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30 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes for Moms to Be

Ah, pregnancy memes – the hilarious lifeline for expectant mothers navigating the rollercoaster of emotions and experiences that come with pregnancy.

As someone who has been pregnant four times, I can tell you that pregnancy is no laughing matter. Sure, after the whole giving birth thing is over, it is quite comical. Until them, we are helping with some comic relief to get you through the next 9 months.

pregnancy memes
funny pregnancy memes

As we embark on this wild journey of cravings, mood swings, and baby kicks, let’s take a moment to appreciate the humor and camaraderie found in the world of pregnancy memes.

Funny Memes About Being Pregnant

From the pregnancy test to giving birth and all the fun stuff like food, ice cream, pregnancy hormones – all the way to labor and delivery, we are here for the funny pregnant memes!

pregnant meme what gives you feelings of power
pregnant meme

Not Pregnant Meme

I don’t know about your Aunt Flow but mine, she is fickle. She’s never on time and is very moody (hmm, kind of like me.)

not pregnant meme life with aunt flow be like
not pregnant meme

Anywho, this not pregnant meme is for all of you who either show negative on a pregnancy test after an accidental pregnancy scare or have a missed period / Aunt Flow who is as fickle as mine.

and her period was due last week and never showed up... breaking news: much to her relief,her period finally arrived.
late period meme

Pregnancy Test Memes

After the Shark Week or Aunt Flow no show, what better place to start than with the pregnancy test memes. You pee on a stick and either you get two lines on a pregnancy test alerting you that you are pregnant.

if pregnancy tests gave messages like fortune cookies pregnancy test meme
pregnancy test meme

Or now a days, maybe you are fancy folk who pee on a stick and get a PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT notification. Either way these pregnancy test memes will hit come.

pregnancy test meme funny
pregnancy test meme funny

False positive pregnancy test result? If this is bad news, hate to be the messenger. This pregnancy test meme is right. Pregnancy tests have a 99% accuracy according to Clearblue.

It's probably a false positive pregnancy test. false. There is less than a 1% chance of a false positive pregnancy test result.
pregancy test meme false positive

Get Me Pregnant Meme

Sometimes you just need to tell him and not hint. Here is a get me pregnant meme to share when it’s time to get a baby in your belly, stat!

get me pregnant meme
get me pregnant meme

Im Pregnant Memes

The glorious time when it’s time deliver the pregnancy announcement. Change it up and announce your pregnancy with one of our funny im pregnant memes.

im pregnant meme  the vaccine worked like a charm
im pregnant meme

This pregnancy announcement meme is perfect for telling people “i’m pregnant!”

we have a winner pregnancy announcement meme
pregnancy announcement meme

Some people don’t read the fine print. It’s those people you will want to send this im pregnant meme to.

always read the fine print im pregnant funny pregnancy announcement meme
funny pregnancy announcement meme

What better way to tell the world about the upcoming baby than with this Bob Ross pregnancy announcement meme. There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.

funny bob ross there are no mistakes just happy little accidents im pregnant meme
funny im pregnant meme

Even though this pregnancy pun of a bun in the oven has been used for years, there will still be people who won’t get it. Oven is the womb. The bun is the baby. The oven opens when the bun is ready to come out. Shall I say more?

There's a bun in the oven! im pregnant meme funny
im pregnant meme funny bun in the oven announcement

This is the perfect surprise pregnancy announcement. Not only do you get to surprise someone with the news, you also give them a great visual to think about you peeing on a stick.

surprise pregnancy announcementmeme funny
pregnancy announcement meme funny

Whether you have struggled with infertility, had an oopsy or birth control failed, this having a baby meme is for you.

i thought i couldn't get pregnant but the pregnancy test says that i am having a baby
having a baby meme

We’ve only just begun with the funny pregnancy memes! Hold that baby in, we are on a roll…

am i pregnant meme
am i pregnant meme

Pregnancy Trimester Memes

The three trimesters of pregnancy memes. Those 40ish weeks or 9 months give or take of being pregnant are split up to trimesters. Here are the pregnancy memes about the trimesters for your enjoyment.

First Trimester Meme

The pregnancy memes first trimester are for those first few months.

first trimester is when you spend 3 months sleeping or puking,  eating weird things, outgrowing your jeans and creating a tiny human
first trimester meme

For when you spend 3 months pregnant sleeping or puking, eating weird things, outgrowing your jeans and creating a tiny human.

