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30 Funny Among Us Memes: SUS, Impostor and Crew Mates

Of course, now that we are obsessed we have to share our favorite Among Us memes. If you didn’t see this coming – welcome, you are obviously new around here.

So let’s start from the beginning. We talked about how to play Among Us and giving you all the deets on crewmates and impostors, so today we get to LOL.

Funny Among Us Memes

Here are the best Among Us memes. We will update this as we find more faves to add to our collection!

among us memes
among us memes

When 2020 shut down hit, the AmongUs game is what kept my kids connected to their friends and family. While it’s been a few years now, this still is a family favorite to play.

Enjoy these funny Among Us memes about the game, crew mates, vents imposters and more.

normal people when it snows vs among us players when it snows

Among Us Vent Meme

Those vents can make you sus. Send this Among Us vent meme to anyone who thinks you are the imposter. Bonus points if it is you.

dont mind me i'm just cleaning the vents
among us vent meme

Imposter Memes

Every time I play Among Us with my kid.

you are the imposter
imposter meme

That feeling you get when you are the imposter.

when you are the imposter
amongus meme

When you are trying not to our yourself as the imposter.

when you are trying not to out yourself as the imposter
among us imposter meme

Why would anyone think that I’m the imposter?

who me? the imposter? never.
funny among us meme imposter

Sus Memes

Your sus, no i’m not – hehehe – here are funny SUS memes.

every among us meeting be like - you are sus no you are sus

When you know your friend is the imposter, send them this funny sus meme.

smell sus i do imposter you are
sus meme

Being “sus” in Among Us means that you are being suspicious. The game has you trying to either find out who the imposter is. Or if you are the imposter, you have to try not to be sus so no one will know!

sus. y tho.
sus meme among us

If your kid does something suspicious, here is the sus meme to send them.

among us meme sus

When You Are SUS

SUS = SUSPICIOUS. Now you know and can understand the jargon of the young folk.

sponge bob sus meme

The troll looks a bit SUS if you ask me. Vote him off.

he is sus meme

Orange is Sus

This orange is sus meme is accurate. IYKYK. See our election memes for more funny political humor.

orange is sus vote him out
orange is sus meme

Red is Sus

Who is acting sus now? RED? Yes, red is always sus.

red is sus
red is sus meme

Replay Please

There should be an option to watch the replay of the entire Among Us game after its over from a view which shows every part of the spaceship. You can see exactly how and when things happen.

watch replay of among us game meme

Get on that!

No Skeld Please

Among Us games on Mira HQ and Polus versus Skeld.

skeld meme

Mickey is looking rough.

Impostor Memes

When the Impostor who doesn’t know how to play the game is looking at everyone voting each other and killing themselves.

You Are the Impostor, Act Natural

When you are trying to act, but you suck at lying.

acting natural impostor meme

You are the impostor – act like it!

You Are the Impostor, Act Natural

Okay, this Among Us meme says it best.

Things I have to do meme

The time played on Among Us could be spent for things that you have to do, but nah. Let the games continue!

Jesus Among Us Meme

There is 1 impostor among us and it aint Jesus.

jesus was not the imposter

Jesus was not the impostor.

NOOB Impostor Among Us

By the way, if you are DYING over this luggage that lets your pet see out – we found it! Yes, this pet luggage is available on Amazon.

Noob Among Us Meme

But also, the cat does look a bit frazzled.

Cant Be the Impostor

If you don’t kill anybody. Not necessarily how it is, but okay.

dont kill anyone you wont be the impostor

Innocent Crewmate Meme

When that one crew mate keeps accusing people but they always turn out to be innocent.

crewmate meme

It’s hilarious playing with your kids because you always know that one kid who you can hear yelling from his room giving away all the secrets. We are on to you kid, you aren’t the impostor.

Always the Crew Mate Never the Impostor

When you are always the crewmate and never the impostor. This Among Us meme nailed it.

crewmate not impostor meme

Wow, how did you get like that. Every time I become a crew mate I do 1 push-up.

Cheaters on Among Us

Cheaters gonna cheat.

cheater among us meme among us
amongus meme cheaters

Cheaters who use chat apps to find the Impostor on Among us. In case you are wondering, we recommend Discord as the best chat app while playing.

More Memes About Among Us

Don’t fret, we have more Among Us memes!

Among Us Twerk Meme

Nothing to see here, folks. Just a crew mate twerking. Don’t even ask.

nothing to see here just another crewmate twerking
among us twerk meme

When You Are About to Be Killed

That feeling when someone finally sees you scanning and its the impostor. Times up.

Someone see you its the impostor

Star Trek Among Us

When you are the one they should be sus about. If Star Trek and Among Us had a meme baby, it would be this.

star trek among us sus memes
star trek among us

Parents vs Video Games

When parents want to blame depression on video games when its really school!

among us real life meme

Types of Players on Among Us

Among Us Pie Chart – good players with common sense, people who leave when they aren’t the impostor and hackers/discord cheaters.

among us pie chart

Netflix Adaptation

The Netflix Adaptation just doesn’t cut it.

among us meme netflix adaptation

Types of Headaches – Among Us Style

As someone who deals with headaches, this meme is total relatable.

types of headaches meme among us

When you find a dead body in Among Us.

When you find a dead body in among us meme

Yeah, Id probably not need the megaphone to be heard if I found one in real life.

Among Us Drip Meme

There are so many Among Us memes. Stay tuned, more funny memes are coming.

among us drip be like
among us drip meme

Also, if you love funny memes, you have come to the right place.

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