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5 Squid Game Costume Ideas for a Killer Halloween!

Looking for a Squid Game costume idea? Learn how to DIY your Halloween look based on the crazy hit Netflix series.

The popular 2020 costume was the Among Us costume. This year, let’s do Halloween Squid Game costumes based off your favorite Netflix fictional game characters. If you have binged the show – or maybe you have a kid who wants a Squid Game costume, we are here to help.

Best Squid Game Costume Ideas

Whether you are a Squid Game player, a guard, the Front Man or a VIP – let’s look at some creative costume ideas perfect for Halloween or Cosplay.

squid game costumes ideas diy
Squid Game Costumes – DIY Ideas for Halloween and Cosplay

Since the Squid Game Netflix series just released in mid-September 2021, you can’t quite buy a costume off the shelf. What does this mean? We will need to do a little DIY Squid Game costume, since you won’t be able to buy one off the shelf.

No worries, we are sharing alternatives and showing you where to buy what for the ultimate outfit.

weekend meme squid game
squid game meme

Did you see our Squid Game memes? These are hilarious depictions of the show but related to real life.

Squid Game Player Costumes

Let’s dive into each character and find the best Squid Game costume for the character you want to dress up as.

squid game costume player uniform
diy squid game costume – player uniform

Here are the character DIY Squid Game costumes ideas we are sharing:

While yes, you can dress up as a specific Squid game player – keep it simple and just make yourself out to be a player in the death games.

The Squid Game Player costumes are fairly easy. We are adding on a few details to level up your DIY squid game costume! Here are the costumer pieces that you will need to complete this look:

  • Teal Tracksuit
  • Ringer Under Shirt
  • White Duct Tape
  • Player Number
  • White Vans
  • Fake Blood

Squid Game Tracksuit

When we originally posted this Squid Game costume tutorial, finding off the shelf products was nearly impossible. Here is an easy Squid Game tracksuit option that is ready to order! It even comes with the game player number.

squid game tracksuit
squid game tracksuit

From the reviews, this looks like a great Squid Game tracksuit costume. The recommendations does suggest that you will want to size up when purchasing.

We are sharing teal tracksuits that are showing available AND that should arrive in time for you to complete your DIY squid game player costume.

Where to buy teal tracksuit with hood – Amazon

squid game player costume
squid game player costume diy

If you are ordering late and having problems finding a Squid game tracksuit for your costume, here is what we suggested last year.

The teal player tracksuits do not have hoodies in the show. Depending on your level of commitment to this costume, you can cut the hoodie off. Here also is an option of a teal pantsuit that is fleece and when striped could easily be pulled off as a Squid Game player uniform.

Where to buy teal tracksuit without hood – Amazon

Green Tracksuit Works Too! Don’t be afraid to go with a green tracksuit if needed. Remember, chances are on Halloween you will be outside and dark, or in a crowded environment if you are at a party. We aren’t looking for perfection, but pretty darn close.

Where to buy green tracksuit – Amazon has a few options for green if the teal tracksuits sell out.

White Duct Tape

The white duct tape is what is going to take your plain tracksuit to a Squid Game tracksuit. Look legit like the players by using white duct tape on the shoulders to the elbows of the track suit.

You will also want to place the white duct tape on the pant legs down the sides, to create a stripe (on both legs.) A 2 inch wide white duct tape will give you the best effect. A cheaper alternative that maybe easier to find locally is white electric tape.

Where to buy white duct tape – Amazon

Squid Game Player Number

What Squid Game Player number are you? Are you 001 – the old man? Or perhaps 067, the mother. Choose your own player number, use your favorite number or copy the player number of your favorite Squid Game cast member.

How to Make the Player Number

Using these white sticker numbers, place your player number on the left chest of your Squid Game tracksuit jacket. Remember the players’ numbers were 3 digits. If you are choose #32 – you would want to use 032.

To recreate the player numbers, you will want to use a white minimum of 2 inch height sticker number. 3 inches might work as well, depending on your size and what you can find available. If you have a cricut, this is an easy DIY. Wondering what number font to use for the player number? I would suggest Poppins Bold.

