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April Memes 2021 – The Laughs You Need for This Month

April memes 2021 – here are the funnies that you need to get you thru this month.

Did you just blink? I did and *boom* we are now welcoming April 2021. And like in months prior, we are here for you in regards to April memes. That’s right, we have all of the funny memes and April images for sharing.

April Memes 2021

Here are the funnies for you to share about the month of April.

Let’s take a look at the March holidays and things happening this months, done March memes style.

April Showers Bring Memes of Course

Your thought of the age old quote (which actually dates back to the 1500s!) may make you think of rain or a sweet sentiment about life, let’s change that.

april showers kermit meme
April Showers bring what, Kermit?

Funny April showers memes about all things from snow to bitterness.

Funnies for April Fools

Every April starts out as a joke. No, literally it does! For April 1, we have all the April Fools memes for sharing.

best april fools memes

Last year, were in the midst of the Coronavirus, schools closing, washing our hands, a toilet paper shortage and quarantine. This year, we are well – still in a pandemic.

mr t april fools meme
April Memes – Celebrating the first of April!

This year, things are getting a little bit better, hopefully we can laugh a little more despite the awful crazy of the last 12 months.

cancel april fools day meme
Cancel Culture Cancels April Fools

Lent Comes to an End

40 days of Lent is coming to an end. Here are some of our favorite Lent memes.

lent meme - success kid great lent completed

Holy Week

2021 Holy week is March 28 – April 3, 2021, so smack in the midst of this as we start the month.

holy week lent meme
holy week meme

For your holy week, we have Jesus memes and while not funny and memey (is that a word?) – here’s something uplifting – inspirational bible verses.

Easter – April 4

As holy week and lent ends, we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection (or Easter ham – I am not here to judge you) – we celebrate the Easter holiday.

easter meme - easter egg hunts are proof that kids can find things when they want to.
April Meme about Easter Egg Hunts

So of course, we give you Easter memes. And how true is this meme about Easter egg hunts and kids?

Ugly Easter Bunnies

Remember when we use to sit our kids on the lap of a stranger dressed in a gigantic huge bunny costume and then tell them to smile for pictures? We were funny people pre-pandemic.

evil easter bunny image
Not a bit creepy.

Some of those Easter bunny costumes that mall Easter bunnies wore were just downright scary. And we are here for the laughs. Enjoy these evil bunny images for your enjoyment.

March Madness is Now the Final Four

March Madness brings the Final Four.

crazy final four meme
Final Four Memes for the College Basketball Craze

If you are filling in your brackets and waging your bets on the NCAA tournament, enjoy these Final Four Memes!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Whether you celebrate Teacher appreciation day or teacher appreciation week, there is a common knowledge with this gratitude holiday.

talking teachers be like memes

Teachers are everything! If you have a teacher in your life, and if they have a sense or humor or need a good laugh – share these funny teachers be like memes for some relatable humor.

If you are looking for an easy teacher appreciation gift.

Sibling Day – April 10

If you have a brother or sister or several, get your sibling memes downloaded and ready for sharing because SIBLING DAY is coming!

sibling memes
April 10 is Sibling Day

That’s right, it’s the day to troll and harass your sibling online with memes. I mean, that’s what everyone does, right? I know that’s what I will be doing.

siblings getting blame

420 – April 20

While I won’t be celebrating 420, we all know who will. No judgement, Snoop!

420 meme

Days of the Week

While there are the monthly holidays – did you know we also have daily memes for everyday?

Birthdays Happen Every Month

Our family has a cluster of birthdays surrounding the March – April – May months.

birthday cat meme friend

Of course, the best gift to give anyone, especially if you won’t see them on their birthday is a birthday meme.

Happy April Images

Want to spread the happy? Spread a virtual smile with a happy April images:

happy april images 2021

Perfectly sized to share on Instagram or Facebook.

hello april image

Enjoy these April memes!

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