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TikTok Made Me Buy It List – Top 10 Finds This Week on TT

TikTok Made Me Buy It – oh yeah it did. If you ever told me that a silly little app would cost me so much money – I’d say, I’m not an idiot. Whoops! Look who is the joker who has fallen down the TikTok products rabbit hole *me!*

Top 10 TikTok Made Me Buy It List

Just when I thought I had matured enough to not fall into impulse buys, the world gave me a pandemic and TikTok. Both have fueled the weird purchases, but on the flip side – I am sure these have kept many people employed. So maybe that is my new spin. I am just TikTok buying for the economy people.

I should say, I also have a husband and 2 teenagers who have fallen into the TiKTok Made Me Buy It trend so I’ll be sharing their finds (and results) here as well.

tiktok made me buy it list
Things TikTok Made Me Buy

Things TikTok Made Me Buy

Each week we are sharing about TikTok – everything from fabulous TikTok made me buy it products like this to tips, tricks and more. These will be shared weekly, and I’ll find a way to archive because y’all some of these purchases really truly are amazing life hacks! This week we are sharing things TikTok made me buy. Check back next week for more.

#1 Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste


First on our list of THINGS TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT USE: The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste is used on TikTok to clean a variety of things from stubborn carpet stains to oven doors.

pink stuff cleaning paste – tiktok made me buy it

As a mom to 4 kids, the stains and cleaning is like a constant. Bonus, we live in an old house and while we love it – it’s just not as new and shiny as the new builds. When I saw the Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste – I may have done an eye roll.

And then I saw another Pink Stuff cleaning paste video, and another and another. From using the Pink Stuff to clean sneakers / shoes to the oven door that has baked on grossness, I was intrigued. And then after probably the 1 billionth TikTok video of Pink Stuff I caved.

Buying a 2-pack of Pink Stuff cleaning paste was cheaper in the long run and worth the risk. That was a week ago and after cleaning all the random things (from my car to the front porch to the side of my house, don’t ask) – I can say that I am glad I had the second pink stuff paste bottle because the first one is near empty.

We found a fabulous use for the Pink Miracle Cleaning Paste when cleaning white shoes! Check out all of our TikTok cleaning hacks for this and more cleaning tips.

#2 Tide Powder Laundry Detergent

tide powder laundry detergent – tiktok made me buy it

Next on our list of THINGS TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT USE: TikTok is using Tide powder to clean baseboards and floors by mixing in warm water.

Since moving to a front load washer 10 years ago, I just have always used the laundry pods. It just is so much easier to throw the Tide Pods into the washing machine rather than dealing with laundry detergent powder. So when I saw people using Tide Powder Detergent for cleaning, I realized – CRAP. I am going to have to buy actual powder detergent.

So that is exactly what I did. In my next Walmart + order, Tide laundry detergent powder was ordered and you guys – my kitchen floor and baseboards have never looked better. And another perk? It smells like Tide detergent! So fresh and clean. Though, let’s be completely honest – as mentioned above with the Pink Stuff – I live in a house with 4 kids (and 2 dog children) so my house will not stay dirty. So don’t come here looking for clean baseboards.

#3 Outdoor LED Lights


TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT USE: Replace those boring white lights and replace with LED Outdoor Lights for a colorful glow.

out led strip lights – tiktok made me buy it

Our house has this second floor balcony that overlooks our pool and backyard. It is super cool and designed poorly. The only way to get to it currently, is thru my office – which you go thru either my daughter’s bedroom or the bathroom to get to.

All that said, IT IS MY BALCONY and i’ll do what I want with it. So what I want is colorful LED outdoor lights. I have bought 2 sets – now I just need to put them up. If you are wanting outdoor LED lights, make sure that you ensure that the LED light strips are waterproof / weatherproof.

#4 Toy Fort


TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT USE: A Toy Fort that uses a fan to blow inflate.

toy air fort – tiktok made me buy it

Sadly and unsadly (is that a word, well now it is) – my kids are growing up. The youngest is now 9-years-old and thank you Jesus that I have a sister who has young kids. My 2 nephews would love this air fort that uses a fan to open. Sister may kill me but maybe I should just pull the trigger.