Where to buy squid game player number – Amazon

Slip-on White Vans

The infamous Squid Game Player uniform included the tracksuit and the infamous slip-on white vans.

slip on white vans squid games costume

If you don’t have an old pair of white vans in your closet, here are a few options to help complete the full effect of the Squid Game player costume.

Where to buy slip-on white vans – Amazon

White Van Dupes

If you can’t find white Vans, no worries buy white van dupes. White slip-on shoes are fine and might actually be better because chances are you will want to bloody them up. There has been a 7,800% spike in searches for Vans! Speaking of bloodying up the costume.

Where to buy white van dupes – Amazon

Fake Blood

Let’s face it – Squid Games was bloody.

squid game costume bloody shoes

Unless this is for a young child, chances are you will want to bloody up your player costume with fake blood.

Where to buy fake blood – Amazon

No Socks!

Skip the socks to complete your Squid Game player costume. The Netflix cast didn’t wear socks! If you are one of those people who NEED to wear socks, wear no-show socks.

Squid Game Guard Costume

Ready to make a Squid Game guard costume? Let’s do it. First, what symbol are you? As a Squid Game guard, you have 3 options as far as symbols go.

squid game guard costume
squid game halloween costume – guard

Circle, Square and Triangle. Choose your character.

Next, let’s get the costume parts together.

  • Red Jumpsuit
  • Black Face Mask with Symbol
  • Black Shoes
  • Fake Gun (optional)

Red Jumpsuit

The Squid Game guard costume has 2 main features, 1 being the iconic red jumpsuit that the guards wore.

Where to buy Squid Game costume red jumpsuit – Amazon

Easy Squid Game Costume Alternative

Is you aren’t that serious or want to make an easy Squid Game costume alternative, use a red hoodie instead of worrying about finding and buying a red jumpsuit. Pair it with red sweatpants, or keep it super simple and just wear jeans.

Where to buy red hoodie – Amazon

Guard Mask

The next main piece to the Squid Game Guard costume is the guard mask. Fortunately for you (if you order in time!) an Amazon seller did rush to Amazon warehouse guard masks.

squid game guard mask costume halloween
squid game guard masks / circle square triangle

This means that you can order thru Amazon and get via Amazon Prime in a (somewhat) guaranteed time. This is more reliable then ordering from another retailer with an estimate shipping time. Turn around/shipping time appears to be around 5 days and shipped via Amazon.

Which Squid Game guard are you going to be for Halloween?

Where to buy circle Squid Game mask – Amazon

Where to buy square Squid Game mask – Amazon

Where to buy triangle Squid Game mask – Amazon

DIY Squid Game Guard Mask

In the event the above Squid Game masks are sold out, you are needing an easy last minute Squid Game costume, or maybe you just are a DIYer at heart, here is an idea for creating a DIY Squid Game Guard mask.

diy squid game mask guard
diy squid game mask – guard

A black full face spandex mask can easily work as a DIY guard mask. These are relatively affordable, are transparent to see thru and light-weight so you can easily breathe.

Where to buy black spandex mask – Amazon

Next you will need to choose your Squid Game symbol. Will you be a circle, square or triangle. Using either a Cricut or white electric tape – create your symbol on your mask. It may be easier for someone to wear the mask while putting the symbol on the mask.

Another idea is to use white paint to create the Squid Game shape of your choice. White fabric paint pen will allow you to easily paint or write the symbol on your mask.

Squid Game Boss / Front Man Costume

Not ready to go down as a Squid Game player or a Squid Game guard? Let’s go to the man himself. Here is how to make a Squid Game Boss costume (aka Squid Game front man costume.)

  • Black Mask
  • Black Cloak or Black Hoodie

If you are looking for an easy Squid Game costume, this Front Man costume is simple but there is one hitch. As mentioned, out of the box Squid Game costumes aren’t readily available as this is a new hit series.

squid game costume boss front man
squid game boss costume

That said there are people rushing products to market in an effort to make your costume easy. I am putting up where to find these, as well as a DIY front man mask backup idea, should you not be able to get a black mask in time for Halloween or the Halloween party you are attending.

Black Front Man / Boss Mask

A company has placed black front man masks available on Amazon – but unfortunately it is not available thru Amazon Prime. You have to trust that the company will mail it in time and that you receive the mask in time for your event.

