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Funniest King Biden Memes and Tweets that Rule SCOTUS and the Internet

With the latest SCOTUS ruling, King Biden memes now rule the internet.

Wonder what all the to-do about King Biden is? While his presidential debate performance was less than stellar, the internet is elevating him to king status after a ruling by SCOTUS.

long live king biden memes

Biden is not King, but these memes are pretty funny. In the week that the United States celebrates Independence day – our Supreme Court is giving the U.S. President the powers of a king.

SCOTUS Immunity Ruling

Photo of Supreme Court meme caption scotus has ordained joe biden as king

The news is just in that the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that former presidents are shielded from prosecution for actions that fell within their official job titles, but they do not have immunity for unofficial acts.

scotus meme showing supreme court looking at king george

So what does this mean for Biden? He would not be able to be prosecuted for anything he did, just like the power of kings.

King Biden Rules

good king biden meme: all credit card debt and student loans shall be forgiven

If President Joe Biden uses his newly pronounced powers of immunity, here are several things he good do to give him the title of Good King Biden.

Indict January 6th Insurrectionist

king biden meme about january 6th

This shall include both members of the common wealth, as well as those in Congress who were affiliated with January 6th.

Codify Roe vs Wade

king biden meme about women's rights and codifying roe vs wade

It would be great if he gave women the rights back to their body by codifying Roe vs Wade.

No Convicted Felons as President

good king biden shall rule no convicted felon shall be elected president of the united states photo of joe biden pointing at donald trump

Good King Biden could rule that no convicted felon shall be elected President.

Eminent Domain Trump

golf course background king biden shall declare eminent domain to all trump golf courses allowing them to become federal land for the common wealth to enjoy

While we hope he is a good King, Biden has the power to declare eminent domain to all Trump golf courses allowing them to become federal land for the common wealth to enjoy. That is, if he does so while he is in office.

Expand the Supreme Court to 13

joe biden as a king meme says as a thank you to the scotus ruling lets expand the supreme court to 13

With his new Presidential immunity given to Joe Biden from the Supreme Court, he could expand SCOTUS to 13.

Dark Brandon Becomes King

SCOTUS just made dark brandon a king

Just when you thought Dark Brandon was bad, well now he is King.

King Joseph

god save king joseph meme showing president joe biden eating ice cream with a crown on

Is it King Joseph or King Biden?

King Biden Tweets and Reactions

The internet went hard for the Supreme Court ruling and the jokes about King Biden are officially viral. Here are some of the funniest King Biden memes, tweets and reactions.

SCOTUS Wants Presidents to Be King

Declare Trump a Terrorist

King Biden is Still Old

Hail to the Chief

Supreme Court Over Reach

photo of 6 supreme court memes voting to allow immunity to presidents

While SCOTUS is the law of the land, the last few years have put into perspective exactly how much power these appointed officials have over our lives. If a handful of people have this much say, why can’t these positions be elected rather than appointed and why are they allowed to serve as long as they want to? Term limits on all officials, elected and appointed!

Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, this SCOTUS ruling is not a win for either party. While these King Biden memes are meant in jest, the truth is with the immunity that the Supreme Court is giving Presidents for their acts in office is outrageous.

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