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20 Funny Parler Memes About The Good Bad and Ugly


Funny Parler memes because what the world needs now is humor, love and friendly fun.

We talked about what the Parler app and social network is so now we bring Funnythe funny Parler memes!

Baby Yoda Parler Meme
<em>When you join parler to spy on your friends Parler baby yoda meme<em>

So I am pretty center on most things, especially funny memes. So these Parler memes are for both the left and right. While yes, we learned that Parler is mostly populated by the right, just like the Election memes – I’m giving love to both the left and right with these Parler memes.

UPDATE: Want to know why you can’t access Parler – it’s banned. Learn what happened to Parler app – riots, bans, suspension, data breech, lawsuit and more. YIKES.

Funny Parler Memes

I’m sure there will be more memes about Parler added to this over time. I mean, if you think about it – once you hit meme status, you know you are doing something right. Here are some funnies – both for the left and the right.

parler app needs update meme

Growing pain problems for this new freedom of speech app include needing an update or Parler is down.

parler app meme

Just like that, well not everyone – but 2 million people have been said to recently join Parler.

putin parler meme

You know there would be a Putin Parler meme, right?

Censorship Memes About Parler

One of the big reasons in addition to the 2020 election for growth is the fear of censorship. Many people are jumping to find a less big brother approach to social media. Facebook and Twitter are notorious for their algorithm and censoring content.

alternative social media parler meme

That feeling you get when you have an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. Just remember that it is pretty one sided and the conversations are not what you find with family and friends on Facebook.

parler facebook meme

The decision – do you stay on Facebook and Twitter and be censored or do you leave your family and friends and go to Parler. Read how to download your Facebook data before you quit!

parler twitter censorship meme

Twitter censorship? Is it worth going unfiltered?

Trump Parler Memes

The MAGA crowd is the majority of the Parler population, so of course there are Trump Parler memes.

trump parler meme

If this president re-election thing doesn’t work out for Donald Trump, there is always the opportunity to be a spokesman for Parler.

parler meme

Censor my president? It’s Parler time.

Leaving Facebook Memes

As mentioned, several people are saying they will be leaving Facebook and Twitter for Parler. These leaving Facebook memes are for those people.

Leaving Facebook Meme Leo

After your friends leave Facebook and realize how much Parler sucks.

meme bye felicia parler

So you’re leaving Facebook and going to Parler? Bye Felicia!

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More Memes about Parler

The funny Parler memes continue!

Parler Censorship Meme

Posting all the unfacted political facts because Parler doesn’t censor.


Joining a new social network that doesn’t censor you. Learning that Parler owns everything that you post. (read the fine print!)

meme about parler users

Facebook friends posting about Parler – realizing you know who they voted for.

funny cat parler meme

The right isn’t allowed to meme – me on Parler.

biden parler meme

So you are leaving Facebook for Parler – well BI DEN.

Uniting a Divided Nation

Whether you are right or left, on Parler or not – let’s just all agree on one thing. The United States needs to be UNITED. If Joe Biden is president or Donald Trump – we need less hate and more love.

2020 has been a year from hell (see 2020 memes) – and while the outcome of this election may not be what you like – or perhaps, you feel like you can feel a sigh of relief, here is one thing I know. Nearly half of the country did not get what they want. Our job is to unite and compromise.

Joe Biden Quote about Coming Together

“You always put yourself in the other person’s position, and then also to understand where they’re coming from, whether it’s a major foreign leader or a friend who you have a disagreement with. And it’s also being willing to share credit, give recognition, and share in the benefits as well as in the losses if you’re in an endeavor together.” – Joe Biden

Yes, it’s easy to jump and say BUT THE *INSERT POLITICAL PARTY* DOES NOT COMPROMISE. Give whoever is in office a chance. The last 4 years, Donald Trump had his chance and it looks like Joe Biden is our next president. Let’s keep this country moving, there are HUGE issues to solve.

Leaving Facebook for Parler meme

There is a terrible health and economical crisis happening. Let’s get to work in working together to resolve this so that life can return to normal, so people becoming ill and in some cases (230k and counting) dying.

Soap box off. Let’s move on. And if you need more funny memes – you know I’ve got them.

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