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Best Handmaids Tale Memes and Images for Season 6

Season 5 drops and we have the best Handmaids Tale memes to celebrate.

Dark, prolific and powerful – we are sharing our favorite memes about The Handmaid’s Tale.

The Handmaid’s Tale Memes 2023

We are sharing our favorite funny Handmaid’s Tale memes (and not so funny!) about the show, life, women’s rights, Texas, SCOTUS and more.

blessed be the memes may the internet be open
handmaids tale memes

The Handmaid’s Tale started as a futuristic dystopian novel written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. In the years since it’s 1985 release, it has been made into a movie.

In 2017, it became a hit Hulu series sharing the dark hell of the takeover of Gilead.

the handmaid's tale is back! Let the fall of Gilead begin!
handmaids tale gilead meme

With current real world events seeming to echo parts of this fictional book, it makes these Handmaid’s tale memes even more relatable!

this is me, watching the handmaid's tale reminding myself this is fiction and prentending there are no similarities to real life
handmaids tale meme 2023

Handmaid’s Tale Season 6

Now on to Handmaids Tale season 6, which is slated to begin filming in August 2023. Which a typical season takes 6 months to shoot and edit.

every episode of the handmaid's tale i be asking y tho
handsmaid tale episode meme

We can expect a Handmaid’s Tale season 6 release date of mid 2024.

Gilead Meme

What will become of Gilead with the death of Commander Fred Waterford?

gilead when people rebel
gilead meme

Handmaid Memes of June and Offred

The hero of the show, is June. She is renamed Offred when she became a handmaid to Fred Waterford and Serena Joy.

it was suppose to be fiction
handmaids tale fiction meme

This photo of her required it to become an insomnia meme. There is no sleep when you are overtaking Gilead.

no i havent slept, why do you ask?
insomnia handmaids meme

This handmaids tale meme of June is what I think every single time she does something crazy. You know, like hijacking an airplane to save children by bringing them to Canada.

everytime june does something crazy, may the odds be in your favor
handsmaids tale june meme

The love affair of Nick and June. What will become of them in season 5? For the first time, we will be introduced to Nick’s new wife, Rose – played by Carey Cox.

handmaids tale nick june meme
handmaids tale nick june meme

When they have no idea what you are capable of. The power of June is unstoppable – or is it?

when they have no idea what you are capable of
offred meme

June is played by the amazing actress Elisabeth Moss. She also starred in the hit Mad Men. Here’s a Handmaids Tale meme that serves as a good reminder to vote.

me voting in 2016 vs me voting in 2022
handmaids tale meme women’s rights

Women’s rights include your right to vote. See our vote memes and make sure your voice is heard.

Handmaid Tale Quotes

There are a few infamous quotes from the Handmaid’s Tale series that are worth repeating, especially in jest.

Under His Eye Meme

Under his eye is often used as both a “hello” or “goodbye” in the belief that God is always watching.

under his eye
under his eye

In the Republic of Gilead, everyone is under the watchful eye of the government, spies and secret police. They are seen as the eyes of God. The eyes report anything that could be seen going against the new order of Gilead.

under his eye meme
under his eye meme

Resist Meme

Resist is what June and the handmaids do, as they rise up against the aunts and in an on-going attempt – try to defeat Gilead.

handmaids resist meme

They should never have given us uniforms if they didn’t want us to be an army.

they should have never given us uniforms if they didn't want us to be an army
handmaids tale women meme

Praise Be Meme

The meaning of Praise Be is express thanks following an happy event. In Gilead, a happy event could be good weather or a pregnancy.

praise be meme
praise be meme

Blessed Be the Fruit Meme

The main function of a handmaid is to procreate. Blessed be the fruit is a standard greeting between handmaids to encourage fertility.

blessed be the fruit meme
blessed be the fruit meme

Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum Meme

In The Handmaid’s Tale season one, episode four – we were introduced to the saying nolite te bastardes carborundorum. It was carved into the closet of the room that Offred was staying, and was done by a former handmaid.

nolite te bastardes carborundorum meme
nolite te bastardes carborundorum meme

Download The Handmaid’s Tale phone wallpaper from the official Instagram. So what does this saying mean?

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum dont let the bastards grind you down meme
dont let the bastards grind you down meme

Well…. low and behold – while if it were real it would mean “don’t let the bastards grind you down.” That said – it’s made-up! Nolite te bastardes carborundorum is mock Latin—a schoolboy’s joke, as it’s explained in both the novel and the series.” Read the history behind this phrase.

