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Join the Mob Wife Trend: Fashion Crimes That Are Must-Haves

The Rise of the ‘Mob Wife Trend’: a look at the fashion, makeup, and more in 2024.

If your TikTok FYP is popping with Pookie and Mob Wife Trends, we could be BFFs. Are you ready to get ‘whacked’ with style? Let’s plunge into the sassy and sophisticated world of the ‘Mob Wife Trend.’ It’s not just about dressing to kill; it’s a lifestyle, honey! Tacky much, of course but so is this style so we are here for it.

mob wife aesthetic trend
mob wife aesthetic trend

What is the Mob Wife Trend, You Ask?

Imagine stepping into a world that combines the elegance of a Carmela Soprano gala night with the thrill of a Cookie Lyon high-speed chase. The Mob Wife Trend is where fashion dons its feistiest attire, sprinkled with the mystery of a Victoria Gotti evening.

In 2024, clean girl aesthetic is out, and the mob wife trend is in. What started as the 25 year anniversary of The Sopranos inspired the Mob Wife Aesthetic, is now a trend and a troll fest.

What’s a Mob Wife? You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me

A Mob Wife isn’t just someone who knows where the bodies are buried; she’s the one turning heads while doing it. It’s all about that bold, fearless attitude that says, “I’m here to slay.”

mob wife hair style
mob wife hair style

A mob wife is not just married to a gangster, she embodies power, style and unmatched confidence. The Mob Wife Trend is not just about dressing up, you are gearing up for world domination – one pair of stilettos at a time.

Controversy, Of Course!

Everyone has their opinion from this being cultural appropriation to others dissing the meaning behind the words. Meh, it’s just fashion and a trend – this like clean girl aesthetic will be gone before we know it. No credentials needed, come on its just a trend. If you want to get in on it, let’s dive in.

Again, I know and can already read the comments from the haters. It’s the internet, we are all living in what feels like a simulation. If you want to cosplay a mobster’s wife – go for it.

The Mob Wife Fashion Trend is Maximalism

Inspired by the real deal and the iconic TV show Mob Wives, this trend is about channeling your inner boss lady. It’s about strutting your stuff and letting your style speak louder than words.

Think fur coats that say “I’m the boss” and dresses that scream “glamour” louder than a mobster’s getaway car. 2024’s Mob Wife fashion is all about making a statement that’s both luxurious and daring. Let’s break this whole mob wife thing down.

What is the mob wife aesthetic? Here’s what you need to know to become the queen to your mob king. (Though, really don’t marry into the gangster mob wife – just cosplay it like everyone on Tiktok.)

Nailed It: Mob Wife Nails

Long, lavish, and unapologetically loud – Mob Wife nails are the kind that can dial for an emergency and signal a helicopter at the same time. Be prepared, these nails are a conversation starter!

mob wife nails
mob wife nails

Are we talking mob wife nail color? Go for the RED. Sure, they also work for Valentines day nails but we are going bold. Here are a few of our favorite nail polish colors and press-ons that you can find online or at your nail salon:

Makeup to Die For: Mob Wife Makeup

Like those nails, we are also painting those lips. Get ready to paint the town red… with lipstick, that is. Smoky eyes that could hide secrets and bold lips that aren’t afraid to spill them – that’s the Mob Wife makeup mantra.

mob wife makeup
mob wife makeup

For the eye makeup, go with brown and you can be as messy as you want. Dorthy Mannine gives a great Italian American girly makeup tutorial on TikTok. Another great mob wife makeup tutorial can be found with @madddnot.

Here are the keywords for Italian American girly or mob wife makeup: we are going matte, create a mole, the eyes are what pops, bronzer baby, eye liner yes, over line your lips with lip liner, big brows are in!

Dress to Impress: Mob Wife Outfits

Each Mob Wife outfit is like the perfect alibi – flawless and unimpeachable. Dressing in the mob wife aesthetic means business, it’s all about dressing like you own the room (because you do!).

mob wives tiktok trends
mob wives tiktok trends

Here are a few ways to achieve the look. Some keywords when it comes to this 2024 fashion trend: maximalism, if you look like you are going to a funeral you are doing it right, leather, black and own it. If your outfit doesn’t make a statement, you’re not doing it right! If you are dressing like you always have a secret, you are doing the trend right.

Black, Leopard, Leather and Lace

The base layer, we are doing black. To achieve the mob wife look you are wearing all black, adding in black leather and lace where applicable. Here’s a look book to help with a better visual of the aesthetic.

mob wife outfits
mob wife outfits

Let’s not forget about the return of leopard print (or any animal print, but particularly fond of leopard.) From coats, pants, skirts to dresses – leopard print is in. Wear it with red and pairs well with black!

