Unleash Your Inner Geek: Epic Nerd Costumes for Halloween


Get your geek on with these nerd costumes!

An iconic Halloween costume idea that never goes old, is easy to put together and works for all genders, genres and ages is the classic nerd outfit. We are showing you how to get nerdy either at home or off the shelf.

Best Ideas for Nerd Costumes

Let’s geek our geek on and dork it up with these ideas for nerd costume! We are showing you everything from DIY and easy, how to dress like a nerd (maybe for nerdy dress up day), nerd costumes for girls, kids, and even a nerd couple costume.

Halloween nerd costumes was originally published in October 2016, updated in 2024.

What Do Nerds Wear

We are sharing our favorite nerd Halloween costumes ideas to make this process easy for you. We have found things for all ages and genders.

nerd costumes 2022
nerd costumes 2022

Here are the nerd costumes we are showing you how to make:

  • Easy Nerd Outfit – throw together a simple outfit
  • DIY Computer Nerd Outfit – the stereotypical computer nerd costume
  • Hello Kitty Nerds Costume
  • Nerdy Dress Up Accessories
  • Candy Nerds Costumes
  • Nerds Couple Costumes

Easy Nerd Outfits

Let’s assemble your nerd outfit. Want to know how to dress like a nerd? It’s easy. Anything goes when it comes to geeky attire.

nerd outfits
nerd outfits

When my daughter was 10 years old, she informed me she needed a nerd outfit as she was going to be a geek for Halloween and had to dress like a nerd for school.

Yes, the day before Halloween – but as I have learned over the year, last minute Halloween costumes are my speciality. Thankfully throwing together nerd outfits is easy peasy. I was happy to quickly realize that nerd costumes are actually easy to throw together.

How to DIY Nerd Outfits

We headed to Goodwill thrift store to find the perfect nerd outfit.

A few mismatched clothes, a girl scout sash and thick black taped glasses, my daughter had the perfect nerd outfit. Here is a simple way to grab a few things from around the house or at a thrift store for an cheap costume thats extra nerdy.

  • Geek glasses – tape thick black rim glasses also comes with a pocket protector!
  • Oversized khaki pants – thrift store find
  • Tweety bird vest – thrift store find (and she won’t throw it away ARGH!)
  • Girl scout shirt – thrift store find
  • Hair in various pony tails
  • Mismatched sock

This DIY nerd costume worked out fabulous. She loved it and received rave reviews from her friends.

Thank God for Amazon, but I do like to customize and personalize the kids’ Halloween costumes even when they are store bought. If nerdy costumes is on your list of things you need to buy, hopefully this post will help you out.

Nerd Kid Costumes for Girls and Boys

First up, let’s start with kid nerd costumes for girls and boys.

Hello Kitty Nerd Costumes

For the Hello Kitty obsessed, let’s nerd this cat up. This year, there are several Hello Kitty Nerd costues to choose from. For adults and kids, from simple to complex – here are the Nerd Hello Kitty Costumes you never know you would need.

Any of these Hello Kitty Nerds Costumes are perfect for the boy or girl who geek out over Sanrio!

hello kitty nerd costumes
hello kitty nerd costumes

If the complete Hello Kitty Nerds costume isn’t for you – fear not, you can buy the items individually.

Computer Nerd Costume

If you are looking for a nerdy kid costumes – check out this geek outfit. This nerd costume kind of looks like a Mormon missionary outfit (not judging, just saying) or a computer nerd costume.

nerd costumes for kids
<em>DIY nerd costumes for kids nerdy outfit<em>

Here is what you need to dress like a nerd.

