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Creepy Easter Bunny Pictures – Don’t Show These to The Kids

You guys, creepy Easter Bunny pictures at Easter time have become a tradition. Who knew that evil Easter bunny is a thing? Well, we learned this and knew this had to be shared!

drunk easter bunny
Evil Easter Bunny and Innocent Child

Here we are in 2020 and chances are there will be little to no Easter bunny photos this year because of shelter in place and quarantine thing.  

You can always order a bunny costume on Amazon, or just enjoy these evil Easter Bunny images that we share every year.

creepy easter bunny photo
Scary Easter Bunny Ready to Attack

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BEST Creepy Easter Bunny Pictures

I had no idea the level of crazy in regards to creepy Easter bunny pictures. I don’t know how some parents would be okay with their kids getting a photo taken with some of these weirdos! But I am sure glad they did because they make me laugh.

crazy easter bunny picture
Evil Easter Bunnies and Scary Santas – oh my.

Evil Easter Bunny Photos

Here are the BEST evil Easter Bunny photos. Sit in the weird and share these crazy and odd photos of Scary Easter bunny pictures from the years past.

Maybe I am not that bad of a parent after all? Get ready to LOL and question the parents of these poor children.

Vintage Bunny Costumes

I don’t know what these creepy vintage bunny images in vintage costumes is all about – but there has to be a story! 

dont touch my kids easter bunny picture

Bunny with a Broken Neck

Is that a neck brace on this creature? Maybe caused by a scared mother because omg this guy is terrifying.

serial killer easter bunny

Stuffed Animal

It’s like someone took a stuffed animal of a rabbit and made it into an Easter costume. Then got all of the neighborhood kids to sit for photos. And somehow I ended up with them and area sharing with you now. Crazy how this all works.

stuffed rabbit easter bunny costume

Hi kids, I’m your daddy.  Its like a bad acid trip scene from Alice in Wonderland. (I do have to say, I want those chairs!)

easter bunny picture odd

Check out those ears!

weird easter bunny costume

Was this an Easter vintage photo prop back in the day? Hey, come get a photo of your child on a gigantic Easter rabbit with a saddle? So confused!

giant easter bunny

Looks like Superman caught the weird rabbit sneaking into people’s houses when they are trying to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

old bunny costume

I have no idea what is happening with this guy but he looks like he just escaped the crazy ward.

wth bunny

Watch out kids, this rabbit is hungry and you may just be his next meal.  

creep bunny

No words, that poor child is probably still scarred.

bad easter

If a rabbit could get botox, this is what his after photo would look like.

worse easter bunny

What is going on here? Someone does NOT know how to measure fabric when making this Easter Bunny costume.

evil easter bunny costume

Is this a paper mache Easter bunny head?

vintage easter bunny costumes

This photo creeps me out so much. The poor kid looks worried, and I don’t blame him.

So many questions. Where is his mother? Why is this happening? What planet are they bringing this kid to? It seriously looks like they are going to beam him up and take him away in a UFO.

weird easter bunny

More Scary Easter Bunny Images

This Easter Bunny image looks like he is the offspring of the Chuck-E-Cheese Rat. Remember the gorilla dude who use to play in the band? Just typing this I can imagine the awful smell of that pizza joint that just was stuck into the carpet.

crying children easter bunny photo

“I’m going to find you.” This is what Netflix shows are made of.

awful easter bunny costume

This bunny definitely has been drinking, and possible looks like the rabbit will be eating the child for Easter dinner. 

bad easter bunny costume

This is just weird and I’m just going to say I hope her parents paid for therapy. (Therapy is a wonderful thing.)

evil bunny

It’s like the costume designers were going for a nice look but then added in a touch of evil.

crazy easter bunny

This is just wrong on so many levels. Someone grab that kid and run! I am screaming for him.

evil easter bunny

Looks like the Easter Bunny is on drugs. Just say no!

scary easter bunny

An orthodontist’s dream. 

scary bunny

I can’t even! This poor child, run kid – run! This bunny is straight out of the table scene from Beetlejuice.


Nope, not a big weird or creepy. Well, we can now add scary Easter bunny pictures to weird things found on the internet. Happy Easter, y’all. 

Creepy Easter Bunny Video

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First Child Easter Bunny Pictures

I’ll never forget my first outing with my first child. I was bound and determined to get an Easter bunny picture, despite the facts she was only a week or so old.

The bunny was down right evil looking! I need to dig up because that evil bunny photo is still a joke in my family. Every time I see it, I just think about the hard work to get out of the house as a new mom and low and behold the silly bunny is crazy looking!

Look, we have Creepy Santa with Creepy Easter Bunny and a friend. Poor kid!