7 Best TikTok Cleaning Hacks – Save Time With These Tips!


We are talking TikTok cleaning hacks and cleaning products because this week this silly social platform has had me spring cleaning like a weirdo.

TikTok Made Me Clean It

While I wouldn’t say I am hoarder messy, I for sure am NOT tidy. Add in the fact that 5 other humans and 2 dogs live here – that includes 4 kids – let’s just say this house gets dirty fast.

Low and behold, somehow (stupid TikTok algorithm) knows whats up and has landed me on TikTok Cleaning where my feed is full of TikTok cleaning hacks!

TikTok Cleaning Hacks

Let’s get cracking on the Tiktok cleaning tips that have me cleaning things that should have been cleaned years ago. I guess these TikTok Cleaning Hacks are better than the impulse shopping I’ve done with the TikTok Made Me Buy It finds we shared last week.

tiktok cleaning hacks
best tiktok cleaning hacks

Just a reminder – each week we are sharing our favorite TikTok finds. Make sure to check back next week for more!

#1 How to Clean Your Hairbrush

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TIKTOK CLEANING HACKS: Learn how to clean your hairbrushes.

How To Clean Your Dirty Hairbrush
Tiktok Cleaning Hack how to clean your hairbrush

Did you know you are suppose to clean your hairbrush every 2 weeks? Sure, I pull the hair out of our hair brushes but do I ever deep clean my hair brushes? No. No problem. It’s super easy, thanks to this TikTok cleaning hack.

#2 How to Clean Your Shower

TIKTOK CLEANING HACKS: Keep your shower glass and wall clean with this simple shower cleaning ti

how to clean your shower
<em>TikTok Cleaning TIp How to Clean Your Shower<em>

I love this cleaning hack because it is so practical, especially if you have kids. This is definitely something that is happening for my kids’ bathroom. Their shower is well, disgusting to be nice.

Vanemaro91 tiktok tip is to use a OXO Soft Brush that you can fill with soap. This OXO brush has a built in soap dispenser. Fill the cleaning brush soap dispenser with blue Dawn soap and vinegar. I used a 50/50 ratio for the shower cleaning solution.

Now, here’s the practical part. KEEP THE BRUSH IN THE SHOWER! That’s right, how well duh is this! Keep the OXO cleaning brush in the shower and teach your kids how to do a quick clean of the shower glass door and walls before they leave the shower. It will give them something else to do while singing or screaming at their siblings to get out of the bathroom.

Shower Cleaning TikTok Video

This TikTok video for cleaning your shower comes from TikTok user Vanemaro91:

#3 How to Clean Wooden Spoons

TIKTOK CLEANING HACKS: Do you use wooden spoons for cooking but have no idea how to clean them? Let’s look at this simple trick for cleaning wood spoons.

tiktok cleaning hack how to clean wooden spoons
<em>How to Clean Wooden Spoons<em>

So, how do you clean wooden spoons? Let’s look at this simple tiktok hack for grossing you out. Actually maybe not you, but I was when I tried this trick for clean wood spoons.

Here is what you do. In a sauce pan, bring a few cups of water to a boil with a dash of vinegar. I just splash in an amount – so let’s say 3 cups of water and 2 tablespoons vinegar for those of you who like specifics. After the water is boiling, stick your wooden spoons and any other wooden utensils that need to be cleaned into the pan.

The vinegar is optional – but I like vinegar as a natural cleaning agent so I added it. No worries if you don’t have vinegar, it isn’t required to clean wooden spoons.

You will want to leave the wooden spoon in the boiling water for around 5 minutes. Carefully remove the wood spoon, it’s going to be HOT!

I am warning you now. The gross that comes off a wooden spoon after cleaning is well, disgusting. The wooden spoon stains removed by boiling in water, who knew? Now you have clean wooden spoons and you no longer have to question yourself when it comes to how to clean it.

Wooden Spoons Cleaning TikTok Video

This TikTok video for cleaning your shower comes from TikTok user alixx_in_the_hous:


POV: you’ve unlocked a new fear after seeing what’s hiding in your spoons 🥲 #cleaningtiktok #clean #woodenspoon #fyp #foryou

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#4 How to Clean White Shoes

TIKTOK CLEANING HACKS: Fell in love with a pair of white shoes but can’t keep them clean? If you are tired of having dirty white shoes, fret no more. This tiktok cleaning hack will show you how to clean your white shoes in no time.

how to clean white sneakers tiktok cleaning
<em>How to clean white sneakers easy trick to clean white shoes<em>

Bringing out one of my favorite TikTok cleaning products for this cleaning hack. Who knew that Pink Stuff cleaning paste can also clean white shoes?

Use the Pink Stuff paste with a cheap or old toothbrush. Tiktok user CarleePiekarski also uses bleach. Use bleach with caution and make sure that your white shoes can be cleaned with bleach with no issue. Test or contact the manufacture if there is any question.

