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15+ Funny Burrito Memes and Images

Celebrate Burrito days with these funny burrito memes!

Listen, if there is ever a reason to celebrate with Mexican food – I AM GAME. Who knew, but today is burrito day. I may not have known but that doesn’t mean I won’t show up with memes about burritos!

Funny Burrito Memes

Enjoy these funny burrito memes and share on social or with your favorite Mexican food loving friend. Keep reading, we are telling you how you can score a FREE Chipotle burrito – unfortunately it does involve Roblox. You’ve been warned.

want a burrito meme
burrito memes

When everyone is getting married and have kids and you are sitting here holding you burrito – happy and content.

funny burrito meme  everyone is getting married and having kids and i am over hear hugging my burrito
funny burrito meme

How cool would it be to have a FORTUNE burrito! This fortune burrito meme is too funny. Finally, the wisdom of the far east.

fortune burrito meme
fortune burrito meme

That first time, y’all. Or if you have a bad burrito wrapper making your burrito – when that tortilla rips. No chance for your face or clothes.

first time burrito meme  when you eat a burrito for the first time
first time burrito meme

That before and after eating a burrito meme life.

eating a burrito meme before and after eating a burrito
eating a burrito meme

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If you love these yellow guys as much as you love delicious filled tortillas of goodness, check out our minion memes!

minion burrito meme did someone say burrito
minion burrito meme

Burrito Love

When you really should get in shape but nah – burritos for life. If you love you some Mexican food as much as I do, then you will love these taco memes.

burrito meme i really should get in shape burritos for life
burrito meme funny

After you have burrito’d too hard, this is what you get.

burrito meme funny i burrito'd too hard
burrito meme funny dog image

Just me and the love of my life, with the love of his life.

burrito love meme  just me and my love
burrito love meme

Burrito Blanket Meme

My husband bought me a giant blanket burrito for Christmas and the kids love making themselves the filling – it looks just like a giant tortilla! This burrito blanket meme is hilariousness.

burrito blanket meme  when you love burritos so much you become one
burrito blanket meme

Bad Burrito Pun

Who doesn’t love a bad burrito pun. How about a burritoe? I know, stupid and bad but you know who will love this? My boys.

burritoe meme  burrito
burritoe meme

Bean Burrito Meme

When you just want a bean burrito. But if it’s Tuesday, chances are you will need these Taco Tuesday memes!

bean burrito meme  i just want a bean burrito
bean burrito meme

This bad burrito meme might as well be a bean burrito meme. When genie had a bad burrito, the gas y’all. We have gas memes, too but it’s about the other type of bad gas.

burrito gas meme when genie had a bad burrito
bad burrito meme

Chipotle Burrito Meme

When the Chipotle worker trying to wrap every single ingredient that you ordered (including double meat and double rice) into your burrito, you get this Chipotle burrito meme.

chipotle burrito meme  the chipotle worker trying to wrap my burrito with every ingredient that they have
chipotle burrito meme

National Burrito Day Meme

Today, April 7 is National Burrito Day. Get your tortilla on and celebrate with this National Burrito Day meme. Did you know you can score free food today? With inflation, who doesn’t love free?

me when i hear it is national burrito day meme
national burrito day meme

Free Chipotle Burrito Day Deal with Roblox Game

Chipotle Mexican Grill has partnered with Roblox and launched a Chipotle Burrito Builder. The first 100,000 Roblox players to successfully roll a burrito will earn enough burrito bucks to exchange for a free Chipotle entrée code that can be used on the Chipotle app or the website.

roblox burrito meme  who is going to win roblox servers or chipotle burritos
roblox burrito meme

The free Chipotle burrito codes will be available while supplies last and are valid through April 13, 2022.

funny roblox burrito meme  post this image to scare roblox players free chipotle burrito
funny roblox burrito meme

Last time Roblox partnered with Chipotle burrito on a promotional event for a free Chipotle burrito was back in October 2021. The amount of activity and traffic to the Roblox servers from the Chipotle promotions caused the Roblox servers to crash. My kids for days would not shut up about how mad they were at Chipotle because they couldn’t play Roblox! We shall see if they hold up for today’s National Burrito Day event!

Happy Burrito Day! I hope you enjoyed these funny Burrito memes. Feel free to share because memes about burritos are meant for sharing! We just ask that you tag us on social and link back to this post so more people can enjoy the silly and fun. Happy Burritoing.

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