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How to Lock Your iPhone Screen From Turning Sideways

Who else is SUPER annoyed when you go to do something on your phone and it shifts to landscape mode every time you move? Stop the annoying landscape by learning how to lock your iPhone screen orientation!

Lock Your iPhone Screen from Turning Sideways

Amazingly this was a simple lock screen fix. I created a little video to show you how to lock your iPhone screen from turning sideways with just a few steps.

Here is a quick play-by-play on how to keep your screen from shifting by locking your screen:

First, double click on the home button on your iPhone

Next, on the multitasking bar, scroll all the way left

Last, click on the lock screen orientation button.

lock iphone screen orientation

To unlock, click the button again and your iPhone screen will return to switching from portrait and landscape mode.

There you have it! No more annoying screen changing when you move the phone. We hope this easy peasy fix saved your sanity, it did our’s!

Is there something you want to know how to do on your iPhone? Leave a comment!