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7+ Funny Twitter Fleet Memes

Twitter Fleet Memes – the first thing I thought about when I saw the word FLEETS or FLEET over and over and was wondering why is everyone talking about ENEMAs.

Then I learned about all things Twitter Fleets and knew the memes were coming.

twitter fleet enema meme

If you follow along here at Digital Mom Blog, you know I love me some funny memes. Social media has been delivering us all the laughs with Parler memes and WeMe memes and now these hilarious Twitter Fleet memes!

Twitter Fleet Memes

Yes, the concept is not new. Fleets feature disappearing content. Yes, like every other social network – Twitter finally jumps in the game!

best social network meme about twitter fleets
best social network meme about twitter fleets - 7+ Funny Twitter Fleet Memes

So many social networks all featuring their version of “stories” – which one to choose! (Pinterest also has stories now as well!)

leaves twitter fleets meme

A lot of Twitter users are NOT impressed with Twitter Fleets. Now that it seems every social network has disappearing content, this isn’t extra special – Twitter! (I should say the Parler app hasn’t yet launched disappearing content (update on the Parler app) – dont miss our Parler memes, btw!)

Twitter Edit Button Memes

A feature that has been requested for years, is the Twitter edit button. Twitter delivers Fleets but that edit button is no where to be found!

thoughts on twitter fleet memes

All Twitter fleets but no edit button to be found!

TWITTER edit button meme fleets
Twitter Edit Button Meme

More Memes about Fleets

twitter fleets screen shots meme

Yes, while you can’t reply or retweet to a Twitter fleets, nothing is stopping you from taking that screen shot! Fleets last for 24 hours, a Twitter fleet screen shot lasts forever.

twitter screen shot fleets meme

Posting them on Insta stories and then taking Insta story screen shots and posting on Twitter fleets – oh the irony.

More Memes about Twitter Fleets

And the meme fleets continue…

donald trump twitter fleets meme

Not a political statement, just a PSA for the world. Ready for him to move on to Parler exclusively. Please, for the love no one show him how to use the Fleets feature!

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