1: Black Pencil Pleather Skirt: Amazon
2: Long Sleeve Black Body Suit: Amazon
2: Leopard Slip Dress: Amazon
4: Black Turtleneck Mid Dress Amazon
5: Black Lace Turtleneck Long Sleeve Shirt Amazon
6: Black Pleather Pants: Amazon

Big Fur Coats

Go big or go home. When it comes to fur coats, this look agrees taht bigger is better. The ideal mob wife coat is the 1980’s big fur coat, yes the long ones. Vintage fur is perf, but I know, yes anytime you write the word fur a certain organization is out for the hunt. If real fur isn’t your thing, go faux fur!

mob wife coats
mob wife coats

1: Black Trench Coat Lines in Faux Fur is another great Amazon find.
2: Long Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket on Amazon is on point and perfect for throwing over an all black outfit.
3: Mid-length Black Faux Fur Coat with Lining

Step Into These Shoes

Black, leopard and leather. Just like the clothing it flows down to the feet. Here’s the mob wife shoes that are what’s happening in 2024:

mob wife shoes
mob wife shoes

1: Heeled Knee High Boots: Amazon
2: Vans Leopard Slip-On Sneakers: Amazon
3: Black Backless Patent Leather Pointy Toe Stilettos: Amazon
4: Open Toe High Heel Stilettos: Amazon
5: Leopard Pointy Toe Flat Ballet Shoes – Amazon

Another great option would be the Adidas Leopard Print Sambas, but good luck! These are sold out.

Accessory to Style

Here are the accessories that give that finish the mob aesthetic look.

mob wife accessories
mob wife accessories

Ushanka Hats: Yes, this is giving slavic girl look but also goes well to create your own version of the mob wife trend. Ladies, this trend is something you need to make your own! Follow these ideas but throw in what makes you happy. Available on Amazon.

Leather or Faux Fur Gloves: How perfect are these black leather driving gloves with fur cuffs, adorable.

Dark Sunglasses:dark sunnies are a must, ladies.

Italian Designer Bags: I’m more of an Amazon dupe kind of girl, but if your mob boss husband can buy you a nice Italian designer bag, let him ladies. Here are the brands: Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Fendi, Versace, Dolce & Gabanna, Miu Miu and Giorgio Armani.

Side note: Louis Vuitton is French not Italian.

Chunky Gold Jewelry

The mob wife trend is all about the gold jewelry to accessorize.

mob wife necklaces
mob wife necklaces

Gold Layered Necklaces:

1: Chunky Gold Necklaces – Amazon
2: Herringbone Necklace Chains – Amazon
3: Layered Gold Necklaces with Cross on Amazon

mob wife jewelry
mob wife jewelry

Gold Hoops: Your earrings are also gold. Go with chunky, pick the hoops.
1: Gold plated thick hoops – Amazon
2: Gold Hoop Earring Set: Amazon

Bracelets: Yes, your wrist jewelry is also golden.
3: Chunky Gold Twisted Bracelet: Amazon
4: Stretchable Elastic Gold Beaded Bracelet Set: Amazon

Think several layered gold necklaces, gold hoop earrings, pull out the big gold rings and gold bracelets. We are going chunky gold, y’all.

Hair to Kill: Mob Wife Hair

Let’s not forget the crowning glory – Mob Wife hair. It’s big, bold, and commands respect. Whether it’s sultry waves or a sleek updo, your hair is your best accessory. Think of it as your personal style mobster, making sure every entrance is unforgettable.

mob wife hair curls
mob wife hair curls

That Big Hair Style

How does the mob wife hair look? It’s big and can totally be messy. Here are a few hair ideas that slay. If your hair dresser understands the assignment, here’s what you can expect: volume and big loose curls.

mob wife tiktok hair tutorial
mob wife tiktok hair tutorial

Hot rollers, ladies. These are going to be your BFF to get the big loose curls. If you have a Dyson or a Shark, here is how to pin your curls for big hair. Yes, she is blonde but that hair.

big mob wife hair
big mob wife hair

This hairstylist Angelica Grace rants about the Mob Wife haircut. It’s the same butterfly cut, with face framing that has been in for the last 10 years but in 2024 it’s been renamed.

Hairspray will be needed.

Best TV Mob Wives’ Style to Copy

Want more visuals on how to achieve this look? We’ve got you. Here are some popular TV mob wives that you may know, check their looks.

tv mob wives
tv mob wives

While these aren’t all necessarily mob wives, they achieve the look that is hitting hard in 24. See what they are wearing and copy, paste into your 2024 wardrobe. Fashion goes in a circle and this look gives the 90’s.

Fran Dresser in the Nanny was not a mob wife, she watched kids. That said, she had the look back in the 90’s that everyone in 2024 is trying to achieve.

Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano in “The Sopranos” Carmela Soprano quickly became the quintessential mob wife character, known for her lavish and stylish wardrobe that perfectly fit the mob wife aesthetic.

Victoria Gotti as Herself in “Growing Up Gotti”: Although this reality TV show aired in the early 2000s, Victoria Gotti, the daughter of mobster John Gotti, often dressed in a way that reflected the mob wife aesthetic, which was rooted in 90s fashion trends. Something to note, Victoria mostly wore white with the occasional black which is not something we are seeing in 2024.

In Conclusion

The Mob Wife Trend is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a movement that empowers and inspires. It encourages individuals to embrace a bold, fearless approach to style and life.

As we continue through 2024, I don’t necessarily think this trend is going to leave a lasting impact on the fashion world but makes for good content and fun winter apparel.

My favorite rant about this trend, here ya go from Jessica. She’s from New York and hates this but we love the rant.

So ladies, what are we thinking? Tell me what I missed and your thoughts on the 2024 Mob Wife Trend.

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