This Tiktok video of the toy air fort brought me back to the days of playing with the parachute in gym class. Everyone wanted to run under the parachute – I wanted to live under there – and now with this air fort, it will be just like it. Weird, yes. Should I do it? Totally yes. Maybe it can go on my balcony with the outdoor LED lights!

#5 Dorothy on the Streets Blanche in the Sheets Shirt

dorothy in the streets blanche in the sheets shirt – tiktok made me buy it

TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT USE: Get all the stares with this Dorothy on the Streets Blanche in the Sheets shirt.

Who doesn’t love them some Golden Girls? (I love me some GG – check out these Golden Girls Valentines) Particularly Dorothy and her attitude and Blanche and her va-va-voom. As soon as I saw the TikTok with the Dorothy on the Streets Blanche in the Sheets shirt – my mind went to several people who needed it, myself included – of course.

#6 TikTok Feather Robe


TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT USE: I’m calling this the TikTok Feather Robe because wow. It’s just amazing.

tiktok feather robe

I love me a long robe, but robes seems so impractical – which is exactly why I need this Tiktok Feather Robe. I know I would only wear it a handful of times – but the allure is having me hit ADD TO CART.

This TikTok feather robe has all of the old Hollywood vibes and over the top sexy fun that just screams BUY ME NOW.

#7 Bondis and Pure Self Tanning Foaming Water


TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT USE: Bondis and Pure Self Tanning Foaming Water is sunless tanner that actually looks like a tan!

bondis and pure self tanning foaming water tiktok find

As someone who is quite pale and has never had a tan in her life, can I just say I had given up on the whole idea of ever being tan. I just am not a person who will sport a golden glow – well that was until I was at Costco and saw this lady who had very white legs and I realized that is so me. I will own my pale legs, but I have to say that this Bondis and Pure Self Tanning Foaming Water TikTok video made me run to the store and get me some of this sunless tanner.

Did it work? Let’s just say I have never used sunless tanner and the store did not have the continuous spray thingy. Let’s also just say that I totally forget that i had used the sunless tanner and realized that I wasn’t oddly bruised but had poorly put on the sunless tanning water.

If you are pale – get the LIGHT Bondis and Pure Self Tanning foaming water. Make sure to get the continuous sprayer and the tanning mitten as well.

I’m buying a continuous spray bottle and trying again because I will say my legs do not look pasty white! Well the back of them look odd but that is my ADHD throwing sunless tanner on – but this stuff actually looks really great.

#8 Puff Vinyl


Puff Vinyl TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT USE: Puffy Vinyl – a new trend that is taking over the traditional flat vinyl.

puff vinyl heat transfer tiktok find

Who else jumped on the Cricut craze during the pandemic? I am the proud owner of a Cricut Maker that hasn’t been used in 2 months but after learning about puffy vinyl – I totally need to get back in it!

Rather than the typical flat vinyl that you use with a Cricut cutter, this is a puffy vinyl giving your words a 3D appearance.

#9 Open Close Curtains


TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT USE: Automated Curtains because its 2021 and you can make your entire house smart including having a smart curtain opener.

automated curtain opener – tiktok

Alexa, open my curtains. That is all I could think about after watching this TikTok video of automated motorized curtains.

#10 Jump Rope with Counter


TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT USE: Jump rope with counter because all that work, you need to know how many times you have jumped and for how long!

jump rope with counter tiktok

Jump roping is a great alternative workout to running. Get that HIIT in and as soon as I saw this jumprope on TikTok that had a counter, I was in.

If you see me outside jump roping, mind your own business. Never thought this would be a thing TikTok made me buy, but yet – here we are – owning an awesome counter jump rope. Not complaining.

TikTok Purchases

I am starting to see a pattern with my TikTok purchases. As I write about what and why I bought things off TikTok – I am seeing a correlation of nostalgia. Jump roping is something that I loved as a child, same with playing with a parachute. That and impulsivity, maybe? Who knows – I am not a psychologist and have no desire to psychoanalyze my TikTok Made Me Buy It purchases.

That’s it for this week’s round up of TikTok made me buy it purchases. Stay tuned to next week – who knows what things TikTok will make me buy!

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