Aunt Lydia Memes

Aunt Lydia memes because you can’t share Handmaids Tale memes without them!

aunt lydia meme let this be a lesson to you
aunt lydia meme

As serious as she is, making a funny Aunt Lydia meme is just too easy.

when you roast someone and it make everyone uncomfortable
funny aunt lydia meme

If you have a boss that makes Aunt Lydia look like a nice person, first bless. Second – send your co-workers one of our funny work memes.

when your boss makes aunt lydia look like a nice person
aunt lydia boss meme

The scene where all the handmaids are in a circle chanting, she did… yeah, this who farted meme is much better than what happened after that scene.

who farted - she did, she did, she did
funny handmaids tale meme who farted

Political Handmaids Tale Memes

When you thought The Handmaid’s Tale was a dystopia novel, not a political roadmap. (source: @IanMaher7)

silly me i thought the handmaid's tale was a dystopian novel, not a political roadmap.
handmaids tale novel meme

Women’s Rights

The current SCOTUS aka Supreme Court of the United States is doing what they can to limit the rights of women over their bodies. Except, what they want isn’t what they will get.

what scotus wanted what scotus got
handsmaids tale meme roe vs wade

Handmaids Tale Texas Memes

For my fellow Texans, here are the best Texas Handmaids Tale memes to share.

texas the autumn collection
texas handmaids tale meme funny

Being from the what could be the great state of Texas, the shenanigans the state government pulls regularly is absurd.

welcome to texas - handmaids tale
texas handmaids tale meme

Enjoy our Texas memes. This is nothing new with the current administration but more recently with the SCOTUS ruling, women’s rights has taken center stages.

ofgreg abbott
greg abbott handmaids tale meme

Gotta love these blue Handmaids Tale Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader outfits! (See our Dallas Cowboys memes – for lovers and haters!)

dallas cowboys cheerleader handmaids tale
handmaids tale dallas cowboys cheerleaders meme

Funny Memes about The Handmaids Tale

Looking for something a little lighter than the political chatter? Enjoy these funny Handmaid’s Tale memes.

Handmaids Tale Birthday Meme

Blessed be your birthday. Praise be. We have birthday memes for all occasions.

blessed be your birthday praise be
handmaids tale birthday meme

Under His Eyebrows Meme

While Nick is a cutie, his eyebrows do take center stage as represented in this under his eyebrows meme.

under his eyebrows nick handmaids tale
nick handmaids tale meme

Janine Meme

The handmaid Janine just doesn’t get a break. From missing an eye to having her baby taken from her, to nearly being undone in season 4 to become a fugitive. Bless her. The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 is sure to be a thriller, let’s just hope she survives.

why you don't get a bb gun for christmas or have a rebellious spirit
janine one eye meme

Gilead Memes

TGIF – nope not one of those Friday memes. It’s Thank Gilead it’s Friday. Sounds like absolute hell, if you ask me.

tgif thank gilead its friday
tgif handmaids tale meme

Yeah, about that Fred Waterford. This Handmaid’s Tale meme is a little dated. We all know how you ended. It wasn’t pretty, but neither was your life.

thoughts and prayers
handmaids tale meme funny

Serena Joy Meme

The widow of Commander Fred Waterford is shown in this Serena Joy meme in a joyous and no joy state. She is going to make season 5 something else.

serena joy serena no joy
serena joy meme

Trump Ofputin Meme

Last but not least, the conclusion of our Handmaids Tale memes with an Ofputin meme. Our least favorite handmaid, who is innocent until proven guilty – which could be any day now.

trump ofputin meme
trump ofputin meme

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handmaids meme
handmaids meme – source @larimah

If you are a Handmaid’s junkie – here are answers to frequently asked questions about the show.

When does The Handmaids Tale season 5 release date?

The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 release date is September 14, 2022.

What channel is the Handmaids Tale on?

You can watch The Handmaid’s Tale on HULU. Watch season 1-4 before watching season 5!

Is season 5 the final season?

NO! The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 will be the final season, but season 6 will be.

When is the Handmaid’s Tale Season 6 release date?

With filming beginning in August 2023, the estimated Handmaid’s Tale season 6 release date is mid-2024.

What is the Testaments?

The Testaments is a sequel to the Handmaid’s Tale. This is another book by Margaret Atwood that has been picked up by Hulu to be a series. Bruce Miller will be producing the series, release date is currently unknown.

The Testaments takes place after the Handmaid’s Tale so the series may follow season 6 which is expected in 2023.

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