Mismatched Easy Nerd Costumes

Next, here is another geek costume idea. This easy nerd costume is made with with a few mismatched things from the closet.

nerd outfit nerdy geek costume easu
<em>easy kids nerd costumes<em>

How to Make This Geek Costume

Here’s what you will need to create this mismatched DIY geek costume look:

Nerd Baby Costume

This baby nerd costume is another complete costume set. No need to buy anything else! If your baby has hair – make sure to spike it up in the back or gel it to one side to complete the geek look. 

baby nerd costume
baby nerd costume for the little geek in your life

(make sure to check out our Steve Jobs Baby Costume)

Easy Amazon Nerd Costumes

This was before the days of Amazon, where you had to actually DIY Halloween costumes by going to the store. Now, fortunately a simple search of nerd costumes for girls or nerd costumes for kids would have given plenty of easy overnight Amazon Prime suggestions. Back then, we weren’t so lucky.

amazon nerd costumes geeky dorky nerd costume ideas
amazon easy nerd costumes buy a pre made nerd outfit

Head of Class Nerd Dress Costume

This Head of Class nerd dress costume comes with the nerd dress, knee high socks and plaid bow tie Available on Amazon

Geek Costume – Just Add Shirt

Looking for to complete the geek look. This easy purchase includes the nerd pants (plaid pants, of course,) suspenders, bow tie and glasses. Just add a shirt for the complete geek costume! Available on Amazon

Nerd Britney Spears Costume

Oh baby, baby this costume reminds me of… a Britney Spears from years ago. Looking for a geeky nerdy Britney Spears school girl costume? Here you go. Available on Amazon

Nerd Costume for Men (or Women!)

Here is another complete Amazon nerd costume. Not included are the nerd costume accessories, but fear not – keep reading for a complete list of what you will need to complete your dork costume. Available on Amazon

Nerdy Dress Up Accessories

DIY nerd costumes are super easy with these nerdy dress up accessories. These are perfect if you have a nerdy dress up day or if you are looking for an ideal nerd halloween costume idea.

nerd dress up accessories
nerd accessories to complete your geek costume

Grab a few of these costume accessories and whatever you have in your closet for an easy nerd outfit made costume.

Nerd Glasses and Pocket Protector

Aren’t these standard geek requirements that must me in place before leaving the house? Available on Amazon

Nerd Glasses, Bow Tie and Suspenders

Sure these are nerdy, and great for completing your geek costume – but I actually think these could be repurposed for holiday attire as well. Available on Amazon

Taped Thick Black Glasses

These taped thick frame black glasses reminds me of Weird Al’s White and Nerdy song. Available on Amazon

Propeller Hat

Maybe the nerds knew something all along. This awesome propeller hat would make a great fidget. Take it teachers would hate it – but definitely would work well for fidgeting! Available on Amazon

Candy Nerds Costumes

Something I realized quickly is that there are nerd costumes and then there are NERDs costumes. Whether you are being punny, or perhaps rather than a geek you want to be a box of candy – we are sharing a candy Nerds costumes and ideas as well.

candy nerds costume
candy nerds costumes not geeky nerds costume

DIY Nerds Candy Box

Feeling a little hands on and want to make your own DIY Nerds costume?

Grab a box, or a large poster board and draw a box of nerds. Use bright colors and wear your nerds costume proudly. Isn’t it sweet!

Candy Nerds Costumes Amazon

No time to make a DIY candy nerds costume? No problem. Amazon to the rescue.

Nerds Couple Costume

For him and her, or her and her or him and him – I really don’t care which way you swing or who you couple costumes with! Get your nerds on, perfect for the Nerds candy lover – we have this lovely Nerds couple costume.

nerds couple costume
nerds couple costumes be a nerds candy box for halloween

Nerds Costumes for Women or Men

Want to sexy it up in regards to nerds costumes? Believe it or not, you can buy a tight fitted dress featuring your favorite nerds candy flavor.

nerds costumes for women
candy nerd costume female

Pair this candy Nerds dress with a pair of nerdy glasses for a unique nerds costume for women or men.

Nerd Day Outfits

More and more schools are doing NERD DAY. If you are needing a nerd day outfit ideas for schools, these would work for that as well!

Have more ideas for Halloween Nerd Costumes? Hit us up on the comments!

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