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Best Pi Day Memes for Celebrating 3.14

Get ready to celebrate Pi Day in the most deliciously hilarious way possible – with a feast of Pi Day memes! As math enthusiasts and pie lovers alike unite on March 14th to honor the mathematical constant π (pi), we’re serving up a slice of humor to accompany your festivities.

pi day memes

From pun-tastic jokes to clever equations, these Pi Day memes are sure to add an extra sprinkle of joy to your equation-solving adventures.

spongebob pi day meme caption if it was actually pi day it would never end

This silly pun day is of course ridden with funny and here are our favorite funny pi day memes for 2024.

March 14 is Pi Day

Pi Day is like Christmas for math geeks, except instead of cookies and milk, we celebrate with circles and irrational numbers!

happy pi day

It’s the one day a year where you can eat pie guilt-free while pondering the mysteries of the universe – or at least the mysteries of geometry. So grab a slice, calculate your circumference, and let the good times roll on 3/14!

this is me pretending that on march 14th calories and carbs dont count as i shove my face with pie to celebrate pi day

Yes, we are nerdy and punny like that. Pi Day, March 14 or 3.14 is the nerdy celebration of the number that just doesn’t quit. Don’t miss all of our March memes!

happy pi day meme

And there you have it folks, these are about as nerdy as I am going to get – let’s get to the funny stuff – Funny Pi Day Memes!

its gonna be pi day

Now, here is what you are here for, bring on the Pi Day Memes!

gotta get down on pi day meme with rebecca black mocking friday song

Celebrate 3.14 and your inner nerdiness, with these pi memes for sharing – including the master of everything including math, Chuck Norris.

happy pi day meme chuck norris knows the last digits of pi

This hey girl, Ryan Gosling meme just made this day even sweeter.

hey girl happy pi day meme with ryan gosling

3.14 = Pie

Mind blown. When you flip 3.14 backwards you get PIE!

pi day memes funny

Happy Pi Day

For those of you who are bound and determined to remember all the pi digits.

happy pi day must memorize all the digits

Send these Happy Pi Day memes to your favorite math loving nerd.

happy pi day meme with a photo of a pie with the pi symbol and 3.14

Our kids love March 14th. We always pick up a pie from a local pie shop (our favorite Dallas pie shop is Emporium Pies) or a pizza pie because you know it is 3.14 and that’s how to celebrate.

happy pie day meme batman and robin

Happy Pi Day to someone who thinks they are smart because they know it’s Pi Day. We all need these types of friends.

happy pi day to someone who thinks they're famous because they know pi day  funny pi meme

Pie Humor for Pi Day

The funny pi and pie pun spills over onto even more pie memes! When you realize that its PI not PIE…

pi not pie day meme

Why not specific necessarily to pi day, unless you are making someone a crap pie – but this funny pie meme is hilarious nonetheless.

make someone a pie meme

A PIE chart using a PIE showing you how many people celebrate PI day. This is a very PUNNY meme about Pi Day.

people who celebrate pi day chart

Best pie representing Pi Day!

Best Pi Day Pie

Target pricing their Sara Lee Apple Pies $3.14 – ironically funny. Well played, Target – well played.

Well Played Target  Sara Lee Apple Pie $3.14

The Swedish Chef knows what day it is and what we do on March 14th.

Swedish Chef Brings the Pi

Ginger and Mary Anne deliver for Pie Day. Where is Gilligan and the skipper? And the fact I used to watch Gilligan’s Island as a child, totally doesn’t age me…

 Gilligans Island Ginger and Mary Anne bring Pie on Pi Day

What better way to bring foodies and nerds together than with PIE on Pi Day!

pi day meme pie day foodies and math nerds unite

Pi Day is Irrational

One of the reasons I think I love Pi Day is it’s irrational, quite like myself.

you are as irrational as pi

See – Pi is an irrational number, meaning it cannot be expressed as a fraction, and its decimal representation never ends and never repeats. Learn more nerdy things about Pi Day.

Leo Dicaprio cheers to being irrational pi day meme

As mentioned, Pi being irrational is one of the reasons this day is so great. Here are irrational memes about Pi.

Irrational Numbers! This hilarious comic cleverly is of a number 4 complaining about her 3.1 husband who goes on and on.

Wife of Pi
pi day comic source: Scott Hillburn

More Pi Day Humor

While I’m not a cool mom, I do love feeding the kids pie on Pi day.

when it's pi day and mom doesn't serve pie

Anyone else a fan of Drunk History? I asked the waited for 0.392699 because I only wanted a slice of PI.

Drunk History Meme  I asked the waiter for .392699 because i only wanted a slice off of pi

Name this movie..

pie day meme funny: from the meaning of life man covered in pie caption says may your pie day fill you with happiness

He doesn’t always celebrate Pi Day – but he is always drinking that Dos Equis!

i don't always celebrate pi  but when i do its march 14th

Memorize all the digits. The closest to memorizing pi is going to be 3.14 for me. But if you want to be fancy, memorize: 3.14159265359

knowing all the digits of pi gives people the feeling of power

Good luck memorizing all of the PI digits!

i like pie do you

Dirty memes aren’t our thing but use your imagination, weirdo.

here's your dirty pi day meme use your imagination weirdo

Happy Birthday Pi Memes

If your birthday is March 14, did you know you share a birth date with Albert Einstein? Though, Albert Einstein’s birthday is March 14, 1879.

einstein birthday pi day meme

Share this March 14 pi birthday meme with anyone who celebrates a bday today! Or check out our massive collection of funny birthday memes!

happy birthday pi day meme

One does not simply have a birthday on March 14th and not be a nerd.

one does not simply have a birthday on 3.14 and not be a nerd. Happy birthday!

Spread the joy of Pi Day by sharing these delightful memes with your friends and fellow math enthusiasts!

raspberry pi no idea what this means because i'm not a computer nerd

Don’t forget to tag us on social media and link back to this post to keep the laughter multiplying.

happy pi day to someone with mathematically perfect proportions

Let’s make this Pi Day one to remember – filled with laughter, love, and of course, plenty of pie! We’ve got your funny memes for everything.

i heard you like ratios im 50/50

Don’t miss a single chance to share with our March memes to keep you laughing the entire month long.

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