The Words with Friends app is my new obsession. I confessed, now can we just get back to playing the game? 

Words with Friends App Review

Obsessed? Yes, maybe I am a little. If you have an iPhone or an Apple iPod Touch, what are you waiting for? Download the Words with Friends app! 

What is Words with Friends?

Let me explain the Words with Friends app. If you have played Scrabble before, this game will totally be familiar to you. Except instead of a board game – you are playing this on your phone. This game gives chat and multi-game options. That’s right, you can play multiple games of Words with Friends at once!

This game has been spreading like wildfire. Not only because, who doesn’t love a game of Scrabble (I mean, Words with Friends) – but you can play whenever with whoever. The real viral-ness has come out of the invite friends from Facebook and Twitter function.

How to Play

With a simple click, you can share your username on your Twitter or Facebook world. By clicking on this, you open yourself up to playing Words with Friends with your closest Twitter and Facebook friends. This is exactly why I downloaded the app, to begin with. My friends on Facebook started inviting me to play WWF. And then after seeing a ton of buzz on Twitter, I knew I had to download this game to see what it’s all about. 

Here we are, a few weeks after I have downloaded the app and now I am totally addicted. Again, if you love Scrabble or word games, this word game app is for you. 

I am going to mention this just one last time,  this game is VERY addictive. Want to see? Play me, search for my username: DigitalMom don’t leave me hanging, and don’t cheat!

Learn more about the game here.

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