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Best Pi Day Memes for Celebrating 3.14

3.14 Pi Day Memes! Celebrate your inner math nerd with these funny pictures about pi. 

Get ready for the onslaught of PI MEMES on March 14th because it’s PIE DAY, correction PI DAY.

pi day memes 3 14 march 14th

Our kids love March 14th, why? It’s PI day! What do we do to celebrate PI – we get PIE of course! Yes, we are nerdy and punny like that. Pi Day, March 14 or 3.14 is the nerdy celebration of the number that just doesn’t quit. 

Funny Pi Memes with Pie Einstein’s Birthday

It’s not just Pi Day, it’s Albert Einstein’s birthday, too!

Pi Day is Irrational Just Like The Number

One of the reasons I think I love Pi Day is it’s irrational, quite like myself. See – Pi is an irrational number, meaning it cannot be expressed as a fraction, and its decimal representation never ends and never repeats. Learn more nerdy things about Pi Day.

happy pi day from the ultimate PI - magnum p.i. tom sellek

And there folks is about as nerdy as I am going to get – let’s get to the funny stuff – Funny Pi Day Memes!

Funny Pi Day Memes

Now, here is what you are here for! Bring on the Pi Day Memes! Celebrate 3.14 and your inner nerdiness, with these pi memes for sharing.

make someone a pie meme

Rebecca Black singing Pi day – tell me you didn’t just sing this in the tone of FRIDAY, FRIDAY?


Nerds and Foodies, UNITE!

pie day pi meme

Because can you even create a best meme list without including a Chuck Norris meme? Nope, didn’t think so!

chuk norris pi day meme

Or what about a HEY GIRL, Ryan Gossling Meme? It’s a must include!

Ryan Gossling Happy Pi Day Hey Girl Meme

Mind blown.

314 413 PIE - Funny Pi Day Memes

PI, not PIE.

Batman meme robin slap

Best Pie Memes on Pi Day

Why not specific necessarily to pi day, unless you are making someone a crap pie – but this funny pie meme is hilarious none the less. 

Isn’t it pie on pi day punny? 

Happy Pi Day with a Pie

A PIE chart using a PIE showing you how many people celebrate PI day. This is a very PUNNY meme about Pi Day.

people who celebrate pi day chart

Best pie representing Pi Day!

Best Pi Day Pie

Target pricing their Sara Lee Apple Pies $3.14 – ironically funny. Well played, Target – well played.

Well Played Target - Sara Lee Apple Pie $3.14
Swedish Chef Brings the Pi


Fresh Pie $3.14

Enjoy all of our FUNNY MEMES!

Irrational Memes About Pi

As mentioned, Pi being irrational is one of the reasons this day is so great. Here are irrational memes about Pi. 

Heres to being irrational on pi day
source: some ecards

Irrational Numbers! 

Wife of Pi
source: Scott Hillburn

More Funny Memes About Pi Day

And even more

Happy Pi Day to Someone With Mathematically Perfect Proportions
source: some ecards

But yes, knowing it’s Pi Day does sound smart. Thank you very much.

happy pi day to someone who thinks they're famous because they know pi day - funny pi meme
source: some ecards
humble pi meme
source: Scott Hillburn

Anyone else a fan of Drunk History?

Drunk History Meme - I asked the waiter for -.392699 because i only wanted a slice off of pi


Magnum PI Celebrates Pi Day

Name this movie..

Happy Pie Day Everybody

Ginger and Mary Anne deliver PIE!

 Gilligans Island Ginger and Mary Anne bring Pie on Pi Day

He doesn’t always celebrate Pi Day – but he is always drinking that Dos Equis!

I don't always celebrate pi day but when i do it's march 14th

Good luck memorizing all of the PI digits!

Memorize All the Pi Numbers - pi day meme

There you have it the best PI day memes for sharing.  We just ask you either link back to or tag us at @digitalmomblog on social. Now go eat some pie.

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