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15 Best Leaving Work Memes to Escape the Office Grind

These hilarious leaving work memes are the perfect work exit strategy to say I’m outta here! In our ongoing collection of funny work memes, today’s topic we’re touching on is when we are leaving work.

Whether it’s a Friday, your last day before vacation, or just a regular day when you manage to leave early, these memes are for every worker who’s ever counted down the minutes to freedom.

leaving work memes
The funniest leaving work memes for the end of the workday.

A Comical Collection of Leaving Work Memes

Our lighthearted collection of Leaving Work Memes are a humorous ode to that exhilarating feeling of stepping out of the office or out from the computer and embracing freedom from work stress.

The Classic Leaving Work Meme

We’ve all been there: watching the clock tick slowly as the day drags on. Then, the moment arrives – you’re free!

meme leaving work
Work be crazy but my shift is done.

This meme, often depicted with a photo of someone bolting out the office door with a look of pure joy, encapsulates that feeling perfectly.

leaving work meme
This me leaving work meme is the perfect example of how I like to do my office exit.

It’s a celebration of liberation from the day’s work and a hilarious start to our collection.

Sneaking out in a Leaving Work Early Meme

There’s a special kind of thrill in leaving work early, and this meme captures it with a blend of stealth and excitement.

leaving work early meme
When you try to leave work early but the boss reminds you that you still have 7 hours left in the day.

It’s often a photo via a sneaky snapshot, showing someone tiptoeing away from their desk, embodying the ‘leave no trace’ motto.

literally 5 minutes into work...i gotta get out of here. I think i'm going to lose it.

Sometimes we just need to leave work early. Here’s a complete guide called “The Art of Leaving Work Early” for step-by-step how-to instructions and best practices.

Leaving Work on Friday Meme – The Weekly Celebration

As the week wraps up, the ‘Leaving Work on Friday meme’ comes into play. This meme typically features people dancing, high-fiving, or even doing a comical sprint to the exit. It’s the embodiment of the Friday feeling when leaving the workplace, ready to embrace the weekend.

friday leaving work meme
Work can’t end fast enough on Fridays.

The ‘Friday Leaving Work Meme’ takes a funny jab at how people leave their workplace at the end of the week. Oh how different we look walking into work on Monday compared to leaving on Friday.

leaving work on a friday meme
Arriving for work on Monday vs leaving work on Friday be like.

It’s a mix of relief and unbridled joy, often showing people in mid-celebration as they step out into the weekend.

leaving work friday meme
Waiting for work to end on Friday be like.

See our Friday memes for more end of the week humor.

Heading to Paradise: Leaving Work for Vacation Meme

The ‘Leaving Work for Vacation Meme’ is all about anticipation. This meme symbolizes the switch from work to play.

leaving work for vacation meme
Sneaking out of work to leave for vacation.

See our vacation memes for the best humor when it’s time to take a break from work.

In Conclusion: A Meme for Every Workday Exit

From the last day of work before a vacation to the routine escape on a Friday, these ‘Leaving Work Memes’ offer a funny, relatable look at our collective experience in the workplace.

me every work day staring at the entrance to my job like...

They remind us that no matter how stressful the job, there’s always a reason to smile when the time comes to leave.

leaving work like meme
How I feel leaving work.

Whether you’re working in an office, juggling remote jobs, or counting down the hours in a bustling workplace, these memes speak a universal language of humor and freedom.

me leaving work meme

They capture the essence of what it feels like to finally step out, leaving behind the tasks and responsibilities, even if just for a weekend or a well-deserved break.

leaving work meme: how i leave the office
leaving work meme

So next time you’re watching the clock, waiting to leave work and head home, remember these memes and know that you’re not alone in your countdown. Share these with your coworkers or friends, and spread a little laughter to make the time fly faster.

funny leaving work meme
When there are still 8 more hours of work before you can leave.

Remember, a good meme can turn even the dullest day at work into an opportunity for a shared laugh and a reminder that at the end of the day, we all deserve a break. So here’s to leaving work, one meme at a time!

Share the Funny Memes about Leaving Work

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me leaving work  worse 8 hours of my life

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time to leave work meme
time to leave work meme

Work is something we all have to endure, might as well find the humor in it!

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