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75 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Summer bucket list ideas – because summer and what in the world are you suppose to do with your kids each and every day? Keep it new and fresh and FUN with these ideas.  We’ve updated the list from 50 to 75 summer fun things to do with kids – bonus, these are almost all screen-free activities. 

You snuck up and welcomed us with open arms and we are vowing this year to fully embrace it. Of all summers, this year I am most excited for what’s ahead. The kids have a few camps and the toddlers still have preschool a few days a week, so I will still be working – but there are a number of days where we have no obligations.


Those words are sweet to my ears. No obligations doesn’t mean we won’t do anything, it just means that we don’t have to be anywhere at any specific time and with 4 kids – that’s a very wonderful thing. While I love nothing to do days, the kids hate them. They scream “I’M BORED!” despite the playroom full of toys.

summer bucket list for kids 2021
kids summer bucket list

For those down days, we are creating a summer bucket list of things to do. Not sure what to put on your bucket list? Here’s a few ideas you can steal from our summer bucket list:

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Have you downloaded our summer bucket list printable? Fill it out and brainstorm some fun ideas for you and your family to do this summer. 

homemade pizza summer bucket list idea
  1. Weekend get-away (Check out this family-friendly guide to Austin, TX)
  2. Dress up in capes and be super heroes
  3. Have a water balloon fight.
  4. Choose a night each week for family movie night (we are watching the Harry Potter series together – in anticipation for Universal Studios!)
  5. Let the kids get out the hose and wash your car
  6. Make homemade pizzas – let the kids make it by setting up various pizza topping stations
  7. Go to the park
  8. Make cookies for a neighbor
  9. Dance in the rain (here in Texas anytime it rains, we dance in it and be thankful for it!)
  10. Vacation bible school tour
  11. Take a nature walk
  12. Make and take sandwiches for the homeless
  13. Unplug all the televisions during the daytime hours
  14. Fly a kite
  15. Visit a local community garden
  16. Host a impromptu barbecue
  17. Make puppets out of socks
  18. Go to a concert (Did I mention I am going to see GEORGE STRAIT in DALLAS? #goverizon)
  19. Plant a tree
  20. Make cinnamon roll waffles
  21. Take lots of photos – make a summer photo book
  22. Wake up early and enjoy coffee on the porch
  23. Institute one day of not saying “NO!”
  24. Bring a meal to a family who could use some help
  25. Play cards
  26. SWIM!
  27. Visit your local library
  28. Take a family road trip
  29. Visit the zoo
  30. Ride a train
  31. Explore a big city near you with fresh eyes
  32. Feed ducks (be careful of those mean geese)
  33. Make cupcakes
  34. Tie-dye shirts and socks
  35. Go on a scavenger hunt
  36. Eat snow cones!
  37. Go to the movies
  38. Make a lemonade stand and give the money to charity – here’s a frosted lemonade recipe,  here is how to make a lemonade stand sign and tips for a successful lemonade stand!
  39. Train for a 5k
  40. Do a photo shoot, but let the kids be the photographers
  41. Go fishing (my father-in-law swears by hot dogs as bait)
  42. Have a slumber party
  43. Make a fort
  44. Throw a spontaneous dance party
  45. Stay in your pajamas all day (we do this several days through-out the summer)
  46. Paint a canvas
  47. Go bowling (learn how kids can bowl for free)
  48. Visit a museum
  49. Run thru the sprinklers (you too, mom!)
  50. Go on a picnic
  51. BECAUSE MOM NEEDS A BREAK TOO: Plan a girl’s night out (we’re doing a wine tour in Grapevine, TX!)
water balloon fight summer kids

Bonus Summer Fun Ideas

52. Write a letter to relatives.
53. Let the kids cook dinner
54. Do a RAOK (random act of kindness) – teach your kids this early!
55. Have a parade, have the kids decorate their bikes and wagon – create a route around the neighborhood
56. Make a fairy garden
57. Read 20 minutes a day
58. Camp out in the backyard
59. Lemonade stand (and give the money to charity)
60. Have a picnic
61. Make playdoh
62. Put together a photo album
63. Go grocery shopping for a food pantry
64. Visit a local national park
65. Play nail salon, at-home manis and pedis
66. Create a chalk art masterpiece
67. Have a color fight – here’s how to make DIY Color Powder
68. Do a kids science experiment
69. Make pet rocks
70. Solve a puzzle
71. Go garage sale shopping (hello, cheap toys!)
72. Read a book – then watch the movie (Harry Potter or Diary of a Wimpy Kid are ideas)
73. Make smores – here’s how to make homemade fire starters for camp fires.
74. Have a shaving cream fight
75. Cereal for breakfast – easy, peasy, kids will love it and mom will too!

super hero summer bucket list idea

We’re talking about SCREEN FREE kid activities in this blog post, but read more about screen time. We’re talking tips and tricks on all things screen time!

What did we miss? What will you be adding to you summer bucket list?