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20 Best Ted Cruz Memes About Worst Texas Senator

Ted Cruz Cancun memes – Cancun Cruz as they call him.

He is the Texas Senator who left his state (my state, too!) while Texas was in crisis.

Funny Ted Cruz Memes

If you Googled “When is Ted Cruz up for re-election?” You will learn Cruz is next up for reelection in 2024 and serves until Jan 3, 2025. In other words, not soon enough.

ted cruz memes
The best Ted Cruz memes about the worse Texas Senator.

While Texas must find a new face to represent that Senate seat in the 2024 election, we have these funny memes about Ted Cruz to hold us over. Here we are, freezing temperatures, ERCOT warnings and Ted Cruz has the gull to tweet (or X) the following.

ted cruz cancun meme texas
Ted Cruz jokes about Texans going to Cancun with him. (Not funny, Rafael.)

Saying that quiet part our loud, y’all. He thinks it’s funny. Y’all, I wish I could say these funny Ted Cruz memes were one and done. The shenanigans keep coming so we will keep sharing the memes.

Cancun Cruz Memes

These funny Ted Cruz memes all started when in February 2021 and the Texas power grid and Cruz failed us. Senator Ted Cruz fled to Cancun with his family and so these Cancun Cruz memes began.

ted cruz missing meme
CancunTed Cruz meme – this Texas senator goes missing when his state needs him.

Ouch, @GeneforTexas has the tweet that will make you watching to see if Ted Cruz is going on vacation as that might be a sign that our Texas Grid is in trouble.

texas grid ted cruz meme
When the Texas grid fails, where is Ted Cruz? Cancun, of course!

Don’t miss our Texas memes, because we love our state and in order to be #1 we can’t have leadership that doesn’t care about Texans.

cancun ted meme
Bernie mitten memes be jealous of Cancun Cruz memes

Dearest Ted, please understand that your privilege is showing. Here are the best Ted Cruz Cancun memes.

ted in mexico meme
Cancun Cruz

Hey, I am 100% with Ted Cruz on wanting to be in Cancun, Mexico.

cancun cruz meme
Cancun is calling.

Who doesn’t love the Ritz Carlton – especially when your electric in power isn’t on and you are receiving warnings that the water may need to be boiled or potentially you may not have water.

ted cruz cancun blame
Cancun Cruz meme

Antifa did not kidnap you, but please don’t pen this lie on your kids.

While we started with Cancun Cruz, here are some of the recent crazy Cruz has been up to, of course – told in memes.

Memes About Ted Cruz News

Here are the latest memes for when Ted Cruz is in the News.

New York Greets Ted Cruz at Yankee Game

Our Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently attended a New York Yankees game. This is how New York greets Ted Cruz.

how new york greets ted cruz
new york ted cruz meme

Sen. Ted Cruz received a not-so-warm welcome from New York Yankee fans while attending Sunday’s ALCS game against the Houston Astros in the Bronx. (Read more

Ted Cruz Same Sex Marriage

So what does our Texas Senator have to say about the Supreme Court? Apparently he thinks the 2015 Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage was “clearly wrong.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a potential contender for the 2024 race to the White House, called the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage “clearly wrong,” explaining that the Court was “overreaching” when it decided the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges case in 2015.

Vanity Fair

NRA Children’s Museum Visits Ted Cruz

A mile long convoy of 52 yellow school buses visited Ted Cruz in Houston, TX on July 14th.

What can be bought easier than a gun in america? a republican senator
ted cruz nra meme republican senator

A gun control group sent the school buses filled with items from victim of school gun violence, giving a stunning visual to hope to open Ted’s eyes. hile we post Ted Cruz memes here, this hits to not only him but all NRA bought Republican senators.

The NRA is a big funder of Texas Republican Senator, Ted Cruz. According to Open Secrets, Ted is the top recipient of political contributions from gun rights interests, drawing about $749,000 over his career. Looks like the NRA Children’s Museum needs to visit Mitt Romeny and Martha McSalley next.

Ted Cruz After Uvalde

The Uvalde school tragedy was an opportunity for Cruz to again, help Texas when dealing with a crisis. What did Ted do? While this time Ted didn’t go to Mexico, he was VERY busy holding a fundraiser, collecting speaker fees, doing cable news appearances, sending tweets and sending thoughts and prayers, but again NO ACTION for Uvalde.

We need a Texas Senator (and more government officials) that are protecting our children not the gun lobby.

Real Leaders Eat Last

Yes, it’s 2020 and we are telecommuting, working from home, remote working – whatever you want to call it. So, sure Ted “work remote” from the Ritz. There is just ONE tiny issue.

leaders eat last quote
Real Leaders Eat Last.

YOU ARE A LEADER – you eat least. (Watch the Simon Sinek video)

You don’t leave your team and head out to a vacay, especially when you spent your career calling other politicians out for doing the same thing.

You mobilize your donor base, raise money, go out and get your hands dirty doing the hard work for YOUR PEOPLE. If you want to be in leadership, lead.

I’m not even baby stepping on the insurrection and Cruz’ role he played on January 6. I’ll let you read about that one yourself.

Politics Suck – So Does No Electricity

While I don’t like politics nor talking politics – this past week, as I sat in the cold trying to figure out what needed to be done in the 15 minutes of electricity that we had – my honest views on Ted Cruz and the Texas government need to be said.

Read about it in the Texas Power Grid post.

ted cruz texas snow meme
Good people do exist.

Politics to me is way too Republican or Democrat. I don’t specifically claim either party (or any party at all.) I won’t talk politics all the time here, but this situation just did not sit well with me.

Beto Lost But Still Wins

The last time Ted Cruz was up for re-election was in 2018 against Beto O’Rourke. With 50.9% of the votes to Beto’s 48.3% – he slightly won the job of Texas Senator again.

beto meme ted cruz job
Beto Meme – didn’t get the job of Texas Senator but gets the job done.

Since the Texas Winter 2021 crisis began, (don’t miss our Texas winter memes) Beto has stepped up and organized people to check on fellow Texans.

Along with AOC, Beto helped raised $5 million (and counting!) for Texas.

texas quote world full of teds be a beto
In a world full of Teds, be a BETO.

Tired of Ted Cruz and his shenanigans? Texas, we can use our voice but you HAVE to vote. Election day is November 5, 2024.

better days are coming but you have to vote meme
you have to vote meme

Get out to vote Texas! Share our voting memes.

More About Rafael Cruz

What else do you want to know about Ted? Other than in 2022 he should not be re-elected.

ted cruz hypocrisy meme
Not a good dad.

Who is Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz, byname of Rafael Edward Cruz, (born December 22, 1970, Calgary, Alberta, Canada), American politician who was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012 and began his first term representing Texas in 2013. He sought the Republican Party nomination for president in 2016.

Ted Cruz Donors

We know that money has power. Who are the Ted Cruz donors? How much does he bring in and who is donating?

From 2015-2020, Ted Cruz donors have donated over $54 million dollars. (source:

humanitarian cruz meme
Escaping a country with bad living conditions – imagine.

Oil Money

Ted Cruz received more money from oil and gas companies in 2018 than any other senator. (source: This more than ever with the Texas energy crisis is relevant information.

if you are cold just cruz to mexico meme
If you are cold, just CRUZ to Mexico.

Remember Cancun Cruz in 2024

If Ted Cruz decides to run for re-election in 2024, remember this hypocrisy. Someone who spends his career fighting against helping those in need and distress in other countries, flees his own country when it is in need.

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