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15 Quitting Facebook Memes About Leaving Facebook

Quitting Facebook Memes – you guys, I get it. Facebook data over reach is scary (yes, again with the Social Dilemma reference.) More than ever, since after the 2020 election the idol threats of leaving Facebook have gotten louder.

Good Month to Quitting Facebook memes

Funny Memes About Quitting Facebook

We’ve talked a lot this week about the newish Parler app, (whoops – ready what happened to Parler app) MeWe social network and what to do before you leave Facebook. So, in the spirit of more funny – let’s give a big LOL to these funny quitting Facebook memes for the Facebook quitters in the house.

Maury lie detector meme about Facebook quitting
Maury lie detector meme about Facebook quitting

We all have these people in our lives, and well – on Facebook. You know the one who posts numerous times “I’m quitting Facebook.” Or maybe it’s “I’m deleting my Facebook account soon!”

Okay, you do you boo. While you contemplate your next social media steps, I’ll be laughing at home funny quitting Facebook memes.

Game of thrones  about Quitting Facebook memes

One does not simply “quit” Facebook.

Pssst... did you read about deactivating your Facebook account? You can quit Facebook without quitting Facebook!

Pssst… did you read about deactivating your Facebook account? You can quit Facebook without quitting Facebook!

Leaving Facebook Group Memes

For when you must leave a FB group, these funny leaving Facebook group memes are laughs for anyone who frequents or admins a group!

leaving facebook group meme

I’m leaving this group right after I post I am leaving this Facebook group and after I hang out a little bit to see people’s reaction about me leaving this group.

funny leaving facebook group meme cry baby
funny leaving facebook group meme

I’m leaving this group but first i’m gonna leave a post about leaving this group. Then I’m gonna stick around to see what everybody thinks about me leaving the Facebook group.

There is a Facebook group I am in and this is like an everyday occurance. Somehow the group has turned one way political – and we all know how friendly online conversation is about politics (NOT!)

facebook group notifications meme

When you make a dramatic post about leaving the Facebook group because you can’t understand how to turn off notifications.

Homer Simpson Meme about Facebook Group

How to leave a Facebook group without causing a fuss. Oh, Homer!

Leaving Facebook Memes

I QUIT! More funny for to LOL when your friends make a big dramatic deal about leaving Facebook.

cartman facebook quit meme

Screw you guys, I’m leaving Facebook. (Who else instantly heard Cartman’s voice reading this funny leaving Facebook meme?)

deleting facebok meme

Like running away from home, you’re just doing it for attention. And you’ll be back in an hour.

More Funny Quitting Facebook Memes

A little more Facebook quitting humor!

dramatic facebook exit meme

When you quit Facebook, make sure that there is a dramatic exit – and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Quits Facebook Meme

Quits Facebook – now misses everyone’s birthdays. As someone who sucks at keeping a calendar and remembering birthdays – I totally get this! Facebook birthday memes are pretty much how I wish people happy birthday now a days.

goodbye facebook meme
Facebook Quitter Meme

I’m quitting Facebook forever. I’m going now. I said I’m leaving. I swear this is it! I won’t be back! What did you say? I said I am out of here. Never again. Yes, we all have those friends. AND yes, we all should show them grace and love regardless of their dramaticness.

quit facebook meme

Oh, you’re leaving Facebook? I’m sure you’ll be missed.

Well friends, there you go. Hilariously funny I QUIT FACEBOOK memes. While I am all about sharing funny memes (and you know I LOVE ME SOME FUNNY) – maybe not be too sour with our Facebook quitting friends.

I need hugs meme

Maybe they just need a hug? (Yes, I know, RONA. BOO.)

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