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Funny Gas Memes for 2022 Because Price Be Higher Than Snoop

When gas prices are higher than Snoop Dog, we had to share the best 2022 gas memes!

As if the world is not crazy enough. Prices on everything are at a record high, inflation memes because inflation is down right insane at the moment. And GAS, y’all. Gas prices are insane.

Best Gas Memes 2022

Rather than looking at your bank account balance and crying, enjoy these funny gas memes.

gas memes funny 2022
funny gas shortage memes 2022

Perfect for the 2022 crazy high gas prices, these funny memes bring some laughter to the reality of where we are. You can laugh or cry, actually after just spending $70 to fill up my tank – I may just do both.

Taco Bell Gas Meme

I got gas today for $1.00. Thank you extra value menu, unfortunately the gas was at Taco Bell.

taco bell gas meme
taco bell gas meme

Tom Brady Gas Prices Meme

Yes, folks – Tom Brady is un-retiring. This Tom Brady gas price meme is too funny.

tom brady gas price meme - tom brady has decided to un-retire after filling up at the gas station
tom brady gas price meme

Tom Brady has decided to un-retire after filling up at the gas station. (We all know this isn’t the reason, but uh have you filled up at the pump lately?!)

Cheap Gas Meme

Whatever you do, don’t be chasing no clowns down a gutter to get you some cheap gas!

gas down here meme
cheap gas meme

High Gas Price Memes

These high gas prices are nuts. In fact, there are only 12 states where the price of fuel is under $4 a gallon (source: USA Today.)

heelys meme
high gas price meme

I don’t know if you are like me, but I will drive the extra 1/2 mile to save 20 cents a gallon. Make sure you are using the Gas Buddy app!

gas buddy meme
gas price meme funny

Remember when we were all complaining about high lumber prices? Gas just told lumber, hold my beer.

lumber gas price meme
gas lumber prices meme

high gas price meme - gas prices be higher than some of yalls credit scores
funny gas meme

How much does gas cost? It costs an arm and a leg. It will cost both arm and leg if you are wanting super unleaded or diesel!

high price gas meme
funny gasoline meme

Might resort to selling gas. For the love don’t put gas in a plastic bag.

bags are for gas meme
no to plastic bags are for gas meme

Gas Prices High Memes

IYKYK – this is how high gas prices. Imagine, Willie Nelson, Cheech and Chong and Snoop Dogg all relaxing if you know what I mean.

high gas prices meme
high gas meme

How high are gas prices? Snoop Dog high.

snoop dog gas prices high meme
gas prices snoop dog high meme

More Funny Gas Memes

The funny gas memes continue. This meme collection definitely makes our list of best memes of 2022! This gas meme shows how I will be driving my kid to school once gas hits $5 a gallon.

carpool gas price meme
driving kids to school meme with high gas prices

I’m thankful that I get to work from home (see work from home memes) – because y’all, how are these Uber drivers, Lyft drivers and Instacart workers making money?

gas uber meme
uber gas prices meme

Stealing Gas Meme

This is a joke, y’all. No siphoning gasoline please. Yes, the high gas prices are painful on the pocket but no.

stealing gas meme
stealing gas meme

Leave a gas can full of sugar water in the bed of your truck and they will see what happens.

funny gas meme
funny try stealing gas meme

Empty Gas Light Meme

We might be seeing a lot more of this little empty gas light coming on until we see some relief at the gas pumps.

empty gas tank light meme
empty gas light meme

I Am Legend Gas Prices Meme

In the movie I am Legend, the gas prices are now higher than the movie predicted they would be during the apocalypse. These gas prices are most likely in California, but still OUCH.

i am legend gas prices meme
i am legend gas prices meme

Thought We Were Back to Normal Memes

After a long 2 year pandemic, just when we thought we were getting back to normal – wham. (see Ukraine memes)

funny gas shortage meme 2022
gas meme funny

Just when you thought we could go places, gas prices are here to correct your thinking. (If you love Ozark and Jason Bateman as much as I do… Ozark memes!)

covid gas prices meme ozark
covid gas meme

CDC Gas Meme

The CDC is now recommending you wear a face mask over your eyes when pumping gas. This sounds like logical advice from the CDC.

gas shortage meme 2022

Carpooling Meme

With crazy high gas prices, just wait. Carpooling may just return, along with people wanting to bum a ride. How do I start charging my kids for rides is what I would like to know.

gas price need a ride meme
carpool meme

Tesla Gas Shortage Meme

Confession, my husband bought a Tesla and this is exactly how he looks at me every time I mention needing gas or how high gas prices are.

gas tesla owners meme
tesla gas meme

Tesla owners be like… LOL GAS! Funny Tesla gas shortage meme is too funny, until the Tesla owner realizes that you need electricity for that car and he lives in Texas.

tesla gas shortage meme
tesla gas shortage meme

Gas Shortage Memes

If you are like, gas shortage memes – we have a gas price issue not a gas shortage. Well, actually it’s a supply and demand issue. Too much demand and not enough supply.

oil companies be like meme
gas shortage meme oil companies

I’m here for the gas memes, not politics. That said, misinformation is SUCH A PEEVE.

We can thank the gas shortage to our friends at oil companies who are bringing in record profits rather than amping up production. While Fox News and other like to point their fingers at President Biden or talk how if Donald Trump was in office, the fact is it’s the gas companies who are in control. Yes, it sucks.

biden gas meme - the face you make when you realize presidents dont set gas prices and companies like shell are recording income because they are price gouging.
biden gas price meme

Before yelling Let’s Go Brandon – maybe towards Brandon Webster or any other crude oil executive.

While this is a funny gas shortage photo and tweet from May 12, 2021 it’s still a good message. For the love – no matter what type of gas shortage situation you are in, use a gas can. Do not, I repeat – DO NOT use a plastic storage container to store gas.

gas shortage meme funny
funny gas shortage meme

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gas facebook meme
gas prices facebook meme

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