Learn How to Clean Your Hairbrush in 4 Easy Steps

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How to Clean Your Hairbrush TikTok Hack

Thanks to our favorite social media app, TikTok! With just 4 easy steps, sanitize your hair brush and remove all of the nasty gunk that lives in the brush bristles.

How To Clean Your Hairbrush TikTok Hack

Leave it to late night TikTok scrolling I landed with a feed on TikTok cleaning hacks. This hack on cleaning your hair brush freaked me out because this is something I just don’t do. Correction – this is something I didn’t know BEFORE.

how to clean hairbrush tiktok made me do it!
how to clean hairbrush tiktok made me do it!

If you think about it, of course your hair brush is filthy. And while yes, you do clean the hair out of the hair brush every week – do you really do a deep clean to sanitize your hair brush fully?

Think about the hair spray, dead skin cells, shampoo, conditioner, gel, etc that build up on your hair brush bristles. Now let’s get rid of it with this simple sanitization method!

And while in this post we are focused on teaching you how to clean your hair brush, note that this cleaning hack works great with your hair combs and hair picks too!

how to clean dirty hairbrush
Yield: 1

How to Clean Your Hairbrush TikTok Made Me Do It

Active Time: 2 minutes
Additional Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 32 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

We're showing you an easy hack to clean your hairbrush. This only takes a few steps and the minute count really is the process of bathing / soaking your hair brush to ensure that it is fully sanitized. Let's clean your hair brush thanks to TikTok cleaning! I'm putting the cost at $0 - assuming you have these simple materials needed to make your hair brush clean.

While we are focused on cleaning your hairbrush in this post, do note - this same method works great for cleaning your comb or cleaning your hair pick. I would do this all at once in the name of sanity and productivity..


  • dirty hair brush
  • baking soda - 1 cup
  • shampoo - 2 squirts
  • hot water
  • sink


  1. First, let's fill up the sink with hot water. Mix the baking soda and shampoo into the hot water creating a hot bath for your dirty hair brushes.
  2. Clean the loose hair from your hair brush bristles.
  3. Drop your hair brush or hair brushes into the sink with hot water, baking soda and shampoo and mix around then let sit for 30 minutes.
  4. After the hair brush has soaked for 30 minutes, remove from the hot water and let air dry.

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Hair Brush Cleaning Products

The great things about this cleaning hack is that there are minimal products needed for cleaning your hair brush. Just your dirty hair brush, shampoo and baking soda.

i dont know who needs to see this but please clean your hairbrush meme
hairbrush meme

See all of our funny memes for more humor.

Other Ways to Clean Hair Brushes

While the TikTok video showed how to clean hair brushes with baking soda, you could also substitute vinegar. Vinegar is another great natural alternative that is commonly used for cleaning things.

Vinegar as Baking Soda Alternative

To use vinegar, you would use a cup of vinegar in your hair brush soak rather than the baking soda.

Dawn Soap as Shampoo Alternative

In the video, she also used shampoo as the cleaning agent. In the event you don’t have shampoo and need a shampoo alternative for cleaning – blue dawn soap would also work. I love the foaming dawn soap the best as it can be used to clean multiple things.

3 Things to Know About Your Hair Brush

Here are 3 things to know about your hair brush.

dirty hairbrushes
dirty hair brushes? clean hair brushes every other week! Let’s clean your hairbrush tiktok way

#1 Clean Your Hair Brush Every Other Week

That’s right, your hair brush needs to be cleaned every other week. This will help maintain the sanitization of your hair brush.

#2 The Build Up is Gross

The gross build up on your hair brush bristles are a combination of things from your hair / head.

how to clean that nasty hairbrush build up

The hairbrush build up contains dead skin cells, shampoo, hair styling products – as well as particles in the environment like soot and dust that can create a gross hair brush build up situation.

#3 Replace Your Hair Brush Every 6-12 Months

Did you know you are suppose to replace your hair brush every 6-12 months? Help maintain a healthy hair tool by replacing your brush when needed. I

In addition to keeping it sanitary, hair brushes to break down over time and with broken bristles – and the fact of the matter broken bristles aren’t going to effectively brush your hair.

From Byrdie.com: Your hairbrush contains bacteria and dust that builds up on a daily basis,” says Dawn Clemens, a hairstylist, beauty blogger, and the founder of LarweHair. This sort of bacteria and dust clings to your brush and becomes impossible to remove.

And if you have dandruff? Every single time you swipe that brush through your hair, you’re putting the dandruff back into your hair. If your brush has product in it, you’re sweeping the product through it, and so on.

Finally, if your brush is missing bristles, it’s not going to work effectively, and you will probably end up using more heat when styling, leading to damage and split ends.

If you have a situation such as lice (btw, read our how to get rid of lice post) – I’d just toss the old brush for good measure unless you spent a significant amount of money on it.

As always – if your hair brush is something special and has specific cleaning directions – by all means use that! This is to serve as a general hair brush cleaning guide and may not work for every single hair brush type!

Best Hair Dryer Brush 2024

And since we are talking about all things hair brushes, thought I’d drop in my favorite hair brush. I have thick hair and while I don’t blow dry is every time I wash it – I do occasionally and this is the best hair dryer brush that I have found.

best hair dryer brush 2021

This curved vent hair brush is awesome for blow drying and general brushing. And when I don’t have my hair blown out, it typically is in a messy bun which means tangles. This is the best hair brush works great for tangles as well.

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I hope this TikTok cleaning hack on how to clean your hairbrush was as helpful to you as it was me! Make it apart of your cleaning routine. Creating a habit by putting it in a routine makes this less daunting.

Here’s a suggestion, maybe when you clean your bathroom mirrors, you sanitize and soak your hair brushes. Keep that hair beautiful and brush sanitized!

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