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Funny TikTok Videos This Week!

Funny TikTok videos of the week is an on-going series showing you the best of TikTok in regards to laughs.

If you are like me, you spend a LOT of time on TikTok (and maybe TikTok made you buy it has you spending a lot of cash because of this social video app.) I get it. Yes, I probably should be spending time elsewhere and maybe you should to.

Funny TikTok Videos 2021

But here’s the thing. I like to laugh, cue my obsession with funny memes. Laughter is good for the soul. And while memes are my love language, sending funny TikToks is a second love language that I have developed with a circle of friends.

funny tiktok videos of the week
Weekly series of the best funny TikTok videos from the social media app

It hit me, maybe I shouldn’t be so selfish with the funny TikToks. Each week, I’ll be doing a TikTok video dump of the best, funny Tiktok videos that have hit my FYP or shared with me. These may not all garner massive amounts of TikTok views, but if they create a LOL that’s what we are looking for!

Best TikTok Funny Videos

Welcome back to another round of TikTok funny videos of the week. We are on week 2 of sharing our favorite funny TikToks shared with me, now shared with you.

  • Bring Back the $5 Foot Long Subway Karaoke
  • Using Kindergarten Words IRL
  • Cat Plays Squid Game
  • Dog and the Middle Finger
  • Red Lobster with a Real Lobster

Bring Back the $5 Foot Long Subway

TikTok user @bungalow_jonathan kills it with his hilarious karaoke parodies. Please bring back the $5 footlong Subway. I’m aware that it’s not a sustainable business strategy, but I’m hungry and broke.

bring back the 5 dollar subway tiktok funny 2021

And the song that he parodies, in case you were wondering – Teenage Dirtbag.

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Using Kindergarten Words In Real Life

TikTok Teacher @mrs.frazzled is a kindergarten teacher and is killing it on TikTok. This funny tiktok video about kindergarten words used in real life is just too much. The words kindergarteners used are so funny, but also totally make sense.

funny tiktok video – using kindergarten words irl

I love the use of husband, instead of husband – kindergarteners call it a man wife. Fastwind is rewind. When their foot is asleep, instead of saying my foot is asleep – its my foot is TV static. First, impressive that a kinder would realize what that is but also so true.

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Cat Plays Squid Game

Thatlittlepuff – if you have watched Squid Games, then this funny TikTok will be humourous to you. The cat reneacts one of the squid game children games. Alas, he fails and his fate is determined. (check out our squid game memes and squid game costume ideas)

The Dog and the Middle Finger

Have you ever seen a dog that is triggered by the weirdest things? TikTok @patrickbarnes has the cutest little white dog. Watch as he triggers the dog by showing him his middle finger.

dog triggered funny tiktok

Patrick shows the dog his other fingers, and no big deal. He displays the middle finger and all hell breaks loose.

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Go To Red Lobster and Switch it with a Live Lobster

The cheekyboyos are a guilty pleasure to watch that I totally cannot share with my kids. Why? Their TikTok videos are absolutely hilarious and could totally see my boys doing the funny crap that they do.

funny tiktok – red lobster

In the funny TikTok video pick for this week, they take a challenge to take a live lobster to Red Lobster. They tell the waiter that the lobster arrived alive. What happens next is hilarious.

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Past TikTok Funny Videos of the Week

Each week we share our favorite TikTok funny videos from the week. Here are past picks of the week.

October 15, 2021

Here are this week’s top 5 round-up of funny Tiktoks for the week of October 15, 2021.

  • Bones No Bones TikTok Pug
  • 100 Tacos First Date
  • Crazy Asian
  • Sarcasm and People Humor
  • Teacher TikTok Funny

This week we have a dog that is acting like a daily horoscope for millions. Yes, we are talking Noodle the pug and his no bones, bones daily ritual.

We have the best first date story ever involving 100 tacos. This funny tiktok video is a must-watch.

Let’s do some sarcasm, some crazy fireworks to Whitney Houston and laugh with a teacher who has kids trying to school him on TikTok when he is actually schooling them.

No Bones The Pug

This hilarious TikTok video series has had me cackling all day. I am not a horoscope person, but I am definitely a Bone No Bones TikTok fan – maybe because we are pug people? Either way, here is the premise of these daily funny tiktok videos featuring the Bones pug.

funny tiktok bones no bones pug noodle daily videos
Bones or No Bones TikTok Pug named Noodle

TikTok user @jongraz has a 13 year old pug named Noodle. He is so cute, but obviously old and has no desire to do much in his retirement years. Yes, I too thought it was Bones the Pug but no – that isn’t the case. The Pug is Noodle and the game is Bones or No Bones.

Don’t miss our no bones day memes and and a huge explanation of this crazy TiKTok viral sensation! W

e setup an easy page called Is It a Bones Day – for you to check back daily to watch Jon, Noodle and find out the Bone game status.

Each morning Jon TikToks his pug and whether he will stand up or fall back over. If Noodle stands, it’s a bones day. A bones day is a good day. If Noodle the pug falls over, it’s a NO bones day. No bones means bad day.

It’s crazy to think I have asked myself this past week, is it a bones day or is it a no bones day? Bones day good, no bones day is bad and all of this is because of some aging pug named Noodle on TikTok. What is this world we live in? Whatever it is, I LOVE IT.