Second Trimester Memes

The second trimester memes are for when the belly starts poppin’, the baby kick starts and the mom to be has regained just enough energy to survive.

second trimester is when the belly starts poppin', the baby starts kicking and the mom to be has regained just enough energy to survive.
second trimester meme

Second trimester can be a time of energy, maybe all that sleeping the first trimester helped! This isn’t always the case though. There is still a reason to celebrate trimester 2!

second trimester meme pregnant
second trimester memes

Third Trimester Meme

The third trimester funny pregnancy memes are about that final stretch of expectant moms. All moms who have been there, know the third trimester is the longest 3 months ever in existence. The belly is now huge, food is great, heartburn isn’t. Suddenly the reality of what is happening hits just in time for baby’s arrival.

third trimester is the longest 3 months ever in existence. The belly is now huge, food is great, heartburn isn't. Suddenly the reality of what is happening hits just in time for baby's arrival.
third trimester meme

I’ll just leave this third trimester pregnancy sex meme right here for your enjoyment.

one does not simply enjoy having sex in the third trimester without trying to induce labor
sex while pregnant meme

Third trimester is here, deliver baby soon you are. Come on, don’t you love a Yoda pregnancy meme to tell you that a baby will be delivered soon.

third trimester is here deliver baby soon you are
third trimester meme funny

Pregnant Again Meme

When you are pregnant, yet again. Don’t miss these here we go memes for more here we goes..

pregnant again here we go!
pregnant again meme

Labor, Delivery and Birth Memes

Next up in our collection of funny pregnancy memes for moms we have labor and delivery memes. All the memes about delivering a baby.

look at me, pretending to not be freaked out by the thought of delivering a baby
delivering a baby meme

Whether you are induced, natural childbirth, epidural or c-section – it doesn’t matter. A happy healthy mama and a sweet baby is the only goal. This childbirth meme sums it up nicely. May the odds be in your favor.

when labor and the contractions begins... may the odds be in your favor. childbirth meme
childbirth meme

Pregnancy Contractions Meme

So are these pregnancy contractions real or Braxton Hicks? And who the h-e-ll is Braxton Hicks and why is he so evil? Cleveland Clinic breaks down Braxton Hicks contractions for us.

are these braxton hicks or real contractions labor pregnancy contractions meme
pregnancy contractions meme

The thought of your water breaking or just going into labor can be terrifying.

when you are not sure if your water broke or if you just peed on yourself
pregnant meme water broke

Of all, these are the pregnancy memes for dads. These are what you need to know. Whoever is in the L&D or delivery room with you needs to know this major rule of delivering a baby. What happens in the delivery room, stays in the delivery room.

labor and delivery meme
labor and delivery meme

No one wants photos of guts, blood, mom breastfeeding her baby after just meeting her child (no offense to breastfeeding but save the photo taking for later!) Just enjoy the magical miracle of life.

actual photo of your baby before being delivered  baby delivery meme
baby delivery meme

No offense to anyone who gave birth naturally! I did so 3 times, but the first pregnancy – I would totally draw 25 than think about giving birth without pain meds.

epidural meme give child birth naturally
natural child birth meme

Remember when I told you I had three natural child births? About that, this pregnancy meme is from personal experience. I swear the nurses face telling me that it’s too late for an epidural looked just like this.

the nurses when you ask for an epidural as the baby is crowning
funny epidural meme

When you don’t have to worry about going into labor because like this c-section meme states, the birth is scheduled!

csection scheduled deal with it
c-section meme

What giving birth looks like. This giving birth meme is pretty spot on because yes, my husband didn’t follow delivery room rules and took a photo (many now deleted photos) of me pushing the baby out.

if giving birth had a face
giving birth meme

When you have been in labor for hours and started pushing, working with nurses to make this happen. Then the obgyn walks in and suddenly it’s like the lights go on, and it’s showtime.

the doctor walking into labor and delivery be like its showtime baby delivery meme
baby delivery meme

After the baby gets here, enjoy these baby memes.

congratulations on your new tax deduction
congratulations baby meme

And now that you are officially a parent, let us introduce you to the fun of parenting memes!

Maternity Leave Meme

For anyone who has to figure out maternity leave, bless your heart. Make sure that you know your rights.

me trying to plan maternity leave and figure out my benefits
maternity leave meme

While the US is way behind in taking care of women while they are pregnant and allowing them to take adequate paid maternity leave, we do have some rights. Make sure to familiarize yourself with FMLA Family Medical Leave Act.

maternity leave when your take a break from work anxiety only to replace it with a whole new set of anxieties
maternity leave meme funny

Send a funny hr meme over to your Human Resources to break the ice before discussing your benefits and maternity plan.

oh you want to take maternity leave may the odds be in your favor
take maternity leave meme

Funny Pregnancy Memes

Just like being pregnant, these funny pregnancy memes seem to go on forever.

