20 Creepy Easter Bunny Pictures That Are a Hare Weird


We are updating our creepy Easter Bunny pictures this year to bring you even more laughs and images to make you say WTH! Helping bring the weird into what you thought was just the innocent holy holiday of Easter.

Years ago, I stumbled across a photo of a vintage Easter Bunny costume that was so absurd that I had to deep dive down a rabbit hole only to discover a plethora of weird. Whether you are my online friend or offline, you know how much I love sharing strange internet things, and well guys – here is another one.

scary easter bunny photos

Wild, Weird and Scary Easter Bunny Pictures

Brace yourself, you may never look at the Easter Bunny the same way again!

bad easter bunny with black eyes

Crying Kids and Easter Bunny Photos

As a mom who took her kids each year for Easter Bunny photos, I’m apologizing now. My formal written apology is over on Easter Bunny memes as I had a moment thinking, oh no maybe this wasn’t a good memory for my kids.

crying kid easter bunny photo and easter bunny has mouth open showing gigantic teeth

I hope that whoever chose this crazy Easter bunny costume no longer had a job after this event. Am I looking at a rabid dog or an evil bunny who will be breaking into my house to leave me eggs.

crying kid evil easter bunny with his tongue and teeth out

When a child is screaming, because the evil bunny is going to catch them.

creepy easter bunny and crying child photo the kid is running away from the easter bunny

We are here to bring the fun and humor for the holiday. Don’t miss out on our Easter Memes!

Vintage Easter Bunny Images

More creepy Easter Bunny images, this time we are going vintage! I don’t know if it was the lack of technology, creativity or if these were on purpose. Whatever it is, these vintage Easter Bunny images are odd.

strange easter bunny photo holding a baby and a carrot

The size of this weird Easter Bunny’s head. That had to cause neck pain wearing this mask!

creepy bunny costume with 3 kids

This is what nightmares are made of. Good luck getting any sleep after your mom forces you to take photos with this cast of characters.

santa easter bunny nightmare all of the holiday characters meetup for a weird photo

Don’t miss out on these scary Santa photos for more oddities.

weird easter bunny costume featuring 2 babies on the bunny's lap

Tell me this Evil Easter Bunny isn’t planning on making something to eat and using this toddler as ingredients. At least this one is smiling!

easter bunny with teeth that looks like something a dentist would have in his office for an easter party

This scary Easter Bunny has evil in his eyes.

funny easter bunny photo where the bunny looks like he thinks the child is a carrot

I’m assuming when this Vintage Easter Bunny costume was made, it was modeled after a real life bunny rather than the typical commercial Easter rabbit. It’s so fluffy and furry but also weird and is it even alive?

furry easter bunny photo mom holding child on weird bunny's lap

Another scary Easter Bunny picture from the 70s that will have you scratching your head with questions. It looks like a sports wrap bandage was used to create this costume.

scary easter bunny image

Nothing to see here, kids – just look at the camera and smile. Ignore the evil Easter Bunny that is holding you so that you can get candy once we are done.

scary easter bunny with kids creepy costume with kids taking easter bunny photos

What were they thinking? Let’s not just have one creepy Easter Bunny, let’s throw in his identical twin for fun!

weird vintage easter bunny photo twin bunnies hugging a boy

Another vintage Easter Bunny picture of a rabbit who is clearly uncomfortable.

vintage easter bunny costume

The time Superman saved the world from the Easter Bunny who was breaking into houses and leaving people these weird decorated eggs.

superman easter bunny photo

Creepy Easter Bunny Costumes Gone Wrong

Shout out to this mom who tried to create a costume, but this is definitely a DIY weird Easter bunny costume gone wrong. Those rabbit whiskers though.

weird easter bunny costume diy outfit vintage with a kid

Did the plastic moulding company intend to make this a creepy Easter bunny mask or did something go wrong in the factory?

vintage creepy easter bunny mask holding a child who looks scared

Another attempt at making an Easter Bunny costume look real, and another failed attempt. This rabbit appears to have hit up the bar before taking Easter Bunny photos at the roller skating rink.

creepy easter bunny photograph

You can always order a bunny costume on Amazon, or just enjoy these evil Easter Bunny images that we share every year.

Evil Easter Bunny

This is the image that will forever live in my head when someone says anything about an evil Easter Bunny. Another odd Easter photo that has me scratching my head asking “WHY?!”

scary easter bunny

Weird Easter Bunny Photos

The questions continue as we find more strange and creepy Easter Bunny photos from days past. As a Texan, I could see someone doing an Easter Bunny photo pop-up with a gigantic rabbit that looks like you can ride on.

baby riding giant easter bunny

From the White House Easter Egg Roll in 2018, the choice of bunny costume is weird and terrifying. This poor bunny standing next to Donald Trump looks like they are in a state of shock and confusion, which honestly is understandable.

donald trump easter bunny egg roll photo

Just smile and wave to the camera. Ignore the weird Easter rabbit and say cheese!

strange vintage easter bunny photograph

Mom, why is dad so weird? Dad is clearly enjoying this precious moment with his family.

weird family easter bunny photo

This is what happens when you take an old Chuck E Cheese costume and turn it into an Easter Bunny costume.

chuck e cheese easter bunny photo

Nope, these creepy Easter bunny pictures are a bit weird or creepy. I hope you enjoy these strange but funny Easter photos as much as I did!

Do you have any scary Easter bunny photos that we can add to our collection? Post on the Digital Mom Blog Facebook page and we will add them to our collection for the community of weirdos to enjoy.

Happy Easter, y’all!