memes the Launch of Season 4

Enjoy these Ozark memes while binging on season 4!

The Netflix hit series, Ozark just dropped season 4. Marty Bryde, Wendy Bryde, beloved Ruth, and Navarro cartel are back and better than ever. Well, you know what I mean.

Best Ozark Memes

To celebrate the new season and the crazy money laundering action thriller, we are sharing our favorite Ozark memes.

ozark memes
funny ozark memes

Now that Yellowstone has wrapped, we can focus our energy on the beloved Netflix hit, Ozark.

Season 3 of Ozark left us with so many questions and then we had a pandemic. Season 4 picks back up with 7 episodes for us to binge on. Only 7? Yes, for now.

bing watching ozark meme
binge watching Ozark meme

Due to the crazy of the last few years, Netflix is releasing Ozark season 4 in 2 parts. Part 1 released on January 21, 2020. Season 4 part 2 is rumored to release sometime this spring. Let’s sure hope that we don’t have to wait another 2 years for it!

And while some people would love to skip watching and just get the Ozark spoilers for season 4, sorry friends. We aren’t spilling no tea here, but we are LOLing at these funny Ozark memes!

zoom ozark meme

Talk about dedication to her job. Water boarded at 9am and still makes the 10am zoom call. This definitely belongs in our zoom memes.

Ozark Ruth Memes

Ruth in Ozark memes because who doesn’t love this southern bad a$$? And before we go on, can we just give a nod to how much Justin Timberlake circa early 2000s resembles our girl, Ruth Langmore?

ozark ruth meme justin timberlake
ruth langmore and justin timberlake meme

Okay, maybe not just one nod but two because 10 year challenge still shows a strong Justin Timberlake Ruth Langmore twinning situation.

justin timberlake ruth ozark meme
ten year challenge meme ozark

Ruth Langmore quotes are always filled with profanity and typically a little hot tempered.

ruth ozark meme i dont know parenting
ozark ruth i dont know meme

But this Ozark quote, I don’t know sh*t about f*ck is exactly how all of us parents felt when they first brought a baby home. Baby memes for the parents that know this feeling!

Remember that time Ruth thought she was going to quit? That is the exact feeling so many people are having when there boss is telling them to return to the office. And why our last day of work memes are so popular.

ruth ozark meme

Marty Byrde Memes

Marty, you had us thinking you were the clean cut accountant in the beginning. Boy were we wrong about you! Remember that time you were kidnapped? This is pretty much how all parents are feeling at the moment. (see parenting memes)

funny ozark parents meme
parenting ozark meme

Marty Byrde is played by the one and only Jason Bateman. While to me, he totally gives off Paul Rudd vibes IRL – his Marty character has similar traits to Michael from his role in Arrested Development.

jason bateman meme
jason bateman meme

When your brain tells you it’s time to go to work on Monday morning…. Monday mornings suck. Monday memes, don’t.

ozark work meme
marty byrde meme – monday meme

If you need more laughs while on the job, enjoy our funny work memes.

Wendy Byrde Meme

This meme featuring Wendy Byrde will make you go hmmm. The 4 worst women in the history of television….

  • Jenny from Forest Gump
  • Skylar White from Breaking Bad
  • Carol Baskin from Tiger Kim
  • Wendy Byrde from Ozark
worst women in tv history meme


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toddler parents ozark meme
toddler parents be like – ozark meme

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