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Funny Spring Break Memes: Sun, Sand, and Sarcasm


Ah, spring break memes – the perfect remedy for those of us stuck between dreaming of sandy shores and facing the reality of everyday life. Like any typical holiday, this family is last minute and didn’t plan a single thing until the day before we left.

As we navigate through the chaos of planning our ultimate getaway or simply surviving the week, let’s take a moment to revel in the hilarity and relatability of spring break memes.

spring break memes

Best Spring Break Memes

Enjoy these hilarious spring break memes for everyone from party goers to teachers and parents. Whether you are getting away for a little vacation or having a staycation at home, we are bringing the funny. Brace yourself the Spring break memes are coming.

spring break memes funny

This is as close as I am to a spring break. Broke spring break meme warning!

broke spring break meme

If you are spending your week off at the beach, may the odds be in your favor.

spring break at the beach may the odds be in your favor

Despite the crazy high gas prices (see gas memes) – it looks like people will be hitting the road and the skies to get away.

Spring Break Countdown Memes

When the anticipation of a week off for Spring Break is so intense and needed, you create Spring Break countdown memes! Let’s face it. Too much crazy in the world (see Ukraine memes) we all need a getaway.

sponge bob spring break countdown meme

Stay strong. The week long holiday is so close, yet so not even close.

week before spring break stay strong spring break is almost here meme

When it’s the Friday before Spring Break. Don’t miss our Friday memes.

friday before spring break meme pray for me

This photo of a cat laying on a beach just makes me jealous.

it is almost spring break meme

Spring Break is HERE! This is the life. Of course some stupid cat knocked his owner out of their beach chair so that he could live his best beach life for this photo, drink and all!

spring break is here meme

Happy Spring Break Meme

Yoda says, Happy Spring Break you will have! We are counting on you to be right, old man.

happy spring break meme you will have yoda

If you love you some Yoda, how about some Star Wars memes?

Spring Break Memes for Students

While parents are on edge, these Spring Break memes for Students are for the kids.

students waiting for spring break be like meme
student spring break meme

Who doesn’t love the Minions (or these minion memes)? Spring break with no school – woohoo!

minion spring break meme for students

The students on the beach, can’t tell if they are burnt out spring break college students or zombies.

spring break college student meme can't tell is spring. break college students or zombies

Spring break? Alpaca my bags!

funny spring break meme alpaca my bags funny pun

Funny Spring Break Memes for Teachers

We love our educators. This week off is well deserved. Don’t miss our complete collection of funny teacher memes. Enjoy your week off, your students and lesson planning can wait!

teachers waiting for spring break meme

Teachers be like… watching that last school bus drive away so I can have the week off that I deserve. And this week off you have EARNED. See our school memes for more funny.

spring break meme for teachers watching the last school bus drive away

Teachers leaving for vacation may require crowd control. Remember, no running in the halls!

teachers leaving for spring break meme

This spring break teacher meme says it all. Teachers you are OFF DUTY!

teachers on spring break meme off duty

More Spring Break Memes

The funny memes about Spring Break keep coming.

one does not simply work during spring break

That feeling that vacation is near, so close that you can smell it. See all of our vacation memes.

when spring break vacation is so close you can smell it

Don’t miss our cruise memes. While we love cruising, this will be our first boat vacation with the kids.

did someone say spring break cruise

The face you make when the welcome you back after a too short week off.

welcome back from spring break meme

Parents who did not make plans over the week long holiday and work from home while trying to juggle all the things be like.

spring break over meme for parents

Have you ever seen such a sad face? Me neither!

end of spring break meme the feeling you get when spring break is over

We have a huge collection of funny work memes that you must check out if this returning from spring break meme gives you all the feels.

returning from spring break meme when spring break is over i am dead inside

For those who overshare on social media while on a Spring Break vacation (I am that person – sorry not sorry) – this meme is for you.

yeah if you could just stop posting your spring break vacation photos

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spring break meme

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family drinking meme

After all, sharing memes is the modern-day equivalent of passing around a good joke at the beach bonfire. Let’s keep the fun going! #SpringBreakMemes The hot season will be here before we know it and our summer memes will get you ready for fun in the sun!

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