Best Harrison Butker Memes About His Latest Controversial Views


Who better to share Harrison Butker memes than a woman who has a career outside of being a mom and wife. News flash: Harrison – women can desire more than being a wife and a mother. Our super powers allow us to be all of that, but more importantly whatever the hell we want to be.

If you are here for Kansas City Chief kicker memes, well – that’s not exactly what you will be finding. And if you are confused on what this is all about – let’s do a quick backstory.

cartoon of kansas city chiefs kicker speech bubble harrison butker memes

Harrison Butker, the Kansas City Chiefs’ star kicker, isn’t just known for his clutch field goals but also for his knack for stirring up the internet. Butker, a two-time Super Bowl champion, has become a meme sensation, thanks to his viral moments on and off the field.

Funny Harrison Butker Memes and Internet Replies

The meme magic started with Butker’s game-winning kicks, but it took a sharp turn after his commencement speech at Benedictine College, his alma mater.

bad news ladies serving your husband's every need wont get him an nfl salary

As a devout Catholic, Butker’s speech touched on extreme conservative themes in regards to faith and traditional values, sparking a whirlwind of controversy. (And rightfully so!)

hey harrison a woman can be whatever the hell she wants to be

While some applauded his stance, others took to social media, transforming his words into meme material faster than he could say “Amen.”The backlash was swift and fierce, with critics accusing him of being out of touch. We are bringing you our favorite picks from Harrison Butker meme replies to a few creations of our own. Why? Because we can.

When Taylor Swift and Harrison Butker Collide

While we all know Taylor Swift and that she is dating Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce – the team that Harrison Butker plays on, the internet couldn’t just leave it at that. This reply from @sbellelauren required a meme to be made.

harrison butker meme response taylor swift

Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour performance creates the perfect reply to what the Kansas City Chief’s kicker said.

taylor swift rage on stage as a reply for women in response to harrison butker commencement speech

In a world of Harrison Butkers, be a Travis Kelce.

meme of travis kelce saying in a world of harrison butkers be a travis kelce

While Joe Alwyn or Matty Healy maybe the inspo for Taylor Swift’s song, The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived – we’re giving Harrison Butker the award – at least for this week.

funny harris butker meme smallest man who ever lived taylor swift lyric reference

USA Isn’t Gilead: Women’s Rights and Equality for All

If you’ve ever watched the Handmaids Tale, you know the scary reality of Gilead.

keep gilead fictional meme of harrison butker and commander fred waterford from handmaids tale

Unfortunately, the more some of these talking heads and political figures open their mouths – it sounds more and more like that is what they want the US to become.

handmaids tale june womens right meme saying this is who i turn into when a man inserts his opinion on womens rights and their place in society

Harrison Butker Meme Backlash

While we live in a free country and can say what we want, but when you speak ill those of us who have a voice have the right to disagree.

Maria Shriver Response to Butker

Checking to make sure she heard what she thought she did, and yes it was what she thought. Maria Shriver’s response to Harrison Butker’s speech is so beautifully worded.

maria shiver response harrison butker comments about women and lgbtqi

Kansas City Chiefs PR

This hilarious cartoon from macleodcartoon deceipting the Kansas City Chiefs PR team is just perfection.

funny kansas city chief pr cartoon meme about harrison butker speech

Harrison Butker’s Mother

While Harrison may feel that a woman should stay home and support her man, his mom is saving lives as a medical physicist in the oncology department at Emory University. Thanks for the deets, @JessicaValenti.

tweet about harrison butker mother

This hilarious response from @themissjenn to Harrison Butker about him getting cooked online had to be shared.

harrison butker tweet about women in the kitchen

Final Thoughts on Harrison Butker

In a world where there is a lot of crazy, all we can do is be kind. Live how you want to live, love others, and most importantly – mind your own business.

harrison butker collin kapernick meme comparing both nfl players views

If your wife wants to stay home, awesome. Not all husband’s can earn Harrison Butker’s salary of over $4 million a year – even if their wife is serving their every need! Nor do many of us women want that.

happy pride month harrison butker

As far as pride month goes. Wave those flags proudly. Here’s a novel idea. Stop worrying about how are, live and who they sleep with or have slept with. IYKYK. Tweet below via @carawithac13.

harrison butker meme reply about his controversial commencement speech

Enjoy these Harrison Butker memes, share wide and link back so more people can enjoy the humor.

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