This silly daily interaction Jon has with the TikTok bones pug has become a viral sensation.

I know, I check in daily to see what Noodle will predict for the day, and apparently millions of others are too! The last week, Bones No Bones TikTok videos have raked it millions of views!

100 Tacos Date TikTok

Next up on funny TikTok videos you must watch – 100 Tacos Date. If you think you’ve ever had a worse first date story – I think you may think again. Elyse Myers has a first date about tacos that is just too hilarious.

You guys, I’ve been married for 23 years. Dating is something I love hearing about because well THANK YOU JESUS I don’t have to do that crap anymore. So when I hear a good dating story, I eat it up. So there is a good funny date story but this week I was introduced to something way better than anything I have ever heard. Cue, 100 Tacos date TikTok. (cue the taco memes)

100 tacos first date funny tiktok video
TikTok Funny Video – 100 tacos date, funny first date story

Elyse Myers (who is absolutely adorable and a must TikTok follow) shares about going on a date with some guy off of a dating app. She picks up the guy, he says he doesn’t have the keys. She drives him. He directs her to where they are going to go on this date.

Her date LEADS HER TO TACO BELL. When they get to Taco Bell, the guy asks her to drive thru and then he proceeds to lean over and order 100 tacos. Hence the legend of the 100 tacos date story. Words cannot do justice to the personality of Elyse Myers.

Crazy Asian Guy and Random Funny TikToks

As someone who is part Asian, and whose dad is more Asian than me – I love the Asian culture, but more so when it gets crazy. You know those crazy Japanese game shows? I’m obsessed. I like that wild and crazy more than the Squid Game weird, but nevermind that.

Let’s talk about the crazy Asian guy on Tiktok because that’s what I refer to him as.

And I mention him as he and crazy asian guy because I have no idea from his user name what his name is, but whoever you are – you are amazing and keep creating the funny TikToks that I have to share daily with my sister, Dallas Socials. Also, maybe try changing your name to Crazy Asian Guy because it totally works well for your branding.

While I’m just mentioning one of his funny TikTok videos in this, let me just say – if you are into weird, teenage boy humor – this guy is hilarious. Some may not be appropriate for all people but some serious LOL worthy material, none the less.

As one of this week’s funny TikToks, this dude has plungers stuck to his chest with firework sparklers on the end. This is a don’t try this at home kids. The Whitney Houston song, I Will Always Love You (originally written by Dolly Parton, btw) just completes the funny.

He is celebrating 4 millions TikTok followers, so obviously I’m not the only one laughing at his videos.

Biggest Pet Peeve is People TikTok

As someone who loves people and hates people, this funny TikTok video from Scott Evan Davis nails it. His whole series of TikToks of saying things we want to say but don’t are the perfect combination of snark and spot-on funny that work just perfect in short form video on TikTok.

funny tiktok videos – biggest pet peeve people
TikTok Funny Videos – jump on sarcasm tiktok and hating people tiktok with Scott!

If you are looking for good videos to TikTok stitch, Scott has several! If you love people but hate people or maybe you are just an introvert extrovert like myself, don’t miss these introvert memes.

Teachers on TikTok

I remember when Twitter was something the “kids” laughed at. Another fun memory is when I thought TikTok was for the kids. Boy was I wrong. Here’s an interesting read on the meteoric rise of TikTok. That said – adults get it now, sorry kids. And while the funny TikTok videos may have originated with the younger crowd – my kids send me more and more funny videos made by adults. (see social media and teens to see what apps the teens are loving)

One niche it TikTok Teachers – yes, these are teachers on TikTok and talk about hilarious. To me, teachers are amazing. They serve as mentors are who help raise my kids during the day while my husband and I work. This past 2 years, has been hell for the teacher community. Add-on we have the stupid devious licks tiktok trend and smack a teacher challenge.

teachers tiktok funny videos
Funny TikTok Videos – Teachers on TikTok

Teachers are taking to TikTok to not only share the funny that is happening in their classrooms but also to troll the students. No shaming is involved to a specific student, so don’t think that. But what is happening is teachers doing hilarious stitches and following the TikTok trends to create funny Tiktok videos like this one from a_biology_teacher.

When a freshman says “It’s a TikTok thing. You wouldn’t understand…” oh, kid – the teachers, maybe not all of them but many do and you need to watch out.

I should say, there are some great TikTok teachers who are also using TikTok to teach their students, as well as school the rest of us who scroll aimlessly.

If you are looking for good videos to TikTok stitch, Scott has several!

More Funny TikTok Videos

This is part 1 of our ongoing series of our favorite finds for best funny TikTok videos of the week. Enjoyed finding new funny tiktoks? Stay tuned, we will be updating this list every Friday with new funny TikTok finds.

best funny tiktok videos
best funny tiktok videos – new every friday

Follow on TikTok

My favorite thing is receiving random funny TikTok vids so follow me on TikTok and send me your favorite funnies so I can add to this list.

I’ll keep this list on-going and while this is my weekly list of finds, note these may have been created at an earlier date. This is an archive of the best funny TikTok videos that will be on-going weekly.

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