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Best Kanye Memes – 15 Funny and Relatable Memes About Ye

Kanye memes for the masses. Who would have thunk that Ye West would be trending over the Super Bowl this week? But here we are.

The teen is obsessed with Ye. And while there are obviously some issues with this individual, we are all messy people and thankfully we aren’t all putting our lives out on a stage for everyone to see. Let me repeat that THANKFULLY.

Kanye Memes

While celebrity news isn’t always my beat – pop culture memes are. What bigger news this week then Ye, so in honor of that – we present you Kanye memes.

kanye memes 2024

If we have learned anything this week, it’s what not to do when going thru a public divorce with kids. Demonstrated as such in these funny Kanye West memes (or is it Ye memes? We already have yay memes – so, let’s not get those confused.) And while Ye maybe the subject, let’s just face it – we all have drama in our lives.

miss the old kanye meme
miss the old kanye meme

Unfortunately we don’t have all have the money (or talent) of Kanye West. Remember the old Kanye? Yeah – he has “evolved.”

What is Kanye Doing to Kim

So while Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West back in February 2021. Nothing is official as of February 2022.

That said, they both have moved on – well kind of. Kim Kardashian is dating Pete Davidson, who Ye refers to as Skete.

kanye meme pete davidson
pete davidson kanye meme

Ye wants Kim back. Kim likes Pete Davidson. And yes, Ye did have a TRUCK LOAD of roses delivered to Kim on Valentine’s Day that said “My vision is krystal klear” – because KK. Speaking of L-O-V-E – don’t miss these love memes.

kanye loves kim meme
kanye loves kim like kanye loves kanye meme

What world are we living in? After seeing this, all I could think about was the florist who got the call. “You want a what? A TRUCK? Okay, and a bed full of roses. Sure.”

Kanye West Stalking Kim Kardashian

Is Kanye West stalking Kim Kardashian? Well that is subject to opinion. Is it a husband who wants his wife back and is doing it in an insane public forum? YES. Is it stalking? Possibly yes.

kanye bush meme
kanye meme funny

But in his defense, he did buy the house across the street from her – so technically maybe he just wants to be close to his kids.

Kanye West Bush Meme

This Kanye West Bush meme is just too much. It’s not our funny plant memes, but is pretty hilarious in the context of the current situation.

kanye in the bushes meme
kanye bush meme

As well as this Kanye hiding in a tree meme.

kanye behind a tree meme
kanye behind a tree meme

Kanye Notepad Memes

Another crazy that has come how of this situation (is that a nice way to say CRAZY?) is a random Instagram post that has now been deleted. Featured was a selfie of Kanye holding a notepad with a series of messages written on the notepad, starting with this account has not been hacked.

Of course, leave it to the internet to have fun making these Kanye Notepad Memes all the rage.

And the funny continues, fish sticks. Just don’t if he is a fish stick kind of guy – but who knows?

Kanye Screenshot Tweets

Ye has recently gone a little wild with the Instagram posts and tweets on social media. Including the infamous Kanye Screenshots and him trying to buy out Michael Che so he wouldn’t work with Pete Davidson any more.

kanye west instagram memes
kanye memes on instagram

So yes, Kanye turned his Insta into a Kanye meme account.

Bless You, Ye

You gotta give the guy some cred. He is extremely talented, but maybe just a little too much for his own self. And when a relationship ends, the feelings are relatable. A Kanye West Good Morning meme for some throw back of earlier times.

kanye west good morning meme
Kanye West Good Morning Meme

Don’t miss all of our good morning memes.

And of course there is the Kanye West staring meme.

kanye west staring meme
kanye west staring meme

Blank Kanye Memes

Want to make your own Kanye meme?

blank kanye bush meme
blank kanye meme

Here are Blank Kanye memes, have at it.

blank kanye meme

Including the infamous blank Kanye notepad meme.

blank kanye notepad meme

Kanye at the Super Bowl

This past weekend, if you watched the Super Bowl – chances are you saw the appearance by Ye. The comedy was full force on Twitter in regards to Kanye Super Bowl attendance. He wore a full face mask and NRG Seth shows us exactly what Ye could see out of it.

And this would have been a smooth move. Since the Instagram posts aren’t seeming to be effective, he should have just bought a Super Bowl commercial to get Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s attention.

Stick to Jesus and Sunday Service

Bless, Ye and his family. He should really just focus that energy on his Sunday service, Jesus – and bring a good parent.

Share the Ye Memes

Memes are meant for sharing – feel free to share these Ye memes with anyone who needs a good LOL. Don’t miss our other trending memes.

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