30 Funny Hungry Memes and Images For When You Need Food

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Stomach is rumbling, it’s been too long since you have eaten, better share hungry memes to let the world know!

Here at Digital Mom Blog these funny memes that we share, well – often time they relate back to real life. With 4 kids someone is always hungry. These kids do not know hunger, yet, they have no problem sending a meme about being hungry.

Funny Hungry Memes

I know I am not alone in the parenting game with kids and they silliness. Confession, I too often communicate with them in memes (see sibling memes to drop the sis or bro a funny.)

hungry memes
hungry memes

If you are needing to meme-communicate to someone that you need food, we got you.

These funny hungry memes are perfect for telling whoever you are with that it’s time to eat.

much hungry meme
much hungry meme

When you are trying to talk your mind out of wanting to eat.

i am so hungry false you just ate
funny hungry meme

How Hungry Meme

When you are so hungry you could eat just about anything.

how hungry meme
how hungry meme

Stomach Growling Meme

When the hunger signs are apparent. This stomach growling meme is something that is relatable for anyone whose tummy talks when it needs food.

stomach growling meme hungry
stomach growling meme hungry

Hello from the hungry side. My stomach tells me without food I’ll die. Adele meme for those of you who adore this queen!

hello from the hungry side my stomach tells me without food i'll die
adele hungry meme

Hunger Meme

While often times when think hungry, we are thinking food but the word can be used another way.

when i eat its the food that is scared
eating meme

Merriam Webster defines hunger as: feeling an uneasy or painful sensation from lack of food feeling hunger b: characterized by or characteristic of hunger or appetite 2a: eager, avid b: strongly motivated (as by ambition)

I’m Starving Meme

How dare someone ask you if you are hungry when you haven’t eaten. Send them a reply with this Im starving meme.

starving meme
starving meme

Me So Hungry Meme

Regardless, by sending one of these hungry memes, surely you are getting your message across. In turn, let’s hope the receiving party replies kindly with food and not a so what meme like this one.

me so hungry
cookie monster hungry meme

Hangry Meme

There is hungry and then there is HANGRY. Borrowing this from Keto Dirty, the definition of hangry. A state of anger caused by lack of food, may evoke negative change in emotional state.

hangry meme
hangry meme

Don’t miss their Hangry Memes.

Foodie Memes

There are those hungry memes for when you need food and then these foodie memes for those of us that LOVE food.

foodie meme
foodie meme

Obsessive much? Maybe, but this foodie quote nails it for any food lover. My hobbies include cooking, baking, eating, watching food network and thinking about when i will be eating again.

foodie quote - my hobbies include cooking, baking, eating, watching food network and thinking about when i will be eating again.
foodie quote

Others, like this example will be passively suggestive in nature. Did someone say food? “No, I said I am going to bed, it’s midnight.”

did someone say food
food meme

I Need Food Meme

Some, like this hungry meme are blunt and too the point.

i need food deal with it
cat hungry meme

Intermittent Fasting Meme

If you think you know hunger, try doing a fast. This intermittent fasting meme was too relatable. Hour 3, stomach growling, hunger real, fasting not fun.

me on hour 3 of intermittent fasting be like
intermittent fasting meme

Feed Me Meme

Totally applicable for broke college students who are tired of eating Ramen.

feed me meme
feed me meme

Kid Hungry Meme

Mamas who make dinner and then have a kid shortly after eating inform you that they are hungry. See our mom memes.

kid hungry meme
kid hungry meme

For the boy moms, don’t miss our son memes. This hungry meme could easily be considered one of those. HOW do boys eat THAT much and go thru THAT much milk. And WHY are they ALWAYS hungry.

funny hungry quote - last name hungry first name always
funny hungry quote

Another one for the parents (see our parenting memes!) Hungry you are, but OMG STOP BOTHERING ME YOU MUST.

hungry you are stop bothering me you must
yoda hungry meme

More Hunger Memes

When that hunger pain won’t stop, not going to feed with food but will with funny hungry memes.

If you don’t know this song, bless your heart. Hungry like a wolf meme for my Duran Duran lovin’ friends.

hungry like a wolf meme
hungry like a wolf meme

When your stomach starts talking telling you that it needs food NOW. Yeah, this hunger pains meme is the exact face made when you realize that others can hear your tummy talking.

hunger pains meme - when your stomach starts talking telling you that it needs food now
hunger pains meme

Mamas will feel this. How come nobody told me that a baby had to be fed every 3 hours and by 3 hours, it means not when they stop eating but what the clock says. Baby memes for parents of newbies.

hungry baby meme
hungry baby meme

The look the dog gives you when he wants his food served.

hungry dog meme
hungry dog meme

While yes, you just ate and I hear you saying you are still hungry but that is none of my business.

still hungry meme
still hungry meme

When you are in a relationship with food.

hungry meme funny in a relationship with food
hungry meme funny

Share the Memes About Being Hungry

These funny hungry memes are too funny. It’s a pain that we all know, but honestly anyone reading this really DOESN’T know.

hungry quote - better eat now, just in case i get hungry later.
hungry quote

None the less, it’s all in fun and for your kids that are hungry or friend who always needs to eat, share these memes! We just ask that you link back and tag us on social. Now, go get some food.

Speaking of food, Chick Fil A memes – anyone?

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