Maybe you want to know how to clean sneakers that aren’t white. I have seen many people using the Pink cleaning paste with a toothbrush to clean their running shoes and more. The results are awesome. The Pink cleaning paste is awesome for cleaning the white rubber soles of running shoes.

White Shoe Cleaning TikTok Video

This TikTok video for cleaning your white shoes comes from TikTok user cleantok1o1:

#5 Keep Toilet Clean and Bathroom Smelling Fresh

TIKTOK CLEANING HACKS: Keep your toilet clean and bathroom smelling fresh with this simple bathroom cleaning tip found on TikTok.

how to keep toilet clean tiktok cleaning hack
<em>Keep your toilet clean and bathroom smelling fresh<em>

Keep your toilet clean and bathroom smelling fresh with this TikTok cleaning hack.

Be extra careful and as with anything – this is at your own risk. If you have a septic, check to make sure you are using a toilet cleaner that is septic tank friendly.

Using a bottle of your favorite cleaner, such as Pinesol or Fabulouso – put a hole in the bottom of the cleaning solution.

Next, empty the toilet tank water. Though I’ve seen people just stick the cleaning solution bottle into the tank with water. You simply lift the toilet lever in the tank up to drain the toilet tank water.

Plop the cleaning solution with holes in the bottom of the toilet tank and let the water rise. Now flush.

Each time you flush the toilet, the cleaning solution will slowly release solution into your toilet helping your toilet stay clean and your bathroom smelling FRESH. Thanks, TikTok! I would love to never walk into a smelly bathroom again, mkay – thanks.

Keep Toilet Clean and Bathroom Fresh TikTok Video

This TikTok video for keeping your toilet clean and bathroom fresh smelling comes from TikTok user angelfacesinc1:

#6 How to Clean Grout Without Scrubbing

TIKTOK CLEANING HACKS: Get your tile group clean without scrubbing!

how to clean grout without scrubbing
<em>How to clean grout without scrubbing<em>

Tile grout is so gross y’all. Last time we sold a house, I spent HOURS AND HOURS on my hands and knees with a stupid toothbrush scrubbing grout and it was awful. So when I saw this TikTok cleaning hack, I may have gasped then rolled my eyes because if I had only known how to clean grout without scrubbing I could get HOURS, possibly DAYS of my life back.

Anyways, now I know. I just needed this Amazon steam cleaner and a towel. There are several more affordable steam cleaners on Amazon – but something to note. If you have a lot of grout to clean without scrubbing, you will not want to be on your hands and knees doing it. The steam is super hot and cleaning with a small cleaner can work but also puts you at risk for burns more easily.

Clean Dirty Grout Without Scrubbing TikTok Video

This TikTok video for cleaning your dirty grout without scrubbing comes from TikTok user dobecutie:

This is the Amazon Steam Cleaner used to clean tile grout without scrubbing

#7 How to Fix When Bathroom Smells Like Urine -BOYMOM Tip!

TIKTOK CLEANING HACKS: If your son pees all over the bathroom and can’t aim for the toilet, or misses the toilet and gets it all over the side of the toilet and bathroom floor, this hack is for you.

fix bathroom urine smell boy mom tiktok cleaning
<em>Boy Moms Cleaning Tip<em>

Attention boy moms. We have TikTok user HeatherM0529 to thank for this brilliant urine hack. I know, urine hack, pee hack – whatever. If you are a boymom, chances are you have had to clean pee all over the toilet and floor and let’s face it, it’s disgusting. If your bathroom smells like urine – this is a pee hack you won’t want to miss.

Also, let’s not forget the bathroom walls. Yes, I am sure moms of girls are freaking out thinking of pee on bathroom walls, but you guys – no matter how old the boy is, aiming for the toilet is an art that takes years to achieve.

Heather’s brilliant hack for us moms of boys (I have 3, God BLESS!) – is so simple and works perfect. Even better if you can get the kids involved and have those boys who pee all over the bathroom clean it up themselves.

What Heather does is takes a can of cheap shaving cream and COVERS the floor and toilet that are covered in pee (and bathroom walls if need be.) Take an old towel that you use for cleaning and clean up the shaving cream.

The shaving cream not only will clean your bathroom floors, walls and toilet – it removes the urine smell. I don’t know about you, but nothing is more frustrating than scrubbing up urine and then there STILL being a lingering pee smell.

That’s it for this week’s round up of TikTok made me buy it purchases. Stay tuned to next week – who knows what TikTok will make me buy!

Urine Smell Cleaning TikTok Video

This TikTok video shows a 2 minute fix for when your bathroom smells like pee from TikTok user HeatherM0529:

There you have it! 7 amazing TikTok cleaning hacks to help speed up time and find easy ways to clean your home. While cleaning is never fun, CleanTikTok does make it more interesting!

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