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Funny Pathetic Memes for 2023

Get ready to eye roll into 2022 with these funny pathetic memes about the realities of the news and life today.

I don’t know about you, but 2022 has started off exactly as I hoped it not to. From positive tests ruining our Christmas plans, to finding out its not just us but nearly everyone has put a damper on the start to the year.

Best Pathetic Memes for 2022

If you are feeling all the feels and heaviness and just want to scream – do it, while laughing and sharing these PATHETIC memes. Yes, memes that scream pathetic.

pathetic memes 2022
pathetic memes 2022

Each year I ditched the New Year’s Resolutions and decided to go with a word of the year several years back. I try to make it optimistic, but alas today I am in a snarky mood so might just want to make this year’s word PATHETIC.

While originally this pathetic meme is based off The Simpsons and Principal Skinner, we have found creative other ways to meme this using today’s top headlines.

pathetic meme
Pathetic Meme is based on The Simpson’s Principal Skinner

Another popular pathetic meme is the pathetic cat meme.

pathetic cat meme
pathetic cat meme

Powerball Meme

Who else is buying a Powerball ticket in hopes to win the jackpot? If this is something you do, know you are seen because this is totally me.

powerball meme pathetic
powerball meme

Sure, I may not win the 7th largest Powerball jackpot ever of $630 million. Let your friends post and share with you this powerball meme because I will say this.

If you don’t buy the Powerball ticket, you have ZERO chance. And if you do buy a Powerball ticket it maybe like a 1 in 292.2 million chance but its a better chance than not playing at all! BUY THE TICKET (and I’ll be happy to send you my Venmo if you win.)

Zoom Forever

When you realize that you will be on zoom every work day for the next forever. (see zoom memes)

when you realize that you will be on zoom every work day for the next forever pathetic meme
simpsons pathetic meme

Pathetic Boss

When your boss wants you to keep your camera on all day to ensure that you are working when you are working from home. Yeah, about that. This is exactly why the great resignation is happening!

when your boss wants you to keep your camera on all day pathetic meme
skinner pathetic meme

And if you do work from home, enjoy these funny work memes.

Bank Account

You guys, while we may have been down and out for the holidays, that doesn’t mean that our bank account didn’t take a hit.

when you look at your bank account pathetic meme
pathetic skinner meme

It may have hit even more with us having to order food delivery and last minute gift delivery.

Andy Cohen on New Years

If you didn’t watch the melt down of Andy Cohen, it was hilarious. Sad, yes because this could be shown to anyone who drinks too much and doesn’t realize what comes out of their mouth.

andy cohen on new years eve meme
andy cohen meme

But if you are a fan of Andy Cohen, you know this is the type of shenanigans he lives for and well, it just all came out on CNN to anyone watching on New Year’s eve.

Finding a Test, Pathetic

You guys, have you tried to find a certain C19 test? Finding an over the counter test has rendered near impossible here in Texas. It maybe easier to find a PS5 than find a test.

when trying to find a covid test is harder than finding a ps5 pathetic meme
covid test pathetic meme

Yes, you can go wait at urgent care on the standby list for 4+ hours because the facilities around here are not taking appointments or you can wait a few days. UGH. Covid memes for more pathetic humor.

Back to School After Winter Break

As mentioned, TEXAS – so of course there has been no real mention that this thing is back in full force other than “don’t send your kids to school if x, y or z.”

when school comes back for break and pretends like covid doesn't exist
skinner meme

Teachers be like memes – bless you teachers.

IHU Variant

You want to talk about the IHU Variant? I don’t.

ihu variant meme
ihu variant meme

CDC Guideline Memes

Another hot topic that is well, pathetic – the CDC guidelines for going back to work.

cdc covid guidelines pathetic meme
csc covid guidelines meme

God bless the medical professionals who are doing their best to keep us well in the midst of this craziness. Even if the CDC doesn’t see you, know that many of us do and appreciate you.

when the cdc wants you back to work when you are sick pathetic meme
cdc guideline memes

Governor Abbott Federal Support

When Governor Abbott wants Federal help to treat C19 while refusing to help stop it. Come on, man. Regardless of your stance, surely you see the idocrisy in not preventing and then wanting help when the lack of prevention fails. (business insider)

texas governor abbott meme pathetic
greg abbott meme

While yes, we do need more testing – can we just not with him next election.

Let’s just remember that traveling nurses are costing us $10,000 a week per nurse. And also, that money is our tax dollars. That is not fiscally conservative. Texas memes, y’all.

Tornado Sirens Meme

Who else loves to watch the first Wednesday of the month to see people freaking out on local Facebook groups because the city is testing the tornado sirens.

people freaking out about the noise on first wednesday siren meme

Sean Hannity Texts to Mark Meadows

As January 6 approaches and the first anniversary of the crazy at the capitol happens, Fox News Sean Hannity’s texts to Mark Meadows (Donald Trump’s chief of staff) are revealed.

sean hannity texts meme

“I’m very worried about the next 48 hours.” About what, Sean? UGH. Pathetic. Read more on Yahoo.

Prince Andrew

This whole Prince Andrew, Jeffery Epstein unknown needs to be revealed. Down with high powered, wealthy people taking advantage and getting away with abuse.

prince andrew meme

So much to say, but alas will sum it up with PATHETIC.

More about the Prince Andrew crazy. And in relation to that.

Ghislaine Maxwell Meme

And another big huge pathetic meme yell goes to Ghislaine Maxwell and any one associated with this type of crazy.

ghislaine maxwell pathetic meme

While she was found guilty, way too many are hiding in the shadows.

KFC Launches Beyond Meat Fried Chicken

Who needs real chicken when you can have fake chicken! Listen, I get it. I actually bought our first package of Beyond Meat meatballs last week to see what the fuss was about. We have thousands of vegans enjoying our vegan memes.

kfc beyond meat meme
kfc meme

The cost of poultry, in addition to the treatment of animals and so on – but still it is quite pathetic when you think about it all.


Following the insanity that is happening at Kazakhstan? If you saw that headline and thought, isn’t that where Borat is from? Why, yes! Borat is from Kazakhstan but that’s not why this country is in the news.

kazakhstan meme
kazakhstan meme

I’ll let the New York Times explain the whole deal, but let’s just say this Kazakhstan meme represents the pathetic chaos that is happening there. Bless.

Tristan Thompson

You guys, I really try to avoid celebrity news. Keyword, try. But you gotta admit, this whole Khloe Kardashian Tristan Thompson situation demands this pathetic meme.

tristan thompson meme
tristan thompson meme

No idea what we are talking about, you are not pathetic and in fact smart to not worry about these types of shenanigans.

Blank Pathetic Meme

Use this blank pathetic meme to make your own collection of pathetic memes! Share them with us on our Facebook page.

blank pathetic meme
blank pathetic meme

More Pathetic Memes

While Principal Skinner rocks the pathetic meme well, here are some more pathetic memes for LOLing.

sponge bob pathetic meme
pathetic sponge bob meme

This pathetic cat meme is exactly why our house does not have a cat. Cat think they are superior and we already have enough kids around here who think they are superior. We don’t need any more of a competition for superioress!

pathetic cat meme - onions looking at fruit and vegetables that don't fight back when they're cut - pathetic.
pathetic cat meme

Share the Memes

There you have it, a collection of 2022 pathetic memes. I hope that while this moment may feel the p word, let’s hope that the rest of the year is less pathetic and more amazing. Here’s to new in 2022.

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