Funny Insomnia Memes for 3am Laughs When You Cant Sleep

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For those of us who can’t sleep, funny insomnia memes to laugh at all night long.

If your brain doesn’t stop and sleep is just not happening, fear not fellow insomniac – you are not alone! If your vibe is the awake all night, can’t sleep style – we have an image or 20 that you will love.

Insomnia Memes

We are sharing our favorite funny insomnia memes because sometimes at 3 am when you can’t sleep, it’s best to find humor in our misery. Make sure you share this post with your fellow insomniacs.

insomnia memes for the sleepless
insomnia memes for the sleepless

You trying to read this insomnia meme when you really should just go to sleep. If it only were that easy!

funny insomnia meme you trying to read this meme when you really should just go to sleep
funny insomnia meme

When someone asks the last time I got 8 hours of sleep. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this insomniac thing.

my super power is not sleeping at night
insomnia quote

According to – an estimated 40 million Americans cope with insomnia each year, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers it a serious public health problem.

when someone asks the last time I got 8 hours of sleep
need sleep insomnia meme

Gotta love when it’s late at night, or early in the morning and you are just laying in bed – unable to function.

me pretending that I won't still be awake when my alarm goes off
cant sleep meme funny

The only thing you can do because you have zero energy and your body just wants you to sleep is think about ALL OF THE THINGS that you should be doing instead of sleeping.

trying to function after staying up all night
up all night meme

Search the internet, think about what mail is in the mailbox, wonder if you were to make the ultimate cookie what ingredients would go init.

when you are laying in bed and you start thinking about all of the things you should be doing instead of sleeping
insomniac meme

Not sure if I am an insomnia or perhaps maybe nocturnal. I keep hoping something will just click in my brain, but nope – that hasn’t happened yet.

not sure if i'm an insomniac or if i am nocturnal
nocturnal meme

My insomnia every time I think, oh maybe tonight will be the night that I get some sleep.

ME: i think i'll get some sleep tonight.  my insomnia meme
my insomnia meme

Sleep Deprived Memes

When you haven’t slept in a week yet you are still required to function. For anyone who knows they need sleep – enjoy these sleep deprived memes.

when you havent sleep in a week yet you are still expected to function
sleep deprived meme

This sleep deprived meme will totally make sense to all the moms and dads who haven’t slept since that pregnancy test turned positive. Don’t miss these funny parenting memes.

kid: mom when was the last time you got a decent night of sleep?
parent sleep deprived meme

There’s always someone who will want to tell you an easy fix for your problem. If you are that someone, this sleep deprived meme is for you to share.

did you know that  The cure to sleep deprivation is sleep
sleep deprivation meme

This cant sleep meme hits a little too close to home. Shout out to my pregnancy mamas, we know that pregnancy insomnia is real. See our pregnancy memes.

morning: want to sleep afternoon: dying to sleep night: can't sleep
cant sleep meme

A commonality among us insomniacs is coffee. Don’t worry, we have a collection of coffee memes just for you.

star wars coffee caffeine meme - help me, coffee.. you are my only hope
star wars coffee caffeine meme

Apparently screen time isn’t the answer for falling asleep, so says WebMD.

It’s tempting to try to wind down by reading on the computer or watching TV before bed, but both can actually stimulate you. The light and noise of TVs and computers can be engaging and can reduce brain melatonin levels.

Memes About Sleeping

Did you see our funny sleep memes? We have a ton of them. They are the perfect companion to these funny insomnia memes.

sleep when im dead meme
sleep when im dead meme

This funny sleep meme about our brain insomnia is every night when not taking the sleepy pill.

brain insomnia meme - are you going to sleep, yes i am shut up
brain insomnia meme

3am Meme

Who else won’t be asleep at 3am tonight? *raises hand*

will i still be awake at 3am?
3 am meme

More Memes About Insomnia

The funny memes about insomnia continue! From our SpongeBob meme collection, this funny insomnia meme.

when you can't fall asleep and you start hearing birds outside
insomnia meme

What is responsible for this lack to sleep? Could it be stress, insomnia or TikTok? Guilty as charged, there needs to be an option D for all of the above. Also, who else has never-ending TikTok watch parties every night? Followed by sending a text to a friend then thinking, oh God are they awake or did I just wake them up?

when the dr asks why you aren't sleeping stress insomnia tiktok
insomnia meme funny

Oh the things insomnias do while in bed while everyone else sleeps and you are wide awake.

time to get in bed, watch netflix,  overthink,  play on my phone, cry about life choices and not sleep.
meme insomnia

For all of my sleepless night friends, this insomnia quote is for you. Do I fear the sleepless nights? You have no idea how long the dark lasts when you cannot close your eyes to it. – Tyler Knott Gregson

sleepless nights quote Do I fear the sleepless nights? You have no idea how long the dark lasts when you cannot close your eyes to it. - Tyler Knott Gregson
sleepless nights quote

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