Pregnancy Hormones Meme

This pregnancy hormones meme is spot on. Learn what role the hormones play during pregnancy and why you feel cray cray one minute, sleeping like mad the next and then madly energized.

pregnancy hormones got me like
pregnancy hormones meme

I Was Lazy Pregnant Meme

Being lazy pregnant is the best. Embrace this time. I mean, people actual expect you to overeat, sleep and be lazy. When else in your adult life is this okay? EXACTLY!

i was lazy pregnant meme
i was lazy pregnant meme

Pregnancy Craving Meme

When you are having an pregnancy craving for a certain food and you actually get the food you are craving.

me everytime i eat a food that this pregnancy has me craving
pregnancy craving meme

Barefoot and Pregnant Meme

Gone are the days of women being barefoot, pregnant and “obedient.” Bless his heart. If your man was expecting something else, send him this barefoot and pregnant meme. You deserve better.

barefoot and pregnant he slept with the wrong woman if that's what he was expecting
barefoot and pregnant meme

Pregnancy Brain Meme

When you have never felt so dumb in your entire life, even though you have not one but TWO brains in your body. Yeah, this pregnancy brain meme is talking to you.

pregnancy brain meme when you have 2 brains in your body yet you've never felt so dumb in your entire life.
pregnancy brain meme

I wish I could tell you after you deliver you baby that it will get better. Unfortunately, then you get sleep deprived newborn brain. What is going on with my infant brain. Baby brain turns into toddler brain. Sadly, I have a 19-year-old and still don’t have my pre pregnancy brain mind back!

pregnancy brain meme funny
pregnancy brain meme funny

Baby Bump Meme

If you want to touch the baby bump, you are going to need to venmo me first. gotta pay for this baby somehow. Here’s an easy way to earn some cash while pregnant without worrying and stressing about the future.

baby bump meme if you want to touch the baby bump, you are going to need to venmo me first. gotta pay for this baby somehow.
baby bump meme

Just post this baby bump meme – if anything maybe people will get the hint to stop touching the pregnant belly!

funny pregnancy meme Touching my pregnant  belly will result in you getting throat punched.  Consider yourself warned.
funny pregnancy meme

Morning Sickness Meme

Whoever named morning sickness is immediately fired. There is nothing morning about this nausea. Morning sickness was obviously named by a man who didn’t notice that his wife was still puking all morning, day and night

morning sickness obviously named by a man who didn't notice that his wife was still puking all morning, day and night
morning sickness meme

Pregnancy Insomnia Meme

When you can’t sleep at night and continue to change positions, while getting kicked by a baby and then having to pee every 30 minutes for endless months on end.

pregnancy insomnia when you can't sleep at night and continue to change positions, while getting kicked by a baby and then having to pee every 30 minutes for endless months on end.
pregnancy insomnia meme

Yeah, this pregnancy insomnia meme tells it how it is. These are words of wisdom to all, especially moms and mother-in-laws of daughters and daughter-in-laws.

words of wisdom do not tell a pregnant woman that pregnancy insomnia is getting her ready for a baby unless you want to risk being punched in the face pregnancy meme funny
pregnancy meme funny

Feeling Pregnant Memes

Heartburn is no pregnancy joke, but pregnancy heartburn with all the other side effects of being pregnant is just the worst. Add-on every time you mention it, someone telling you that pregnancy heartburn means that the baby is going to have a lot of hair.

if pregnancy heartburn means that the baby has hair then i'm giving birth to a baby chewbacca
pregnancy heartburn meme

Is this old wives tale or science? Well, guess what. That old pregnancy heartburn wives tale is actually true (well in the majority of cases!)

when people ask me how i'm feeling pregnant cat meme
pregnant cat meme

“Folksy” sounding but true. Researchers at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore found that when pregnant women reported moderate heartburn, they had hairy newborns 82 percent of the time; the majority of heartburn-free women gave birth to bald babies.

This pregnancy meme nails it. What it’s like being pregnant and trying to get out of bed.

getting out of the bed while pregnant be like
pregnancy meme

Pregnant AF. This is true third trimester feels.

pregnant af
pregnant af meme

Due Date Meme

How accurate is a pregnancy due date? 4% chance This is according to the BBC: More than 90% are born two weeks either side of the predicted date.

yeah, if people could stop asking about my due datedue date meme
due date meme

Yeah, about that. Filing under things my doctor never told me when she gave me my baby’s due date.

Prangry Meme

When you are when you are pregnant, hungry and angry at the same time, you be PRANGRY. This goes right along with our hungry memes! I don’t care who says what, what mama wants mama gets.

when you are pregnant, hungry and angry at the same time, you be prangry meme
prangry meme

Share the Memes About Pregnancy

From one mom to another, enjoy this time. Life happens quick (hello mom memes) and while this time of growing a baby is weird and wonderful, it really is sacred.

when everyone asks if you are pregnant with twins
being pregnant meme

Though you may not realize this until your kid is 19-years-old.

get pregnant, they say. you'll be glowing, they say.
pregnancy glow meme

I hope these funny pregnant memes bring you a smile, laugh or a share to a friend or loved one that is with baby.

Let’s spread the joy of pregnancy memes far and wide! Share these relatable gems with your fellow moms-to-be and friends on social media, making sure to tag us along the way. Let’s create a community of laughter and support, one meme at a time!

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