24 Hilarious April Memes to Keep You Laughing All Month

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From rainy weather to birthdays, we are sharing our favorite funny April memes 2024 to have you laughing thru the month.

Each month we share our favorite monthly memes that you will want to share this month! It’s April and we have funny memes and images for sharing.

Funny April Memes 2024

From LOLs about Easter to funnies to send for this month’s birthdays, we are bringing the most hilarious April memes to help you enjoy laughs the entire month long.

april memes

If you are trying to figure out where in the world March went, we have an April meme for you.

me trying to figure out where in the hell march went

Thoughts and prayers that April is better than the last 3 months of 2024 for you.

rolling into april like...  "oh god, please don't let it suck!

I guess the good news, or maybe bad depending if you are a half full type person or not. Now that it’s April, we are 25% done with the year.

april meme 2024

Just wait, before you know it Hobby Lobby will have their Christmas trees out and we’ll be sharing Christmas memes again.

woohoo its april

Let’s take a look at the April holidays, news and life things happening this month, done April memes style.

April 1 Memes

Here are April 1 memes because it can’t be all fun and games when you start the month.

April 1 jokes ain't nobody got time for that

If we were given a skip day, April 1st would make a great day to do that!

april 1st meme: game of thrones style one does not simply skip april 1st

March 1 vs April 1 Meme

When March was a very hard month. (see March memes.)

march 1 vs april 1 meme

Oh what a month it was, but hey good news – you’ve survived.

april 1 meme
march 1 vs april 1 meme

April 1 – April Fools Day

Every April starts out as a joke. No, literally it does! For April 1, we have all the April Fools memes for sharing.

april 1st april fools day meme

See all of our April Fools Day memes.

April 2 Meme

After all the laughs on Aprils 1st, you realize your life is a joke with this April 2 meme.

april 2nd meme - when its april second and your life is still a joke

April 8 – Solar Eclipse

Mark your calendars and ready your eclipse glasses, because on April 8th, 2024, the sun is throwing its own kind of block party, and you’re invited! Don’t miss our Solar Eclipse memes!

april 8 solar eclipse meme: government those in the path of totality should stay home me questioning why

This isn’t just any celestial shindig; it’s set to be one of the 21st century’s lengthiest gigs of darkness, with a total solar eclipse lasting up to a show-stopping four minutes and 28 seconds. Imagine, enough time to ogle the sun’s dazzling corona without having to rush!

April 10 – Sibling Day

If you have a brother or sister or several, get your sibling memes downloaded and ready for sharing because SIBLING DAY is coming!

sibling day meme: happy sibling day to my sibling who after all these years still annoys me

This year we have also added more memes about specific siblings if you really enjoy trolling.

That’s right, it’s the day to troll and harass your sibling online with memes. I mean, that’s what everyone does, right? I know that’s what I will be doing.

April 15 – Tax Day

The IRS is expecting your tax returns on April 15, 2024. Here is your warning.

tax day may the odds be in your favor

Fret not, we have the funny tax memes to help!

April 20 – 420 Day

While I won’t be celebrating 420, we all know who will. No judgment, Snoop!

420 meme

April 22 – Earth Day

On April 22nd each year, Earth Day turns the planet into one big, green party! Kicking off in 1970, this eco-fiesta now rocks over 190 countries, proving that caring for our planet can be a global hoot.

It’s our annual reminder to give Mother Earth a little love and think green for future party-goers. So, whether you’re hugging trees or recycling like a champ, Earth Day is about coming together to keep our world spinning happily.

April 25 – The Perfect Date

Do you know what the perfect date is? Why April 25 of course.

april 25 meme: describe your perfect date... "i'd have to say april 25 because it's not too hot, not too cold. all you need is a light jacket."
april 25 meme

IYKYK and if you don’t get this April 25 meme, watch this Miss Congeniality clip.

Birthdays Happen Every Month

Celebrate you April bday with our birthday month memes.

april birthday month meme

Our family has a cluster of birthdays surrounding the March – April – May months.

birthday cat meme friend

Of course, the best gift to give anyone, especially if you won’t see them on their birthday is a birthday meme.

Spring Break

Don’t miss our Spring Break memes.

students waiting for spring break be like meme
student spring break meme

While most of us here in the south celebrated Spring Break back in March, it’s now time for the northern states to enjoy a week off of school.

April 30 Memes

Say goodbye to April with these April 30 memes.

april 30 meme saying bye to april and hello to may flower
april 30 meme

This April 30 meme is for those of you who have made it to April 30th and not seen a Justin Timberlake Its gonna be May meme.

april 30 meme made it through april 30 without seeing it's gonna be may meme

And when you are sick of seeing the Justin Timberlake meme, let’s try this April 30 meme instead.

april almost over meme

Go untraditional with this different April 30 meme with Justin but not gonna be May.

justin timberlake its april 30 meme
hi its april 30 meme

Why say bye, when you can say bye, bye, bye April. And yes, you know that meme is coming.

bye april meme

It’s Gonna Be May Meme

You didn’t think we would do all of those funny N-sync memes without these Justin Timberlake Its gonna be May memes.

its gonna be may meme
its gonna be may meme

Roses are red. April is gray. In a few days, it’s gonna be May.

justin timberlake roses are red april is gray but in a few weeks meme

Memes for Spring

Finally we can say goodbye to the winter weather and hello to our wonderful Spring memes.

its spring time to prepare the storm shelter

Happy April

a happy april meme featuring hunger game says may the odds be in your favor

Want to spread the happy? Spread a virtual smile with a happy April images:

happy april images 2021
happy april image

Hello April Image

Perfectly sized to share on Instagram or Facebook.

hello april image

April Work Memes

Work does not stop in April. In fact for many of us it’s one of the the busiest months!

april work meme

See all of our funny work memes for laughs all month long.

April Weather Memes

These funny April showers Or possibly you are in Colorado where rain in April could possibly be a April snow storm. Did you know that on average April is Denver’s second snowiest month with an average of 8.9″. (Read more about Colorado April weather)

april weather meme: April showers, sneaky sun, Weather’s playing, having fun.

April Showers

meme april showers: can we just skip the rain and bring on the flowers

April showers bring May flowers. This month is known for it’s rain and gray skies. See our April Showers memes for more fun pun about this memorable poem.

Tornado Season

Tornado season has arrived. Be prepared with our tornado memes.

tornado season may the odds be in your favor

Memes About Allergies

Anyone else got the sniffles and sneezes? April brings allergies. We bring the allergy memes.

allergy season meme
allergy season meme

Enjoy the April Memes!

We at Digital Mom Blog hope you have a VERY happy April! We will continually add more April memes as the moth continues.

toasting a champagne glass saying cheers its april

End of April

And when you have completed the 30 days of April, praise Jesus. Enjoy these end of the month memes.

praise jesus april is finally over

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