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10+ Funny Buy the Dip Memes For Stock Market Players


For those who play the stock game, these funny Buy the Dip Memes are for you!

If the stock market is your game, or you just like following the financial news – chances are you have seen the term buying the dip as a frequent headline for these crazy times.

Buy the Dip Memes

Whether you are investing in crypto, have big money riding on the latest meme stocks or like to gamble in the market rather than ride the wave with your 401k – these funny buy the dip memes are relatable.

buy the dip memes

Is that an illustration of a roller coaster? Nope, that would be the stock market. Investing in 2022? You are in for a ride.

What is Buying the Dip?

So you hear the term buying the dip but have no ideas what it means? No worries – we got you. When a stock price falls but is anticipated to go back up – you want to buy when the stock price dips but before it rises.

stock market going lower meme
stock marketing meme

Or my brain thinks, oh look! It’s a stock on sale! It’s a risky game to play, but aren’t all investments?

stocks on sale meme
stocks on sale meme

Warren Buffett Buy the Dip Memes

When thinking of wealth, there are a few characters that stick out but as far as the investor who identifies most with wealth, well that would be Warren Buffet.

buy the dip warren buffett meme
warren buffett buy the dip meme

These hilarious Warren Buffett Buy the Dip memes are funny plays off Buffettisms, or Warren Buffett quotes (or sentiments some think he is saying but not saying.)

warren buffett meme buying the dip quote
warren buffett quote on buying when stocks are down

Did you know that in January 2022, 10 of the world’s richest individuals sustained a combined loss of $158 billion USD? Do you know who wasn’t on that list? That’s right. Warren Buffett is an investor who just knows when to invest and when to sell off. (source: Boss Hunting.com)

warren buffett quote buying dip meme

Stock Market Dip Memes

When the stock market dips and you buy, there are a few things to know.

when you buy the dip batman meme

First, know your risk! Like this buy the dip meme jokes about – when you buy and the stock keeps dipping. Yeah, first hand knowledge of that one.

when you buy the dip bad meme
when you buy the dip meme

Remember when those meme stocks were going to go to the moon. Well some of us did just that.

when you buy the dip meme

And those meme stock prices, well they just kept dipping.

dont always buy the dip meme

Like this bought the dip meme says, it’s fine – it’s all fine. I mean, it’s just money, amirite?

stock market drops meme

When You Need Money

So something else to know, in order to buy the stocks when they do dip to a lower price, you are going to need money honey.

selling feet pics for money meme

And if your feet aren’t pretty, don’t even think of selling feets pics. This I don’t have personal experience on, but do believe this will come back to haunt you. Have a job but need some humor? Check out our funny work memes.

With Risk Comes Reward

Well stock player, with risks comes rewards and if you bought the dip at the right time – it can pay big.

bought the dip good meme

One of my favorite podcast, Planet Money did a podcast episode about meme stocks. When you buy at the right time, money can be made!

buy the dip make money meme
making money on stocks meme

Planet Money also gives the history of the DOGE coin. So much LOL can be had from this meme stock but also, so much money has been made.

bought the dip doge meme
dogecoin dip meme

Stock Dip

Now the lingo may have to be explained. Stock dip is just not the same thing as chip dip.

stock market dip meme funny

Stock Memes about Buying the Dip

We hope you enjoyed the stock buy the dip memes. And more so, hope that your dip buys bring you profit because no one likes a loss!

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Buy the Dip Memes are a part of the Digital Mom Blog series of Funny Memes

I am by no means a financial advisor, stock market wizards or anything of the such. That said, there are people who are! If you are interested in jumping into investing or playing the stock market. Or if you are just tired of hearing how your friends are making money off buy the dip, here’s a great articles to help you learn about how to play the market.

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