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Wild Storm Memes That Will Make You Glad You’re Indoors

When the lightning strikes, weather goes crazy – we’ve got the best storm memes on our radar.

In our ongoing series of weather memes, we are bringing you the funny. While we can’t control the weather yet, we can control our reaction (which for us is MEMES!).

storm memes funny

Wet and Wild Storm Memes That Sum Up Your Weather Woes Perfectly

From lightning, rain, thunderstorms and even snow storms, we have the best storm memes for the weather event. Here in Texas, there isn’t a storm season. We are always on our toes for whenever mother nature strikes.

storm is coming prepare you must
funny storm meme

Bracing ourselves for a storm, means doing storm prep. For us, we make sure to have our quick dams setup so our driveway and pool don’t flood from rain water.

brace yourself a storm is coming
storm meme funny

Quick dams do work if you need a fast solution to help direct flood water! We use one on the back patio, another near the pool and an extra long 20 foot quick dam for our garage. These are reusable and perfect for Texas storms.

Thunderstorm Meme

This severe thunderstorm warning meme is way too relatable. If we are getting weather alerts, you better bet that my husband is outside with his phone, to catch any storm related action on his camera. (Though, I will give him credit for being disciplined enough to not do social media.)

severe thunderstorm warning better go outside and take videos to post on social media
severe thunderstorm warning meme

When my oldest son was little, he told me that God was bowling during a thunderstorm. My daughter said that when it lightnings, it’s God take pictures. Love those memories!

thunderstorm meme: is it a thunderstorm or is god bowling?
thunderstorm meme

If only we could just make thunderstorms go away. My dog would be less freaked out and so would I. Living in tornado alley, even the thought of a thunderstorm can put us Texans in a panic. See our tornado memes.

yeah if you could just make the thunderstorms go away that would be great
thunderstorms meme

Thunderstorms and rain, these two are a totally lame way to ruin plans.

thunderstorm and rain ruining all the plans

When the entire metroplex has a radar alert stating that storms are approaching.

everyone gets a thunderstorm

Weather Changes Meme

At least, I think those weird blobs are storms. This is me trying to figure out what the weather forecast really says.

me trying to figure out the weather forecast meme
weather forecast meme

It never fails, when I plan for something that is weather dependent and then the forecast changes. Sounds a lot like life.

me every single time the weather changes
weather change meme

Lightning Memes

What would storm memes be without some flash. Here are lightning memes featuring the fascinating natural phenomenon that occurs during thunderstorms. When a thunderstorm forms, it creates a lot of electrical energy in the atmosphere. This energy builds up and eventually discharges in the form of lightning.

lightning? aint nobody got time for that
lightning meme

Picture it like a giant spark of electricity in the sky. The spark happens because the storm clouds have different charges—one positive and the other negative. When these charges become too strong, they seek to balance out, resulting in a rapid flow of electricity between the clouds or from the clouds to the ground.

storms meme
storms meme

That flow of electricity is what we see as a bright flash of light called lightning. It’s nature’s way of releasing all that built-up energy in a spectacular and awe-inspiring display.

what gives people feelings of power  surviving being struck by lightning meme
struck by lightning meme

Speaking of lightning, did you know that every year there are about 240,000 lightning strikes incidents around the world each year. Of those, 2,000 people a year are killed by lightning. (source: wikipedia)

i see your sprinklers on while its storming but thats none of my business
sprinkler storming meme

Storm is Coming Meme

Whether its the skies getting dark, clouds moving eerily, weird sinus pressure or a weather alert, some of us just get that “there’s a storm comin'” feeling.

when you get that theres a storm coming feeling
theres a storm coming meme

The brewing of a storm is always fascinating.

that feeling you get when a storm is brewing
a storm meme

Inevitably, if a storm is coming that means a big non-refundable outdoor event has been planned. Raining on your wedding day when you have an outdoor wedding, it happens all the time. Make the best of it!

when you plan a nonrefundable outdoor even with no plan b
radar storm meme

Storms are magnificent displays of nature’s power, and they’re formed through a fascinating process. It all begins with warm, moist air rising from the Earth’s surface. As this air rises, it cools down, causing water vapor to condense into tiny droplets, forming clouds.

this is me ignoring the severe thunderstorm warning pretending it 
will stay sunny
storm meme

These clouds continue to grow and transform into towering cumulonimbus clouds, which are often associated with storms. Now, here comes the interesting part: as the warm air continues to rise, it creates an updraft, drawing more moist air into the cloud.

realized im at the a storm is coming age
storm is coming meme

This cycle of rising warm air and the influx of moisture fuels the storm, making it stronger and more intense. Eventually, the cloud becomes so heavy with moisture and electrical charges that it unleashes its fury in the form of thunder, lightning, rain, and sometimes even hail or tornadoes. It’s truly awe-inspiring to witness the immense power and beauty of a storm, created by nature’s intricate dance of air, moisture, and energy.

Hail Memes

Here is the south, in addition to damaging winds – one of our biggest storm enemies is hail. In recent weeks, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas has seen softball size hail. For those times, we bring your hail memes.

my face when i see hail in the forecast
hail meme

Hoping that hail damage is something that you don’t ever have to deal with.

praise jesus no hail damage meme
no hail damage meme

Dealing with insurance companies in regards to storm damage is a different type of hail. See our hurricane memes if tropical storms are in your area.

insurance claim meme storm  how i feel dealing with the insurance company about a storm claim
insurance claim meme storm

You gotta love when hail damage does hit an area, everyone becomes a roofer. Roofing salesmen are everywhere! Yet, good luck getting your windshield fixed in a timely manner if your car received hail damage. Right now, many cities have a several week wait list just for car windshield repair!

my reaction to everyone becoming a roofer after a hail storm
roofer meme

Meteorologist Meme

God bless the meteorologist, especially the enthusiastic ones. For the love though, can you make sure that the forecast is right?

meteorologist the results are in and according to the weather your forecast is wrong
meteorologist meme funny

Back in winter, see our snow memes – schools were closing and the weather report was wrong.

me trying to keep up with the meteorologist's changing weather forecast
meteorologist meme

I Am the Storm Memes

Storms are strong, fierce and get the job done. Maybe this is you. If you need a little pep talk with this perspective quote, here you go.

when someone tells me that i can't survive the storm  remind them i am the storm
i am the storm meme

Maybe you are the storm that is approaching.

i am the storm that is approaching
i am the storm that is approaching meme

Or maybe you have the power of the Marvel superhero, Storm.

i am the storm
meme i am the storm

More Storm Memes

Winter storms are no fun. See our Texas winter memes if you are a Texan.

when you didn't prepare for the winter storm meme
winter storm meme

From our Star War memes. When you are a stormtrooper, but you hate storms. This is my dog. Consider getting your pup a Thundershirt if he gets scared during storms!

when you are a storm trooper and hate storms
storm trooper meme

Share the Memes About Storms

While the rain, lightning and thunder maybe inevitable – at least we have these funny storm memes to share.

the calm before the storm is nature's way of saying hold my umbrella
the calm before the storm meme

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