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Funny Pathetic Memes for Pitiful Moments

Eye rolling thru the year with funny pathetic memes about the realities of the news and life today. When life goes sideways, what better way to exclaim hypocrisy and crazy then with one simple word… pathetic! Doing what we love to do, we are bringing you the best in funny memes that scream pathetic.

If you are feeling all the feels and heaviness and just want to scream – do it, while laughing and sharing these PATHETIC memes. Yes, memes that scream pathetic.

Best Pathetic Memes

funny pathetic memes
pathetic memes

Each year I ditched the New Year’s Resolutions and decided to go with a word of the year several years back. I try to make it optimistic, but alas today I am in a snarky mood so might just want to make this year’s word PATHETIC.

this is pathetic meme

Ah, the word “pathetic” is like a rollercoaster of emotions in the English language! It’s like that feeling when you see a baby kitten trying to roar like a lion – you can’t help but feel a mix of “aww, poor thing” and a dash of “seriously, dude?” all at once.

pathetic moira rose meme
pathetic moira rose meme

At its core, “pathetic” describes something or someone that elicits pity or evokes a sense of sorrow due to their weakness, insignificance, or unfortunate circumstances. Pathetically perfect, from our Schitts Creek memes.

pathetic work meme
pathetic work meme

In essence, “pathetic” reflects a complex interplay of emotions, often influenced by the context in which it is used, making it a word laden with both empathy and judgment.

pathetic people meme
pathetic people meme

Pathetic Simpsons Meme

The original pathetic meme is based off the infamous Principal Skinner from the hit cartoon TV series, The Simpsons.

simpsons pathetic meme with principal skinner
simpsons pathetic meme

While originally this pathetic meme is based off The Simpsons and Principal Skinner, we have found creative other ways to meme this using today’s top headlines.

pathetic meme

Pathetic Cat Meme

Another popular pathetic meme is the pathetic cat meme.

pathetic cat meme
pathetic cat meme

But let’s face it, most cat faces say “pathetic”. Cats are judgmental. Don’t believe me? Read this article from NY Post about why cats look so judgmental.

pathetic. cute kitten photo

“Cats are not judgmental … there might be other things causing that expression. Perhaps the cat is feeling cornered, or there’s another cat nearby, or maybe there’s a slight pain, or another animal [around],” certified cat behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger told The Post. I’m not buying it.

pathetic cat funny

This pathetic cat meme is exactly why our house does not have a cat. Cat think they are superior and we already have enough kids around here who think they are superior. We don’t need any more of a competition for superiors!

pathetic cat meme  onions looking at fruit and vegetables that don't fight back when they're cut  pathetic.

Pathetic can refer to situations where we may feel compassion or empathy for someone’s struggles.

Pitiful Meme

According to the Thesaurus, a similar word to pathetic is pitiful. Who are we not to give you pitiful memes as a pairing.

pitiful meme
pitiful meme

Someone or something that is pitiful is so sad, weak, or small that you feel pity for them.

pitiful meme funny
pitiful meme funny

Synonyms: pathetic, distressing, miserable, harrowing More Synonyms of pitiful. pitifully adverb.

Blank Pathetic Meme

Use this blank pathetic meme to make your own collection of pathetic memes! Share them with us on our Facebook page.

blank pathetic meme
blank pathetic meme

More Pathetic Memes

While Principal Skinner rocks the pathetic well, here are some more pathetic memes for LOLing.

spongebob pathetic meme

From our Star Wars memes, Yoda telling it how it is.

yoda meme pathetic

Share the Memes About Being Pathetic

There you have it, a collection of funny memes that scream “pathetic!” I hope that while this moment may feel the p word, let’s hope that the rest of the year is less pathetic and more amazing.

pathetic duck meme

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