30 Funny Homeschool Memes and Remote Learning Humor

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We are sharing funny homeschool memes because now, a large majority of the United States schools are doing remote learning.

While some of you are OG homeschoolers, the rest of us are new and we have ZERO idea what we are doing. Whether you are and old school home school or a newbie to the remote online school game, we are bringing the LOLs.

Funny Homeschool Memes

So like all of the other hot news topics, we bring you the best funny homeschool memes. Laugh, enjoy and share – especially with your teacher friends!

homeschool memes
homeschool memes

Do you ever feel like you are in the Twilight Zone? 2020 worse year ever has felt just like that. First everyone is working from home, kids are off from school and then SMACK – we are now playing the role of parent and teacher.

Mandatory Homeschool Meme
funny homeschool memes

Yes, I know that some of you have the gift of teaching and homeschool by choice. How I wish I had that ability! Don’t worry, you will relate to most of these homeschool memes.

homeschool meme - when my kids find out homeschoolers just go to school 3 hours a day
homeschool meme

And while yes, remote learning differs from homeschooling – to us public schoolers this is literal home school!

Somewhere out there is a kid who brought home the class pet homeschool meme

My style of homeschooling is just like this homeschool meme states. Yes, we have Tiger King memes. Bless each of you parents who has patience to school your kids at home.

homeschooling meme
homeschooling meme

Don’t miss our huge collection of school memes.

Virtual Schooling

Virtual school is now regular school.

Years ago our kids did virtual school. We moved to an amazing school district so back to public school they went.

virtual learning mom meme

Now here we are in the midst of Covid (see covid memes) and we are having to do virtual school, or remote learning.

Let’s not forget about when our kid gets sick after they go back to school! 10 days at home with a sick kid that is expected to learn while at home ill. Quarantine memes if that happens to you.

School Closed for the Year

The Texas schools here most likely will remain closed thru the end of the school year.

homeschool meme How is homeschool going - students suspended, teacher drinking, lunch lady quit

Like I’ve said since the beginning of this craziness, we have to keep our sense of humor and we are doing that thru funny memes.

First day of homeschool meme
first day of homeschool

You are not alone in this forced homeschool journey. View a map of all of the school closures.

Who is taking first day of homeschool photos - homeschool meme
homeschool photo meme

We have to remember that this situation is history in the making. America is shutdown.

Someday our kids will have kids those kids will be bored and want to go somewhere. This is our kids "2 mile walk in the snow uphill moment." History in the making meme

Thankfully our school district is great about helping us homeschool and virtual learn during this period of time. If not, my kids would be learning about the 1996 gang war because that’s the history I know.

Homeschool day 4 forget the war of 1812, today we are learning about the east coast west coast war of 1996. Homeschool meme when mom teaches
vis @mommymemejeans

Parents are over here trying to teach 4th grade math when they don’t know 4th grade math. Thank GOD for Khan Academy.

Homeschool Recess

Homeschool recess may start at 9:30 am. But that’s the beauty of no real schedule since mom is the teacher.

homeschool recess meme

Mom Teaching Homeschool

Some of us never thought we would be homeschool teachers. Perception of mom teaching homeschool be like:

What homeschool moms are... memes about homeschooling kids
homeschool mom meme

Moms Be Tryin

Us moms are doing our best. You have to laugh and smile, even if your child calls you out.

Homeschool teacher is now hom - this is a child essay on how homeschool is going. Funny meme about homeschool mom

Parent Teacher Meme

Moms, if you need to have a parent teacher conference with yourself, do it.

Moms, if you need to have a parent teacher conference with yourself, do it.

When everyone gets to homeschool. Gee, thanks Oprah.

Oprah meme everybody gets homeschool
homeschool meme

The Teachers were Right

These homeschool memes about kids behavior cracked me up! Teachers, we got you too – see our teacher memes.

homeschool teacher meme
homeschool teacher meme

While I am not saying that is never the teacher or the school who is at fault, because unfortunately it often is.

parent teacher meme

It is easy for us to jump and blame them when it could easily be our kids! Love my kids, but they aren’t always innocent.

Working Moms Trying to Homeschool

Alright working moms, these funny homeschool memes are for you. With schools closing – we are busier than ever.


There are many of us working mom who are trying to homeschool and work at the same time.

Me trying to work from home, homeschool meme about moms

Pray for us. We are doing all we can to juggle work, homeschool, kids, relationships, families – all while social distancing.

Funny homeschool meme about busy mom working and trying to homeschool during coronavirus quarantine

Teacher Appreciation Homeschool Memes

I know teachers do a lot. They don’t get paid enough.

Teacher Meme about Teacher Pay

But after this temporary homeschool virtual learning experience, they will be appreciated even more. And back to school memes will even be funnier next school year!

Teacher Appreciation Week Meme

Pray for teachers, even now. Teachers are having to adapt to distance learning and pivot with no warning.


Even More Funny Homeschool Memes

Here are more funny homeschool memes that I had to share.

School Supplies Meme

Pajamas all day long. I mean, those of us who work from home know this all too well.

2020 Yearbook Photo Homeschool Meme

Get creative with the homeschool classes! AP Chores is a great help to busy moms. Honors yard work will save you money on lawn care.

Creative Homeschool Classes Home Economics 101

Now that we are homeschooling and doing remote learning – the kids stealing food from the cafeteria – aka pantry, ALL DAY LONG. RATION KIDS, RATION!

Kids Stealing Food from CafeteriaHomeschool Meme

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

If you were thrown into homeschooling due to the school shut down, just do your best to remain sane.

Be Kind To Yourself Meme It's Okay

During this time, just know that it’s okay.

  • to not know how to homeschool your own child
  • to not know how to work from home
  • to give your child more screen time than usual
  • to make colorful daily schedules and wing it
  • to not magically feel motivated to work out or take on a new hobby and its okay to not feel okay.

This is not normal for any of us. Please be kind to yourself. You are doing great by just loving on your kids, protecting them at home during this time and staying well.

Sending all the love.

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