Where to buy Squid Game Boss mask – Amazon (here is another version that ships from Prime)

If you aren’t ready to risk it – here is a simple hack that while isn’t perfect works just fine to get the look for the Squid Game Front Man costume.

DIY Squid Game Mask

Take either a simple plastic mask – or an Iron Man mask and spray paint black. I would use a flat black spray paint.

diy squid game mask boss
diy squid game mask – boss / front man

If you are bothered by the eyes not being black, you can either use black eye make-up around your eyes before putting on the diy Front Man mask – or place black tulle netting to create a black eye effect.

Where to buy plastic mask – Amazon

Black Cloak

A simple black cloak with the boss mask will complete your Squid Game boss costume.

Where to buy black cloak – Amazon

Easy Costume Option

Want to keep the squid game costume easy? Totally understand. Skip the black cloak and just use a black hoodie!

VIP Squid Game Costume

Are you Squid Game VIP? The VIP guests appeared in Netflix Squid Game episode 7. Currently, there is a mosaic gold Tiger VIP Squid Game mask on Amazon.

vip squid game costume
squid game vip costume

Note – the chances of it arriving in time for Halloween might be risky. (If you are using for Cosplay, and don’t need for Halloween – order!)

Where to buy VIP Gold mask – Amazon

DIY Squid Game VIP Mask

There were 6 VIP guests that arrived, each wearing a different gold animal mask. The animals used for Squid Game VIP masks included, a tiger, a elk (or deer), possibly a lion, and a ram. They are not easy to make out, which is a good thing for us who want to make this DIY Squid Game VIP masks ourselves.

First, we will want to choose an animal. Purchase a half mask animal face and then spray paint the mask gold. You will want to use a shiny gold.

If you really are serious, feel free to mosaic your VIP mask with gold reflective tiles.

Wear a Suit

The VIPs dressed nice. Pair your gold animal mask with a suit.

Squid Game Baby Costume

If you want to go hard core, why not dress up as the Squid Game Baby costume! You know the toddler/baby from the unforgettable episode 1 where the players played Red Light Green Light and the baby killed them with her eyes. Yes, that’s the one!

Here is how you can pull off a DIY Squid Game Baby costume using a key items to create the iconic and dare I say killer look.

squid game baby costume
Squid Game Baby Costume

Creating a Squid Game Baby costume has a few key pieces to duplicate how the baby dresses and looks. Here is what you will want to do.

Black Hair in Pigtails

The Squid Baby’s hair is black with bangs. It is somewhat short and is word in pigtails. This look can easily be recreated by anyone using a short black haired wig. Put the hair in pigtails for this look.

Where to buy wig – Amazon

Orange Dress and Yellow Shirt

Find a short orange dress, and a yellow shirt to wear under the dress. Ideally, if you can find a collared yellow shirt such as a polo – that would be ideal.

Where to buy orange dress – Amazon

Where to buy yellow shirt – Amazon

Knee High Socks and Mary Jane Shoes

Don’t forget to wear your white knee high socks, paired with black mary jane shoes.

Where to buy white knee high socks – Amazon

Where to buy black mary jane shoes – Amazon

You can buy a creepy Squid Game baby mask (available on Amazon) – make sure to check the shipping time estimate to make sure your mask arrives before your event.

Squid Game Halloween Costumes

There you have it. Whether you are a Squid Game player, boss, guard, VIP or the Red Light Green Light baby, I hope this Squid Game Halloween costumes gave you ideas for creating your iconic look for Halloween 2021!

If you use one of our Squid Game costume tutorials for your outfit, we want to see it! Please either tag us on social media, or send to pr at digital mom blog dot com so that we can share!

Looking for more Halloween costume ideas? Check these out:

Squid Game Costumes is part of the Digital Mom Blog Halloween series


Thursday 14th of October 2021

Thanks for sharing these Squid Game costumes. My son wants to be a Squid Game player and I had no idea what to do but now am going to try to make him a costume from your suggestions. Maybe ill dress up his baby sister in the squid game baby costume.

Maria Cleh

Friday 15th of October 2021

@Maria, yes of course you will go for baby costume. I am also want to to same as I have looked here.

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