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25 Shark Memes That Will Leave You in Stitches

Diving into the deep blue sea of the internet, one can’t help but encounter the fin-tastic world of shark memes.

These creatures of the deep have managed to swim their way into the heart of digital culture, proving that sharks are not just about suspenseful music and dramatic underwater chases.

shark memes

Whether it’s a Great White with a great sense of humor or a Hammerhead hammering out dad jokes, shark memes have become the ocean’s greatest contribution to internet comedy.

shark meme come in and play the water is beautiful

So, buckle up (or should we say, strap on your life vests), as we embark on a journey through the hilarious world of shark memes, where the only thing biting is the wit.

shark week memes  it's that time of year...

Shark week memes and July memes – we have them all!

its shark week meme

These shark week memes are for the annual week long Shark fest on Discovery channel.

funny shark week meme

This year’s shark tv binge fest includes 25 hours of new shows – including the never before-seen footage of walking sharks!

shark week in alabama meme

It’s kind of funny when you think that sharks get a whole entire week dedicated to them. Moms, yeah we get a day. (See our mom memes.)

shark week meme: moms working tirelessly to raise our future get a day of recognition each year. Sharks, they get a week.

Speaking of walking sharks, do you think it looks like this?

walking shark meme

What is summer without Shark Week and summer memes!

Jaws Meme

Who else can hear the Jaws theme when looking at this Jaws meme? This is a great question: why do they call the shark jaw and now teeth?

why do they call me jaws and not teeth

When you hire teenagers, this is what you get.

jaws meme  well played target

Shark Coochie Board Meme

While the shark coochie board meme is not your traditional funny shark meme, you gotta love this.

shark coochie board meme

Charcuterie board is just way too complicated to say anyways.

shark coochie because no one can say charcutterie

Love you some cheese, enjoy these cheese memes.

Baby Shark Memes

You maybe a parent of a toddler if you see this baby shark meme and can literally hear it. We have a slew of toddler memes just for you!

baby shark meme doo doo doo doo doo

This tweet from @catvalente is so spot on. In like 15 year somewhere in a crowded fashion savvy nightclub, a DJ is gonna drop Baby Shark and the place is gonna explode.

funny baby shark meme in like 15 year somewhere in a crowded fashion savvy nightclub, a DJ is gonna drop Baby Shark and the place is gonna explode.

We went thru this weird viral parenting phenomenon with Wonder Pets, Blues Clues and Dora the Explorer.

Shark Week Period

If you are a menstruating female, shark week probably happens about every 28 days. We didn’t forget you with the funny shark week period memes. It is crazy how a shark’s brain and a uterus have a similar shape. Who would of thunk?

shark week period meme

Sometimes you have to be more obvious. Send this shark week period meme to whoever needs a little more blunt talk.

shark week is coming. consider yourself warned.

Left Shark

At the 2015 Super Bowl half-time performance with Katy Perry, the left shark meme was born. Dancing beside Katy were 2 dancers in shark costumes.

left shark meme funny shout out to all my left sharks who have no idea what they are doing

The poor left shark during the Super Bowl half-time show with Katy Perry just did not have any idea what was going on, birthing the meme that is still funny all these years later.

Shark Attack Memes

Oh, shark attack memes. The reason that this fish is so loved and so hated. The best way to avoid a shark attack is to avoid swimming in the ocean. Follow me for more fun beach vacation advice!

shark attack meme  the best way to avoid a shark attack is to avoid swimming in the ocean

Speaking of, if you are on a beach vacation, don’t miss our beach memes! If you are a jokester, this shark bite meme featuring a funny (not so funny) beach joke.

shark bite meme heres what you will need ketchup sand and a friend

This shark attack meme has the fish giving his side of the story about the attack. He was just swimming along and bit into a tasty leg rope before some dude started hitting him.

i was just swimming along bit into a tasty leg rope and some dude hits me in the back, madness. shark attack meme funny

Don’t miss our vacation memes, perfect for sharing before hitting up the beach.

Sharknado Meme

This Sharknado meme is for anyone who thinks their idea won’t make money.

sharknado meme  if you ever think your idea can't make money, think about the sharknado franchise has made over $4.5 billion

The silly movie Sharknado is now a franchise and grossed over $4.5 billion. (source:

Fish With Teeth Meme

If fish had human teeth, this is what they would look like.

fish with teeth meme glad they don't human teeth

This shark with human teeth, terrifying.

fish with human teeth meme

More Funny Memes About Sharks

The funny shark memes continue! These misunderstood fish just want to be loved liked the rest of us.

sharks meme did you know the ocean is salty because of shark tears? these misunderstood fish just want to cuddle and be loved.

Shark Cow Meme

When cows body count out number sharks annually, you begin to wonder.

shark cow meme

Snopes even confirmed!!

Cute Shark Meme

Feeling cute, might kill ya later. I don’t know y’all, the words cute shark just don’t together.

cute shark meme  feeling kind of cute might kill ya later

Shark Lego Meme

For any parent who knows the pain of stepping on a lego. See our parenting memes for more funny!

a rare shark image of a shark stepping on a lego

Monday Shark Meme

Do sharks complain about Monday? No, they are up early biting stuff, chasing things, being scary and reminding everyone they are a shark.

shark monday meme do sharks complain about monday

Be a Monday Shark. Or not, but whatever enjoy these Monday memes.

We love happy birthday memes! For your friend who loves the ocean, share this shark birthday meme.

shark birthday meme a little fish told me it was your birthday so i ate it

Fear of Sharks Meme

Anyone else have an irrational childhood fear of sharks in the deep end of the pool? This shark in pool meme is hitting a little too close to home.

shark in pool meme  irrational childhood fear unlocked

Hammerhead Meme

Stop, hammerhead shark meme time!

hammerhead shark meme

Ikea Shark Memes

Why would a plush Ikea shark meme even exist? Well in late 2019, the Swedish company released this large plush shark and well, the internet loved it.

ikea shark meme thinking about the family of sharks eating dinner in ikea

The trend of memeing the sharks by posing the plush animals at Ikea became a thing. Source @tiredezra

Share the Shark Memes

As we surface from the laugh-filled depths of shark memes, it’s clear that these oceanic jesters have a special place in the ecosystem of internet humor. They remind us that the internet is a vast sea of creativity, where even the most feared predators can be the stars of the show.

So, don’t keep these chuckles to yourself! Share your favorite shark memes on social media, tagging us in your posts and linking back to this treasure trove of humor. Let’s create a wave of laughter that spans the seven seas, proving once and for all that sharks can be the kings of comedy in the digital ocean.

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