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The Postal Pix app was the original order photos from you iPhone app.

Out with the DSLR in with the iPhone for photos? Well, not 100% but I can say that there are so many times, especially having kids – I shoot a photo on my iPhone because that camera is ALWAYS with me!

Bring your digital photos to actual real life prints with the iPhone app – Postal Pix.

POSTAL PIX app order mobile photos from your phone

The Postal Pix App

Postal Pix is an app that allows you to order prints of your iPhone photos. Sure, you can easily dump your phone photos and upload for printing, but with Postal Pix – the complete order process is done through their app. The pricing is affordable. And my favorite part? Postal Pix prints SQUARE prints which are perfect for printing your Instagram photos!

Placing a Photo Order

I recently placed an order of several iPhone photos and Instagram prints of the kids and our new baby Zeke. Placing an order for the photos was done in a snap! No downloading photos to your computer and then re-uploading. The Postal Pix app uploads the photos to their servers in the check out process. The turn around took about a week to get our prints in.

In addition to regular prints, Postal Pix offers aluminum prints. Your photos are printed a piece of square aluminum and comes with both mounting tabs and magnets for your choice of mounting. I chose to make mine a magnet.

POSTAL PIX aluminum print


The photo pricing for Postal Pix is affordable. Yes, you can find cheaper – but the ease of use makes up for any minimal price difference. The aluminum 4×4 print was $7.99 and the prints were around 39 cents for a 4×4 square matte print.

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