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Makeup Memes – Funny & Relatable Memes If You Paint Your Face

With life returning to normal, funny makeup memes just felt right for this season. Many of us have spent the last 18 months with just a few close people around. With the world waking up, the old daily routine of putting on makeup has returned.

Whether you are someone who wears makeup only when they have to or if you paint your face daily (I use to call it my war paint when I worked in an office) – we are laughing at the silliness of the beauty industry and the funny that has come out of it.

Funny Makeup Memes

From eyelash memes to the infamous clown makeup meme, we are sharing our favorites when it comes to funny makeup memes.

makeup meme - funny memes about beauty
funny makeup memes – a comical look at cosmetics

Who else is not adult enough to take their makeup off at night? I mean, I brush my teeth except the whole act of removing my makeup if I haven’t showered just feels like a step I can’t achieve before hitting the bed.

when you forget to take off last nights makeup meme

I have no words in regards to giving you makeup tips. I am a blogger, one that shares funny memes like these makeup memes.

monkey makeup meme

A beauty influencer, I am not. But I am absolutely amazed at how talented makeup artists and influencers are using a bare face as a canvas.

makeup influencers meme

Lashes Memes

Who doesn’t want their eyelashes to look fabulous? For those of us who like our lashes long and lush, enjoy these eye lashes memes.

eyelash meme lashes long coffee strong

I wish my lashes were long, they aren’t. But I do know that my lashes are longer than my patience.

makeup quote – my lashes are longer than my patience

Unfortunately my lashes are not perfect, nor is my life.

perfect lashes meme

This eyelashes quote just cracked me up. I am always amazed at women who can wear long eyelashes!

cant see the haters over my lashes meme

Over the last decade, the rise in fake lashes has been massive that mascara sales have declined!

Mascara Memes

Next up for our makeup memes, we are LOLing at mascara. Despite the decline in mascara sells, we still love our mascara and what it does to our lashes. Here are mascara memes for the mascara lover.

mascara meme funny

Don’t miss our review of tiktok mascaras – our favorite mascara finds from viral tiktok videos.

funny mascara meme – trying out the latest trend

Clown Makeup Meme

This clown makeup meme is totally relatable. When you try so hard to nail a look for your hair and makeup, and well the outcome is just less than desirable.

clown makeup meme

Who else stumbles upon a Pinterest pin, that leads you to a youtube makeup tutorial and then you get stuck in makeup TikTok. Next thing you know you are at Sephora, $500 poorer so you come home to try your new look. A makeover!

my clown makeup look meme

Or so you thought. I just don’t get how I always end up looking like a clown putting on makeup.

Contouring Memes

These makeup memes are too relatable. Contouring memes for those who are amazed what a good contour can do.

contouring meme makeup amy schumer

I’ve watched this how to contour youtube video way too many times. This is another magical beauty technique that I just don’t understand. I seriously consider contouring a magic trick that I just can’t figure out.

contouring makeup meme mona lisa

Lipstick Memes

The cosmetic product that no one wore for a year because well, we were all wearing face masks. Okay, not all of us – but have you tried wearing lipstick with a mask? Don’t. Anyways – to welcome this cosmetic back to the world, let’s hear it for these funny lipstick memes.

latte and lipstick meme

But first lipstick (eyeliner and mascara too.)

but first lipstick meme

Red Lipstick Meme

Is anyone else super jelly of how good Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani can rock red lipstick? This red lipstick meme is way too relatable.

red lipstick meme taylor swift makeup

More Beauty Memes About Makeup

And more makeup memes! WHen one side of your face turns out unfairly better on one side than another when doing your makeup. Who can relate?

putting on makeup meme

Wakeup and makeup because the pandemic is coming to an end. Introvert memes for those of us who will miss the days of introverting and avoiding people and not having to put on makeup.

wakeup and makeup meme funny

Makeup has power. Like checkout this before and after photo of a potato. A potato makeover – thats a first.

makeup meme – power of cosmetics

Don’t let today be a waste of makeup. Because Lord knows you spent a lot of bank to look that good!

dont let today be a waste of makeup meme

Share the Makeup Memes

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